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  • Travel Through Gangwon-do’s Scenic Beauty

    Travel Through Gangwon-do’s Scenic Beauty

    Region : Gangwon-do
    Duration : 3 DAYS/2 NIGHT

    Located east of Seoul, Gangwon-do is a charming region, filled with the beauty of nature. Popular destinations include Chuncheon, a city with many lakes; Sokcho, where you can enjoy delicious foods one after another; and Gangneung, full of various experiences and fantastic sights to see. Gangwon-do has also received much attention due to the 2018 Olympic winter games that were held on Pyeongchang and other regions of Gangwon-do.

    Enjoy both the mountains and the sea, and experience a new and unique landscape with the changing of the seasons! As Gangwon-do is a destination with so many sights to see and things to try, we recommend taking at least 3 days to travel around the region.
  • Two Days in the Pure Scenery of Pyeongchang & Jeongseon

    Two Days in the Pure Scenery of Pyeongchang & Jeongseon

    Region : Gangwon-do
    Duration : 2 DAYS/1 NIGHT

    Gangwon-do is known as being the part of Korea with the cleanest environment, with fresh air and a thriving ecosystem. The cities of Pyeongchang and Jeongseon receive many tourists every year, looking for a pure environment in which to spend their vacation time. Pyeongchang, the host of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, offers resorts galore where one can enjoy a variety of winter sports as well as natural sites such as Odaesan National Park and Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm, which prove to be beautiful year round. These days, the nearby city of Jeongseon, known as the “City of Arirang” (Arirang is the representative Korean folk song), has also popped up on the vacation radar due its refreshing environment. Provided below is a two-day itinerary to discover more about the individual attractions these cities offer.
  • Recharge Your Soul, 3 Days of Healing in Jeju

    Recharge Your Soul, 3 Days of Healing in Jeju

    Region : Jeju-do
    Duration : 3 DAYS/2 NIGHT

    There is nothing like a vacation to restore a work-fatigued body and mind. For a relaxing experience, walk through the pristine mountains and along the coasts of Jeju, a gift of nature. This is precisely why travelers return to Jeju again and again. As the old Korean saying goes, seeing it once is better than hearing about it a hundred times. Head out to discover the peace found in Jeju.
  • Trendy Trip through Downtown Seoul!

    Trendy Trip through Downtown Seoul!

    Region : Seoul
    Duration : 2 DAYS/1 NIGHT

    Seoul is a fast-paced city, sensitive to the whimsical changes of fads. All one has to do to feel this atmosphere is watch the Seoulites passing by, effortlessly navigating between what is in and what has faded. The constant change keeps Seoul exciting so that even a long stay here will feel new every day. For tourists who don’t have time to spare, it can be difficult to choose where to go. Read on for our suggested two-day itinerary, jam-packed with all the hottest places Seoul has to offer.