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[Gourmet Restaurants Series 6] Gangnam: Hip New Restaurants for Young Clientele


Similar to Myeongdong in northern Seoul, the area near Gangnam station is indeed becoming a prime culinary and entertainment location for young people in southern Seoul to hang out. Catering to young clientele in their teens and twenties, most restaurants target preferences of the younger generation with new metropolitan cuisine. In other words, you will find more western, Japanese, and fusion style restaurants in Gangnam than local Korean restaurants. There are also numerous bars for enjoying a drink or two along with an appetizer. The best-known restaurants are found lined up along Gangnam’s main street, known as Gangnamdaero. Take Subway Line 2 to Gangnam station and go out of exit 6 or 7.

▒ ASOSAN: Worth Every Bite – Try their Savory Udon

This is a great place to enjoy some simple yet tasty Japanese dishes. The restaurant’s main dishes are udon (Japanese noodles), albap (rice with fish roe), and donkkaseu (deep-fried pork cutlet), which are popular among young people. However, the all-time favorite is naengudon, (literally, cold udon). Surprisingly, it is as popular in winter as it is in summer. The chewy noodles are served in a rich, savory soup and topped with a slice of tomato, an omelet roll, shrimp tempura, and clams. The colorful toppings are so generous that they actually hide the noodles underneath. The broth and the ingredients are simple and savory. Also popular on the menu is the albap, but it can’t beat the flavorsome udon. Try to avoid lunch and dinner peak hours when the restaurant gets especially crowded.
TIP> For two or more patrons, try the set menu!
Restaurant Information
☞ Business Hours: 12:00pm~22:00pm
☞ Closed: all National holidays
☞ Telephone: (02) 566-6659
☞ Menu Specialties and Prices: Udon 5,000 won, Naengudon 6,000 won, Donkkaseu 6,500 won, Albap 6,500 won
☞ How to Get There: Go out of exit 7 from Gangnam station, and walk straight for 280 meters. Turn to the right at the Jump Milano corner and walk up the hill until you reach a small five-way street. ASOSAN is on the right side in a two-story building. There is a 7 Eleven store across from the restaurant. A yellow sign shows the restaurant name 阿蘇山 in Chinese as well, while ASOSAN is written in smaller characters next to it.

▒ ODAEGAM: Serving up Freshly Grilled Squid

First opened in 1988, Odaegam offers a variety of special squid dishes serving only freshly caught squid from the East Sea. The name Odaegam originated by combined the first syllable ‘O’ from the Korean word for squid and the word ‘daegam’ refers to a high-ranking public officer during the Chosun Dynasty.
The most popular dish on the menu is the ojingeo bulgogi, or squid seasoned with red pepper paste dressing and grilled like bulgogi. Fleshy squid in hot dressing arouse one’s appetite, and nothing beats a lunch of ojingeo bulgogi with fritters,’ which offers two unique dishes at an affordable price. The fritters consist of squid tentacles coated in a batter and deep-fried. In summer, try the ‘ojingeo bulgogi with naengmyeon (cold noodles).’ The ojingeo bulgogi is also a popular accompaniment to your favorite alcoholic beverage.
TIP> After eating some of the grilled squid, order some rice to be fried with the remaining sauce!
Restaurant Information
☞ Business Hours: 11:30am~22:30pm
☞ Closed: National holidays
☞ Telephone: (02) 3481-1664
☞ Menu Specialties and Prices: Lunch set (Ojingeo bulgogi +fritters or Naengmyeon) 7,000 won, Ojingeo bulgogi 9,000 won, Osam bulgogi 10,000 won
☞ How to Get There: Go out of exit 6 from Gangnam station and walk straight for 230 meters. Turn left between the clothing store, Giordano and the coffee shop, Cafe Pascucci. At the first intersection, you will see the restaurant sign at the right-hand corner. The restaurant is on the second floor.

