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Title Construction of Over-the-Sea Cable Car along the Trace of Admiral Yi Sun-shin,
Date 2017-08-03 Hit 188

▶ The construction business of over-the-sea cable car viewing tourist sites in southwest Jeonnam

in Mokpo and Haenam-Jindo area is forwarded.

 The Mokpo over-the-sea cable car is 3.23km long (the longest in Korea), which allows passengers

to view and witness the admiral Yi’s spirit and the defense history of the area.

 Haenam-gun and Jindo-gun are also forwarding the construction of 998m long over-the-sea cable car

in Uldolmok area, which is famous for its historical Naval Battle of Myeongryang.


 Mokpo city, Haenam-gun, and Jindo-gun are planning to put in 51,000,000,000 KRW and 30,000,000,000 KRW

to begin the construction of the over-the-sea cable cars in two regions in this year to complete by 2019. 

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