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Discovering Korea's Traditional Culture

You’re sure to have the time of your life here! These Korean pensions and resorts, many of which are totally different from anywhere else in the country, offer delectable food and comfortable accommodation. If you want a romantic experience you won’t soon forget, this is where you’ll want to come.

Daemyung Sol Beach Hotel & Resort쏠 비치 호텔 & 리조트

Sol Beach Hotel & Resort is a premium, high-end resort run by Daemyung Resort Group, a company that runs over ten such facilities in Korea. Combining the concepts of a hotel resort and condominium, Sol Beach is located on a beautiful stretch of land in Yangyang, making it the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the sea.
Aqua World is an exciting water park by the beach. It has a number of different spas and water rides, with an outdoor pool connected directly to the beach. The inspiration behind the buildings and the interior design of the rooms, right down to the wallpaper and furniture, comes from the sun and sea of Spain.

Sol Beach has three types of rooms: Hotel, Condo and Summer Villa. The Hotel rooms offer a wide variety of services perfect for individuals and couples, while the Condos and Summer Villas are better suited for families. All of the rooms have a terrace and are connected to many facilities, including Aqua World, through a basement passage that makes it easy to navigate the entire area. Plus, if you are feeling peckish or looking to cook inside your room, there is a large convenience store in the basement that has everything you need, from snacks to groceries and beverages.
A number of restaurants, bars, buffets and snack bars can also be found at the basement level. El Cocinero features a superb buffet and comes highly recommended by many guests. For those looking to try some seafood, Sol Beach always carries fresh sashimi, sushi and many other seafood dishes. The fusion restaurant Song-I offers delectable Asian dishes that bring together the very best of Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.


Address : 678 Seonsayujeok-ro, Sonyang-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do Province
Tel : 1588-4888
Website :
Rooms : 224 hotel rooms, 172 condos, 57 villas
Hours : Check-in: 2-3pm / Check-out: 11am-12pm
Services : Concierge, bellman, welcome gift (fruits) for Villa guests
On-site : Water park, kids' club, gallery, massage parlor, tennis court, restaurant, bar, outdoor cafe, bakery, snack bar, coin-op laundromat, karaoke, computer room, etc.

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Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort 힐튼 남해 골프 & 스파 리조트

One thing Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort really prides itself on is its array of captivating views without compare to anywhere else in the country. All of the rooms offer views of the sea during the day and a star-filled sky at night.
Rooms include single-story suites and separate villas that face the sea, unlike your typical hotel in Korea. Each of the two-story Grand Villas has a private pool and garden. In addition, each room creates a harmony between the private and public areas. Every bedroom has its own separate bathroom and a central living room, providing the perfect venue for family activities.
The Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort also has an incredible golf course and spa facilities. The golf course itself is beautiful, with 11 of the 18 holes set against the backdrop of the sea. Mild temperatures also make it possible to play golf all year round, something very special to this resort.
One of the unique features here is the Korean spa with open-air baths. Guests can soak in a hot tub while taking in the southern sea and a bevy of islands. In addition, there are special skin care programs available for men and women, along with special skin therapy programs.

For families, the Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort also provides a Kids Paradise for children. The resort’s many restaurants offer a wide selection of food. Breeze, a restaurant with an open kitchen, serves dishes from around the world amid an elegant atmosphere. At the seafood restaurant Horizon, you can enjoy dinner on a spacious terrace, while Hajikeru offers Japanese style dishes and drinks, along with a snack bar. Breakfast may be included in your deal, depending on the type of reservation you make. Room service is also available.


Address : 40-109 Namseodaero 1179-beongil, Nam-myeon, Namhaegun, Gyeongsangnam-do Province
Tel : 055-860-0100
Website :
Rooms : 150 suite rooms, 20 private villas
Hours : Check-in: 3pm / Check-out: 11am
Services : Complimentary breakfast, laundry service, etc.
On-site : Outdoor pool, business center, outdoor sports, spa, golf, restaurant, etc.

