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Korea Banner (Left)

Korea Tourist Souvenir Certification Mark print

The Korea Tourist souvenir certification mark represents the traditional Korean image by utilizing the pattern of Taekeuk or Ying and Yang symbol. ?The Certification mark, in principle, should be used based on colors and patterns specified in the following chapters with the exception that it can be adapted within the range of this manual.
Standard Grid
The certification mark should be reproduced based on a photo-engraving method using the reproduction material in the manual or the projecting reproduction method using slides. If enlarging the mark, it should be reproduced according to the grid scale percentage.
Color Application
The color of the certification mark can be reproduced by using one color tone listed below as well as by using 4 different brightness. In this case, according to the criteria of the designated colors, the ratio of colors can be adjusted within a specified range as described in the previous chapter.?/Color application on a white background / Color application on a black background / Gold,Silver color application on a white background/Color application of white and black/
The mark’s colors, in principle, should be reproduced by using the following unique color numbers. (including gold and silver color) .?If unique color cannot be applied due to a change in medium or circumstances, then use the color blending percentage of 4 primary colors described in the manual. ?DIC Color No.582 / DIC Color No.160 /DIC Color No.207/DIC Color No.218 /DIC Color No.621 / DIC Color No.620
Black & White
When certification mark is reproduced in black and white, the blending percentage of black and white should be used.
Combination of Chinese Characters
When Chinese characters replace Korean ones in the symbol mark, the following rules should be applied in order to maintain a constant image of the certification mark through the combination of symbols and letters.
Packaging is a moving eye catcher which enhances the image of the certification mark and boosts sales as well while it protects the products and adds the values to the products in the market.
Banners can be used to promote the Korean tourist souvenir certification mark by display inside and outside of exhibition halls for various events and promotions. The banners can be produced and displayed as described later.

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