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Title Chuncheon Legoland Project ‘Gained Momentum’…Legal Foundation Has Been Established.

Sept 10, 2013

Gangwon-do Provincial Council Passed Legoland Agreement Proposal

(Chuncheon =Yonhap News) Lim Boyeon= Chuncheon Legoland project gathers momentum.

At the 231st plenary session on 10th September, the Gangwon-do Provincial Council decided to agree on Legoland Korea development in its original form.

Therefore, Merlin Entertainments Group and Korean investment companies will now be able to formally close a deal as the legal foundation for building Legoland has been established.

Last month, Gangwon-do changed its lakeside tourist resort creation plan.

This month a formal agreement with Merlin Entertainments Group will be concluded and a series of formalities, such as an investigation into and excavation of cultural assets, development approval and commencement of construction, will be concluded.

The Chuncheon Legoland Project seeks to attract 100 million dollars of foreign investment capital and create a global them park.

As the investigation and excavation of cultural assets should be preceded for groundwork, Gangwon-do is considering having a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony in October.

The groundwork will start as early as the end of this year after final design and individual approvals, and the real construction work will commence in August next year. The target completion year is 2016.

However, there is controversy surrounding the formal agreement since it consists of two different contracts between the Merlin Entertainments Group and Gangwon-do, and Gangwon-do and investment companies. Critics are arguing that it is an unequal agreement as the responsibility and duty of Gangwon-do for internal and external investment are excessive.

In addition, there is still a lot of work to be done, such as constructing a bridge as a priority, building a sewage processing facility and asking for support from the government.

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