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Cloud Nine 대명리조트 변산 클라우드나인

Cloud Nine . . . just saying the name evokes of the heavenly and divine! Cloud Nine Hotel is nestled amid mountains and close to the sea in the county of Buan, Jeollabuk-do, in the southwestern part of Korea. The name of the hotel refers to the cumulonimbus clouds in the sky. These are the highest clouds in our atmosphere, making them an apt metaphor for the experience of being on top of the world. Indeed, this feeling is reflected in Cloud Nine’s goal of providing guests with the ultimate in accommodation and service, making them feel like they are on top of the world!
Cloud Nine is one of the most luxurious resort and hotel on Korea’s west coast. Inspired by the beaches of Normandy in France, its design has a one-of-a-kind exotic appeal.

Cloud Nine was built by Daemyung Resort Group, which manages more than ten resorts around Korea. In addition to its condo-style rooms, the resort offers premium hotel rooms targeting high-end customers.
The rooms are available in Family, Suite and Noblian types. The 94 hotel rooms are all toprate and include a complimentary breakfast.
In addition, all the rooms have a great view of the Yellow Sea and the Chaeseokgang Cliffs, a very popular tourist draw in the area.
At Cloud Nine’s Aqua World, guests can enjoy the services of an outdoor spa and many other water play areas. This huge two-story building with a basement level covers a total area of 10,000 m², and is one of the best known water parks on the west coast, with a variety of facilities such as an outdoor wave pool, numerous waterslides, an aqua pool, an outdoor spa and a sauna.
Also, the Experience Learning Center and the walking trail behind the resort are very popular among adults and children.


Address : 51 Byeonsanhaebyeon-ro, Byeonsan-myeon, Buangun, Jeollabuk-do Province
Tel : 1588-4888
Website :
Rooms : 504 rooms
Hours : Check-in: 2pm / Check-out: 12pm
Services : Complimentary breakfast
On-site : Screen golf, karaoke, laundry room, computer room, massage parlor, shopping, restaurant, etc.

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Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul 반얀트리 클럽 & 스파 서울

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul commands a beautiful view of Mt. Namsan, the 262-meter mountain that is home to N Seoul Tower, a famous tourist attraction. This six-star hotel offers visitors only the very best in facilities and services. It is not just for individuals, though – it is also a family resort that offers numerous family-friendly services.
Although there was enough space in this 21-story hotel to build 200 rooms, only 34 were actually constructed. This makes each of the 34 rooms a suite, with two, three, or four per floor depending on their size. Banyan Tree decided on this approach so it could put priority on the privacy of guests, allowing them to relax in incredibly spacious rooms.

One of the biggest draws here is the private spa offered in each room – or, as Banyan Tree calls it, a Relaxation Pool.
Deluxe and Premier suites have a bedroom and living room that are separated from each other to make more effective use of the space. The split-level Presidential suite gives guests unrivaled views of Mt. Namsan and Seoul in every direction.
The resort offers many different facilities for guests to take advantage of, including outdoor pool, indoor pool, sauna, golf range and tennis court. At the outdoor fitness club, you can run on a treadmill and look out at Namsan as you take in the fresh air. Stretching and yoga classes are also offered outdoors, along with other customized programs.
Meanwhile, the indoor pools, which come in adult, children and baby sizes, have swimming classes on offer at different levels. Guests can also make use of a unique therapeutic shower in the sauna’s shower room.
The Banyan Tree spa offers massage services from highly trained and skilled professionals who have completed coursework at the Banyan Tree Spa Academy in Phuket, Thailand. Wonderfully exotic Southeast Asian food is also available at Banyan Tree’s restaurant.


Address : San 5-5 Jangchungdong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Tel : 02-2250-8000
Website :
Rooms : 35 rooms
Hours : Check-in: 2pm / Check-out: 12pm
Services : Exclusive membership services
On-site : Outdoor and indoor pools, golf range, tennis court, outdoor fitness center, artificial wall climbing, yoga, sauna, restaurant, etc.

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Alpensia Resort 알펜시아 리조트

The concept behind Alpensia Resort, which will play host to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, is both literal ("Alps in Asia") and figurative (the resort is an attempt to create a dreamlike alpine experience). The resort is located 700 meters above sea level on a hill called Daegwallyeong. Indeed, there is a fairytale atmosphere to the beautiful scenery here, which only adds to what the resort itself has to offer.
The resort is also home to the only place in Korea equipped with a ski jump facility that meets international competition standards. With a biathlon stadium, cross country path and other facilities on offer, it is nothing less than Korea’s mecca for winter sports.
In the summer, people come for the water park and the 27-hole golf course. In fact, the Alpensia Country Club Golf Village features a total of 268 villas along the golf course’s fairway.
Visitors can choose from two hotels and condo units when staying overnight. The InterContinental Resort and the Holiday Inn & Resort are both first-class hotels that offer guests a wide range of services.

