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Jeonju: Hanok and Bibimbap Aplenty in Korea's Cultural Heartland
Jeonju may be known around Korea for its excellent food, and specifically its famous mixed rice dish of bibimbap, but the city also has an illustrious past and has played its... 09/15/2009
DAMYANG - "A garden without bamboo is like a day without sunshine."
Towns, cities and provinces around Korea have a knack for finding a niche - a product, a particular cuisine or even a mud festival to attach themselves to. Some have historic connections,.. 07/16/2009
Wonders of nature: Incredible Biodiversity at Suncheonman Bay!
Suncheon is the ecological capital of Korea. It represents Korea on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and shares information on environmental conservation with ... 07/07/2009
Korea Tourism Live Information, Visit Korea 2 Jeju-do: Festival in Korea
Jeju-do: Korea's remarkable semi-tropical, volcanic island. With its incredible scenery and warm-hearted people, Jeju-do is a once in a lifetime destination! Every year,... 03/02/2009
Live Korea Tourism Information, Visit Korea 4 Seoul Part 2 - Vibrant Seoul
The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has specially created this video to introduce you to the vibrant city of Seoul... 01/14/2009
Gyeonggi-do: Your Lifestyle Choice
Are you rundown and stressed by everyday life? Give yourself a treat this year and travel to Gyeonggi-do. Watch our video of our specially designed tour that's... 02/11/2009

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