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Introduction of tourism investment object

Main Introduction of tourism investment object All
Yeongam・Haenam Tourism and Leisure City(Guseong Zone)

Business Outline

Area 20,960,000㎡
Business Period 2006 ~ 2025
Business Expense 4 trillion 684.4 billion won
Main Body of Business Southwestern Ocean Business Town Development(Co.)
Address Entire Area of Duksong-ri, Guseong-ri, Sani-myeon, Haenam-gun, Jeonnam


Development Plan

1) Concept

The projects aims to develop a world-class eco-friendly leisure town with the functions of tourism, recreation, housing, education, health care and industry through making the most of the excellent natural environment and cultural characteristics of the nation’s southwest coast.

2) Facilities

Facility and Area
Zone Area(1000㎡) Ratio(%) Main facilities
TOTAL 20,960 100.0
Residence 2,539 12.2 Detached houses, apartments, retirement home
Business 560 2.6 Commercial facilities, amenities, shopping malls, etc.
Industry 1,168 5.6 Cinema Town, Bio Energy Park, etc.
Accomodations 1,605 7.7 -
Tourism 5,978 28.6 Water park, theme park, sports center, world food court, local food court, golf courses, etc.
Service facilities, etc. 573 2.6 Public cultural and education facilities, terminals, administrative center, parking lots, etc.
Pubic facilities 6,965 33.2 Roads, parks, green space, squares, waterways
Reserve 1,572 7.5 -

3) Land Use Plan

Guseong Zone Land Use Plan

Project Progress

2005.08  'Tour-leisure Company City' selected as a demonstration project

2005.12  Land transactions permitted in the area

2010.01  The development area of the Guseong District designated and the development plan approved

2012.12  The implementation plan approved

2013.02  The construction started

2013.12  The ground-breaking ceremony of ‘SolaSeaDo’, the development project of Southwest Coast Tourism and Leisure City held


- Reclaimed land of 76 percent completely transferred and private land of 24 percent planned to be purchased
- The construction of (275.6 billion KRW of public investment) completed
- The 7 percent of the construction of roads in the district completed

2025    The project expected to be completed