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Gyeonggi-do: Your Lifestyle Choice


Gyeonggi-do Province: Your Lifestyle Choice
Are you rundown and stressed by everyday life? Give yourself a treat this year and travel to Gyeonggi-do. Watch our video of our specially designed tour that's guaranteed to recharge your batteries.
Here you can sample nutritious foods, such as traditional sauces that hold the secrets to Koreans’ incredible health and longevity, and don’t miss out on eating something that will really give you some power: Gyeonggi-do's Imjingang Jangeo-gui (marinated grilled eel).
Get rid of stress by enjoying a day at a theme park, or visit one of Gyeonggi-do’s famous hot spring resorts, where you can relax with your whole family.
Gyeonggi-do, a province abundant with Korea’s traditions and stunning natural scenery! A province that is quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought after travel destinations. This year make Gyeonggi-do your lifestyle choice.
Video buffering speeds may vary depending on your computer speed, firewall, and internet connection.
Video buffering speeds may vary depending on your computer speed, firewall, and internet connection.
Travel to Gyeonggi-do to refresh your mind, body and soul.
Do you long for a holiday where you can relax and get close to nature?
Gyeonggi-do has beautiful scenery throughout all four seasons, and it's steeped in the charms of Korea's traditional culture.
This year do something different and take a trip to Gyeonggi-do to discover the hidden treasures of Korea!
  Seoil Farm
Seoil Farm
The 700 hanari pots of Seoil Farm make for a magnificent spectacle, and it's here that the secret to Koreans' incredible health and longevity is hidden. Doenjang and gochujang are eaten with almost every meal in Korea, and they're filled with vitamins and minerals.
The first step in making doenjang is meju. It's pounded and made into bricks to be preserved.
 When meju is preserved it develops anti-cancer properties. Doenjang is known as a 'slow-food,' since it takes such a long time to make, and it uses totally organic ingredients.
At Seoil Farm they make doenjang using only traditional methods; it's really fun and visitors get to try it. Try meju during your stay in Gyeonggi-do, and you'll soon be feeling healthy.
  Herb Island
Herb Island
When you visit Herb Island, you'll feel like you've stepped into a fairytale - one that smells really good! Here you can pick up herbal products such as luxury candles, potporri, and aromatherapy sets, and learn about how herbs can be good for your health.
This is the perfect place to enjoy the colors and fragrances of herbs.
At Herb Island you can even eat some of the herbs, but if this seems a bit strange, then Herb Island bakes fresh herb bread. And there are many different kinds of herbal tea.
 We tried 'Energy Tea,' made from five different herbs.
At Herb Island's cafe you are surrounded by nature. It's a great place to relax with a friend.
  One of Gyeonggi-do's best delicacies - marinated grilled eel
Next we tried one of Korea's most popular health foods, eel!
First we tried to hold them, but they were too powerful for us!
Roasted eel is one of Gyeonggi-do's most famous delicacies.
 It's famous for its succulent meat and rich flavours. It particularly tastes good when wrapped in vegatables.  
Roasted eel is well-known for giving you energy, and drinking Bokbunjaju alcohol made from wild raspberries makes its taste even better!

At Everland it felt like we had stepped into a winter wonderland. Everywhere we went we were
surrounded by festive music.
This is Korea's biggest theme park, and there are a large variety of sights and activities all year round. In fact it's one of the top ten theme parks in the world. It has a waterpark, speedway, zoo and the steepest rollercoster in the world.
Its a great way to get rid of stress!
At Everland there's something for everyone. It's a really memorable day out!~
  Termeden Spa Resort
Termeden Spa Resort
Our next destination was Termeden, a hot springs resort.
Korea is famous for its hot springs, which have many medicinal properties and are a great place to relax.
We tried out the Dr Fish experience, where fish ate away all our dead skin. It was really tickly!
You can forget all your stress on the water slides.
During winter having a hot water massage is just blissful!
One of Termeden's special experiences is when organic fruit, wine, or chocolate is added to the hot springs water to make the water even better for your skin.
At Gyeonggi-do's spa resorts you can really indulge yourself.
A trip to a hot springs resort will banish your travel fatigue, and you'll feel totally refreshed.
  The Wetlands of Sihwaho Lake
The Wetlands of Sihwaho Lake
The wetlands of Sihwaho Lake were the last destination on our trip.
Every year millions of migratory birds flock here on their journey south.
 Sihwaho Lake is Korea's largest marsh. It's packed with wildlife and is an ecological paradise.  Make sure you check out the visitor's center to learn all about the rare species of plants and wildlife. Or take a stroll through the rushes and enjoy a beautiful sunset.
Escape from the bustle of the city and refresh your mind at Sihwaho Lake.

Gyeonggi-do: where the beautiful landscape will soothe your worries, and the unique, nutritious food will rejuvenate your body, and the spa resorts and theme parks will make everyday life seem a world away.
Make Gyeonggi-do your lifestyle choice today!

Date 02/11/2009

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