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Seoul Bus print

Seoul Bus System
In Seoul, buses are one of the most convenient and readily available forms of transportation. Buses in Seoul are classified by color to designate the type of bus:
  1. ● Blue buses travel on major roads and run for relatively long distances through Seoul.
  2. ● Green buses travel shorter distances and carry travelers between transfer points such as subway stations and longer bus routes.
  3. ● Red buses are express buses that travel from Seoul to suburban areas.
  4. ● Yellow buses operate on a closed circuit within a district of Seoul.
Many roads in Seoul have a designated bus lane to promote and ensure efficient use of public transportation.
Bus Routes of Seoul
The Seoul Bus Route Map allows travelers to locate the quickest and most convenient bus routes to reach their destinations.

Type in your starting point and destination, and the route map will tell you which bus you should take. This map is provided by the Seoul Metropolitan Office.
Buy a T-money Card and Be Ready for Sightseeing in Seoul!
While traveling in Seoul, you might notice beeping sounds coming from people's wallets, bags, or even cell phones as they touch a sensor when getting on or off the bus or subway. This is a transportation card called a T-money card, which can be used for buses, subways, or taxis while traveling in Seoul and other cities, including Incheon, Ilsan, and Bundang. T-money is very convenient and is compact enough to slip into your wallet or purse, and also comes in small accessory shapes that you can attach to your cell phone or keychain.

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