▒ Café PASHA for Turkish delights

This is the ideal spot to try out some Turkish cuisine, best known for its kebab. Customers can enjoy a simple Turkish meal as well as Turkish ice cream in the elegant, yet cozy café atmosphere of PASHA.
The restaurant offers the choice of three set menus, which include grilled meat on rice served with a sauce, or wraps of meat or vegetables with a choice of either beef or chicken. The menu may be simple but the dishes are carefully prepared and cooked by a Turkish chef. All set menus are served with a salad and an ice cream dessert, a perfectly satisfying meal for a good price.
PASHA also has a wide variety of ice cream flavors, including traditional Turkish ice cream made from goat’s milk. The colors are as varied as the flavors, and just making a selection adds to the pleasure of the whole dining experience at PASHA.
TIP> Their set menu photos make selecting a breeze!
Restaurant Information
☞ Business Hours: 11:30pm~11:00pm
☞ Closed: Open all year round
☞ Telephone: (02) 593-8484
☞ Menu Specialties and Prices: Pasha kebab 17,000 won, Adana kebab 17,500 won, All lunch Menu 9,900 won
☞ How to Get There: Go out of exit 5 from Gangnam station and go straight for 50 meters. Keep walking until you pass the bus station, then turn right at the restaurant, TGI Friday. Walk straight for about 20 meters. It is on your right on the forth floor.

▒ RAW has the best California rolls

There is a remarkable selection of California-roll restaurants around Gangnam station. They specialize in rapid service, and the rolls come in beautiful shapes and colors. Of the numerous restaurants, RAW is particularly popular for its tasty dishes and great service.
RAW offers a variety of sushi and 40 types of California rolls with many flavors and shapes, both traditional rolls and new creations. The menu shows a photo of each roll and a color description of the flavor. The salad, which is served and refilled for free, is also a crisp and delicious treat.
TIP> On weekdays from 12:00 to 14:30, the restaurant offers a special inexpensive lunch set that includes a sushi or roll, salad, and Udon. And take-out orders are discounted 10%!
Restaurant Information
☞ Business Hours: 11:30 p.m~15:50 p.m
& 17:30 p.m~21:50 p.m  (Closed at 21:30 on Sunday)
☞ Closed: National holidays
☞ Telephone: (02) 3482-4554
☞ Menu Specialties and Prices: Assorted sushi 16,000 won, California roll 6,000 won, Kiss me roll 10,000 won
☞ How to Get There: Go out of exit 6 from Gangnam station and walk straight for 450 meters. Turn left at the eyeglass store, Glass Box, and then take a right turn at the first three-way street and walk 50 meters. You will find a restaurant sign in a yellowish green color showing the restaurant name RAW in English. It is located on the second floor.

▒ Don’t forget dessert!

RED MANGO, Spurge on its Low-Fat Yogurt Ice Cream RED MANGO offers a variety of yogurt ice cream flavors made from tropical mangos. Compared to other ice cream, this yogurt ice cream is low in fat and high in nutrients. Yogurt shaved ice bingsu, yogurt juice, and yogurt coffee are also available. Like choosing a pizza topping, you can select up to five different toppings to put on your ice cream.
TIP> Make sure to get a window seat where you can enjoy viewing the action on the streets of Gangnam!
Restaurant Information
☞ Business Hours: 10:00 a.m~23:00 p.m
☞ Closed: Open all year round
☞ Telephone: (02) 3476-5582
☞ Menu Specialties and Prices: Yogurt ice cream (small) 4,000 won, +Topping 1500 won, Yogurt bingsu (small) 5,500 won, Waffle 7,800 won
☞ How to Get There: Go out of exit 6 from Gangnam station and walk straight for 230 meters. Turn left between the clothing store, Giordano and the coffee shop, Cafe Pascucci. Take a right turn at the first intersection and you will find the entrance to RED MANGO on your right. You can easily find the restaurant sign in English.
▒ Map of Gangnam Station Area
* The information above was compiled in October 2009
Date 10/04/2009

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