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Title China-based Greenland Group to build Jeju Healthcare Town, containing a medical R&D center, by investing KRW 1 trillion in the 778,000 ㎡ lot

(Jeju=Yonhap) Reported by Go Seong-sik

The Greenland Group, a China-based business group included in the list of the world’s top 500 companies, has launched the large-scale healthcare town development project on Jeju.


The Greenland Group and the JDC (Jeju Free International City Development Center) held the groundbreaking ceremony on the project site, in Seoguipo, on November 30.


The ceremony was attended by some 500 VIPs, including the chairman of the Greenland Group, 장옥량; the executive director of the JDC, Byeon Jeong-il; and government officials, and began with a congratulatory speech followed by a commemorative blast and shoveling. 


Chairman Zhang Yu Liang said in his speech that the healthcare town development project by the Greenland Group would serve as the basis for more Chinese people to visit Jeju, expressing his firm belief in the success of the project through a partnership between the Korean and Chinese businesses.

The Greenland Group plans to invest KRW 1 trillion in the Greenland Resort project on the 778,000 lot within the Jeju Healthcare Town.


When completed, the Greenland Resort will house a medical R&D center, resort and lodging facilities on a lot as large as roughly half (1,539,000 ) of the entire Healthcare Town.


The Greenland Group plans to build a resort condominium complex by injecting KRW 200 billion by 2014, through its Korean branch Greenland Korea Investment and Development, before going on to develop a wellness mall, well-being food zone, healing garden, Thalasso Telaso Resortel, medical R&D center and an anti-aging Center. 


The Greenland Korea Investment and Development signed an agreement with the JDC for investment in the Jeju Healthcare Town project, on November 19.


Headquartered in Shanghai, China, the Greenland Group is a state-run real estate developer ranked 87 in China and included in the list of the world’s top 500 business enterprises.


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