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Romantic Routes – The Namsan and Myeong-dong Area

Romantic Routes  :  Date Course 1 The Namsan and Myeong-dong Area

N Seoul Tower and Samcheong-dong, two of Seoul's most romantic spots, have a lot to offer couples looking to spend a romantic day together. Both places are ideal for taking romantic strolls while soaking up the local history and culture.
Date Course 1 covers N Seoul Tower, Gyeonghuigung Palace, a romantic restaurant and more.

Date Course 1: The Namsan and Myeong-dong area

Namsan Cable Car

Located on Namsan Mountain, N Seoul Tower welcomes visitors to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from its observation deck. There are several ways to go up Namsan Mountain, with each route offering different things to see. Options include taking the walking trail, a bus, or the cable car. For a closer look at the routes and the attractions, download the map here.
The Namsan Circulation Bus No. 05 can be taken from Exit 3 of Myeong-dong Station. This bus will pass Chungmuro Station, Sindang Station, Yaksu Station and Dongguk University Station before finally going up the mountain.
Another option is to take the Namsan Cable Car. It's a bit of an uphill walk to get there, so an easier way is to take the Namsan Oreumi (inclined outdoor elevator) to reach the cable car boarding point.

>> More info.

Namsan Cable Car

Address: San 1-19, Hoehyeon-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Hours: 10:00 – 23:00 (all year round)
Round trip – Adults 8,500 won, Children 5,500 won / Groups (30+) – Adults 7,000 won, Children 4,500 won
One way – Adults 6,000 won / Children 3,500 won / Groups (30+) – Adults 5,000 won, Children 3,000 won
- The Italian restaurant (Cibocima) located on the third floor of Namsan Cable Car offers a couple package: lunch for two and a round-trip ticket on the cable car for 39,000 won
Tel: +82-2-753-2403 (Daytime) / +82-757-1308 (Nighttime)
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

N Seoul Tower

At the lobby of the tower, visitors can buy souvenirs at N Gift, have a coffee at Twosome Place, or check out the various optical illusions at the Alive Museum. Visitors can purchase tickets to go up the observation deck. There are several ticket packages for couples to choose from: combo package (drinks and popcorn/nachos), dinner/lunch package, and the Alive Museum package. Before taking the elevator to go up, visitors can have their picture taken at Memshot and purchase the printed copy at the observatory. Another popular couple activity at N Seoul Tower is writing messages on love locks. Locks and message tags can be purchased at the gift shop. Visiting the tower at night offers some of the most breathtaking views of Seoul as the city lights turn on and the streets come to life.

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N Seoul Tower

Address: 105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Hours: 10:00 – 22:30 (last ticketing is at 21:30)
Observatory only – Adults 9,000 won / Children 7,000 won
Alive Museum only – Adults 12,000 won / Children 9,000 won
Observatory + Alive Museum – Adults 15,000 won / Children 11,000 won
Observatory + The Place Dining: Couple Package A (for 2) – 60,000 won
Observatory + The Place Dining: Couple Package B (for 2) – 90,000 won
Observatory + Combo A (1 popcorn and 2 drinks) – 20,000 won
Observatory + Combo B (1 nachos and 2 drinks) – 22,000 won
Observatory + Combo C (1 popcorn and 2 drinks at Twosome Place) – 24,000 won
Tel: +82-2-3455-9277, 9288
Homepage: (Korean, English)

On the way down, take any of the Namsan Circulation Buses (02, 03 or 05) and get off at Namsan Public Library, the first stop. Located behind the library is the Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall. This beautiful and symbolic memorial hall is dedicated to Ahn Jung-geun, one of Korea's most-loved independence fighters. Work your way down from the memorial hall and you will come across Baekbeom Square where you'll be able to see the Namsan section of the Seoul Fortress Wall. The view is spectacular during the late afternoon when the sun is beginning to set. While walking down along the Seoul Fortress Wall, a fantastic view of N Seoul Tower and the fortress wall will be right behind you.

Once you've made your way all the way down, you can head to the main street to go towards Seoul Station or Hoehyeon Station. Right beside Seoul Station is Culture Station Seoul 284, the former building of the Seoul Train Station. This multicultural space holds a variety of exhibits throughout the year. From March 14 to April 13, 2014, the venue will be hosting "Festival Bo:m," a leading festival in contemporary art.

Noon Square Rooftop (Afternoon Garden)

Yet another romantic destination is Myeong-dong. Located just one stop away from Hoehyeon Station, this shopping district is also a popular date spot. Noon Square has a rooftop garden on the 6th floor. Couples can hang love messages on a heart shaped fence or just simply enjoy the view of N Seoul Tower from here.

>> More info.

Myeongdong Noon Square

Address: 7F, Noon Square, 83-5, Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Hours: 11:00-22:00
Admission: Free of charge
Tel: +82-2-3783-5005
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Merry Go Round Steak Kitchen

Merry Go Round Steak Kitchen, located just around the corner from Myeongdong Theater, is a steak house with a romantic, yet casual ambiance. The interior is a mix of warm wood tones and merry-go-round-inspired decorations. Aside from steaks, they also serve pasta and rice dishes and a large wine selection that can be ordered by the glass or by the bottle.

>> More info.

Merry Go Round Steak Kitchen

Address: 5F, Mirae Building 48-2 Myeongdong1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Lunch: 11:30 –15:30 (last order 14:30)
Free tea / coffee during lunch on weekdays
Break time: 15:30 –17:30
Menu: Salad & appetizers, pasta & rice, brunch, steak (single and combo), dessert, wine & champagne
Homepage: (Korean only)

Gyeonghuigung Palace

For a dose of history, consider dropping by Gyeonghuigung Palace. One of the five palaces in Seoul, Gyeonghuigung served as the secondary palace for the king during the latter part of the Joseon Dynasty. The palace was also one of the filming sites during the 18th season of ABC's "The Bachelor," a famous reality TV show in the U.S.

>> More Info.

Gyeonghuigung Palace

Address: 1-2, Sinmunno 2-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Closed: Every Monday, 1st Jan
Hours: Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00 / Weekend 10:00 - 18:00
Admission: Free of charge
Tel: +82-2-724-0274
Homepage: (Korean, English)

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Namsan Cable Car
N Seoul Tower
Namsan Public Library
Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall
Culture Station Seoul 284 (Former Seoul Station)
Myeongdong Noon Square
Myeongdong Theater
Gyeonghuigung Palace
Samcheongdong-gil Road
Bukchon Hanok Village

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Date 03/27/2014

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