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  • Korea Convention Bureau (KCB), also known as the MICE Bureau is a special division of the Korea Tourism Organization(KTO) is here to serve to hold a successful meeting in Korea. Since establishment in July of 1979, it has served the role of promotion and developing Korea's convention industry. With its extensive network and connections a well as experience, we seek to provide you with our "BEST" service; even the smallest of requests from customers. From initial inquiry to final selection as Korea as "the destination selected" we are here and ready to assist you- every step of the way !

KCB (The Korea Convention Bureau)

  • The Korea Convention Bureau(KCB), under the auspice of the Korea Tourism Organization, aims to establish Korea as a premier destination for tourists, convention delegates and business travelers.
    The KCB, as the government's leading convention agency, has for nearly 30 years worked to provide a wide range of advice and assistance to those considering holding meetings in Korea. The KCB also works closely with organizers, meeting planners, and other regional convention bureaus(Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Jeju) to ensure that every meeting held in Korea is successful as well as memorable.

KCB comprises the following divisions:

Strategic Planning Team
  • The strategic team provides services to Korean industry partners to help strengthening their network, establish infrastructures in developing the Korean MICE industry. The services provided are as follows:
    - Strategic MICE direction setting for MICE Bureau
    - conducting convention market surveys
    - publishing Convention Calendar & Conventions in Korea
    - operating the Korea Convention Council
    - establishing global network (international cooperation)
    - organizing training courses for the industry professionals
    - running MICE Statistics center

The Convention Team
  • The Convention Promotion Team carries out promotion and marketing activities for Korea's convention industry as follows:
    -Consult and provide information on procedures to host international conferences
    -Document proposals and draft invitation letters
    -Sponsor (printing proposals, souvenirs and prior visits by staff of international organizations) Provide and distribute promotional publications and video Provide a tourism information desk Engage in promotional activities leveraging the overseas network of KTO offices
    -Participate actively in convention fairs and Korea promotion centers
    -Advertise in convention magazines and other paper coverage
    -Engage in overseas convention road shows & sales calls
    -Produce and distribute promotional materials: promotional videos, convention facility brochures (English)
    - site inspection tours
    - publicity for upcoming meetings in Korea
    - information & materials on conventions in Korea
    - meeting coordination
    - information & materials on MICE events in Korea
    - event coordination

Incentive Team
  • Carries out promotion and marketing activities related to Corporate Incentive Travel Schemes
    - publicity for upcoming meetings in Korea
    - Act as a liaison between local contacts and meeting planners.
    - We assist in the selection of suitable convention facilities, accomodations and other convention suppliers.
    - We advise on the planning of pre- & post- tours and social programs.
    - We actively promote upcoming meetings in Korea to attract as many delegates as possible.

Events Team
  • The event team design and develop internal and external corporate events for employees and MICE delegates
    We're in the business of helping you make your event or conference memorable. Korea is a destination that allows your event to be just that.
    Feel free to contact to the corporate Incentives team to start designing an event to leave a lasting impression.

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