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Canoeing the Mulle-gil in Chuncheon A Beautiful Lake, a Peaceful Adventure
Canoeing the Mulle-gil in Chuncheon A Beautiful Lake, a Peaceful Adventure
The City of Lakes, Chuncheon in Gangwon-do, has recently emerged as a hot spot for canoeing in the Mulle-gil. The Mulle-gill canoeing program allows visitors the opportunity to canoe around the still waters of Uiamho Lake while taking in expansive views of Chuncheon’s natural surroundings. Read on to learn more about the Mulle-gil’s unique canoe tour in Chuncheon.
Photo courtesy of Mulle-gil
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Connect With Nature While Canoeing the Mulle-gil!
The word Mulle-gil refers to a waterway in a lake or river where people can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, yachting, and other types of water sports. The Mulle-gil in Chuncheon is ideal for canoeing as Uiamho Lake offers still waters and a rich landscape.
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People often get kayaking and canoeing confused. A kayak has a decked area on top that is often sealed shut, while a canoe has open seats. The paddle used for a canoe is different than that used for a kayak. A kayak is fast and dynamic, but a canoe is slow and more leisurely. Also, with a little instruction, anyone can enjoy canoeing.

Once you become familiar with canoeing, you are all set to take a tour of the Mulle-gil. The first place to visit is Bungeoseom Island, which was created as a result of the construction of Uiam Dam in 1967.

When seen from Samaksan Mountain, the island looks like a carp without a tail, thus the name Bungeoseom Island (‘bungeo’ means carp in Korean). Go further down the Mulle-gil and you will see Jungdo Island in the distance.
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The Mulle-gil consists of three courses: beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The beginner course, which is the easiest and most popular, is the Bungeoseom-gil Course. The course is about 3 kilometers long and takes an hour. It starts from the Mulle-gil Office and goes around Bungeoseom Island. Once you round the left side of the island, the impressive Samaksan Mountain and Uiam Dam come into view. The intermediate level Jungdo-gil Course passes by Uiamho Lake and Jungdosaet-gil and comes back to the Mulle-gil Office. The course is about 5 kilometers long and takes two hours. The Animation Museum Course for advanced levels covers Uiamho Lake, Jungdosaet-gil, and the Animation Museum. The course is about 8 kilometers long and takes 2.5 hours. The intermediate and advanced courses can only be taken by those who are experienced with canoeing.

Located inside the Chuncheon Songam Sports Town, the Mulle-gil Experience Site can be reached by taxi from Chuncheon station (fare of about 5,000 won, 10 minute ride on average). Housed in a two-story building, the site has a training center on the first floor and a cafe on the second floor. Canoes are picked up at the dock in front of the training center.
<Canoeing Experience Site in Chuncheon Mulle-gil>
☞ Address: Mulle-gil Operations Secretariat, 644-23, Songam-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
☞ Location: Mulle-gil Experience Site, Songam Sports Town
☞ Directions:
Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3, 7 or 9)
-> Take a bus for Chuncheon at Central City Terminal (Honamseon Line) (first bus 06:50, last bus 21:00/it takes 1.5 hours)
-> Get off at Chuncheon Intercity Bus Terminal
->Take a taxi (it takes about 10 minutes, fare is about 5,000 won)->Get off at Songam Sports Town

[ITX train]
Yongsan Station
-> Take ITX train for Chuncheon (first train 06:00, last train 22:00/Travel time: about an hour)
-> Get off at Chuncheon station
->Take a taxi (Travel time: about 10 minutes, fare: about 5,000 won)
-> Get off at Songam Sports Town

[Gyeongchunseon Line Subway]
Sangbong station (Seoul Subway Line 7)
-> Take the Gyeongchunseon line subway for Chuncheon (Travel time: 1.5 hours)
-> Get off at Chuncheon station
-> Take a taxi (Travel time: about 10 minutes/ Fare: about 5,000 won)
-> Get off at Songam Sports Town
☞ Fees
* One canoe (for 2 persons): 30,000 won (extra 10,000 won for each additional adult (ages 13 and above)) or 5,000 won for each additional child (ages 3-12))
☞ Canoe tour: Canoeing safety orientation (15 minutes, includes an English-language video) / Putting on canoeing gear and boarding canoes (10 minutes) / Canoe tour (about 1 hour)
☞ Hours of operation
* Regular canoeing: 09:00-16:30 (daily from Monday through Sunday) / Murangae (morning mist) canoeing (Saturdays and Sundays only): 07:30 / Noeul (Sunset glow) canoeing: from 18:00 (May-August), from 17:00 (September-November)
* The canoe program is available every day during the months of operation. However, it is temporarily suspended from December to February for seasonal reasons. For a detailed schedule, please check the Chuncheon Mulle-gil website.
☞ Website: (Korean)
☞ Tel: +82-70-4150-9463 (Korean)
☞ Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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Canoeing Chuncheon’s Mulle-Gil
Date 10/30/2013

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