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Title The Government’s Plan to Exclude Parts of Seorak-dong from Being a National Park will boost redevelopment

31 Mar 2013

(Sokcho=Yonhap News) Reported by Lee Jong-Geon

Exclusion of Seorak-dong area from National Parks will accelerate the redevelopment.

Sokcho City announced, on January 31, that the plan to lift the restrictions on a 4,833㎢ plot had passed screening by Gangwon Province’s City Plan Committee in January 2011.

The City Plan Committee of Gangwon Province decided to designate the Seorak-dong B and C areas as a commercial area and the D, E and F areas as a green belt.

Some parts of Seorak-dong, with a concentration of residential buildings, as well as Sangdomun and Jangjaeteo Villages were designated as residential areas, while farmland areas and rivers were preserved as a conserved green belt.

Previously, the areas of Seorak-dong that were protected as the green belt zone were included in the commercial areas, which will boost the redevelopment.

Especially, the building height limits areas have been eased. It is possible to build 7-story buildings for commercial areas and 4-story buildings for the other areas and to set up a variety of commercial buildings and 4-story buildings in the other areas, compared to the previous 2 to 3 story buildings. The introduction of a variety of commercial buildings is expected to accelerate the redevelopment of Seorak-dong.


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