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‘2013 Visit Busan Ulsan Gyeongnam Year’ Special - Center of Korea’s Shipbuilding Industry Ulsan, a Maritime City

Ulsan is one of the leading industrial cities in Korea. This port city boasts of a temperate climate, and it is divided into the new town, the old town, and satellite towns. The city is the center of Korea’s shipbuilding industry, which developed from Ulsanhang Port, Onsanhang Port, and Bangeojinhang Port. Through those ports, Ulsan has played an important role in providing a gateway to East Asia’s burgeoning logistics and trade. Though it is mainly an industrial city with shipbuilding companies, Ulsan also has many beautiful tourist destinations with beautiful landscape on the East Coast and inland. This article will explore Ulsan’s historical background and introduce its natural resources and main attractions, both on sea and on land.

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Date 04/11/2013

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