The two hotels have different design concepts and structures. The InterContinental is a five-star hotel with impeccable service. The club lounge on the seventh floor is decorated as a study/small library, though visitors are free to eat there as well. The CMA Spa Club on the first floor is also very popular among guests.
The Holiday Inn’s hotel and condos, on the other hand, were designed specifically with families in mind, offering specially themed rooms for families. There is the Kids’ Suite, which has bunk beds for children; the Spa Suite, which is equipped with a hot tub; and the Terrace Suite, which features a spacious terrace for tanning and dining. With its quaint cafes top-quality restaurants and numerous retail stores, Alpensia really does resemble a charming little Swiss town.


Address : 325 Solbong-ro, Daegwallyeong- myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do Province
Tel : 033-339-0000
Website :
Rooms : InterContinental Resort: 238 rooms, Holiday Inn & Resort Hotel: 214 rooms, condos:419
Hours : Check-in: 2pm / Check-out: 12pm
On-site : Ski slopes, water park, golf course, concert stage, wedding & convention hall, spa, retail village, restaurants, bars, ski jump observatory, monorail, sports park (Alpine coaster, hang glider), etc.

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SonoFelice 소노펠리체

Undoubtedly one of Korea’s top luxury resorts, SonoFelice is one of more than ten resorts operated by Daemyung throughout the nation. Conveniently located beside Daemyung’s Vivaldi Park – which boasts great ski slopes, a water park and numerous other amenities and leisure facilities – SonoFelice has distinguished itself as a one-of-a-kind premium resort. Detached villas, each with its own front terrace, are set against the spectacular backdrop of Mt. Palbongsan.
Like its elegant façade, SonoFelice’s interior has been finished with the finest materials. Built for the most discriminating guests, it has some of Korea’s top facilities and services, far eclipsing those of most other hotels and resorts. This member-based resort with a country house flavor aims to provide members with a home away from home.
Privacy is a focus, with each room having its own separate terrace and whirlpool bath. Rooms are available in three types: Noblian, Penthouse and Terrace House. Noblian is a regular condo-type accommodation, though sleeker and more sophisticated than the usual Korean condo, and comes in three types itself: Silver, Gold and Royal.

Penthouse rooms come with a wine cellar and terraces both in the front and in the back, offering guests different views of the surrounding nature. In addition, an outdoor whirlpool bath means guests can enjoy spa benefits in the comfort of their own room. But it’s the Terrace House rooms that truly capture the essence of what SonoFelice seeks to provide guests. Spacious bathrooms feature an ornate powder room, sink and bathtub. For nature lovers, the terraces are so large that you will feel like you are one with the outdoors.
Finally, there is a hiking trail on Mt. Dureungsan, located right behind SonoFelice, as well as an 18-hole golf course, fitness club, lounge, spa, and must-see arboretum.


Address : 262 Hanchigol-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do Provi
Tel : 1588-4888, 033-434-8000 (reservations)
Website :
Rooms : 426 rooms
Hours : Check-in: 2pm / Check-out: 12pm
Services : Members' lounge, Noblian resident services, ubiquitous service
On-site : Golf course, conference hall, club house (wine bar, restaurant, therapy center, pool, sauna, fitness center), business center, art gallery, karaoke, computer room, laundry room, restaurants, etc.

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Palm Valley Resort 팜밸리 리조트

If you want to spend a truly unforgettable time on the Korean subtropical island of Jejudo, keep this resort’s name in mind.
Palm Valley Resort is located on the southern coast of Jejudo Island, within view of the beaches of Seogwipo. Palm trees line the resort, with a lush green forest set behind them. This is complemented by the island’s blue skies and azure waters of the sea out ahead. The garden at Palm Valley Resort is particularly beautiful, and the swimming pool nothing short of spectacular.
Families and couples alike love staying in the resort’s Pool Villa Rooms. For those who have a little extra money to spend and want something truly memorable from their stay here, there is the Washington Villa Royal Suite, a detached two-story building that ensures privacy and comfort. It has a living room, bedroom and bathroom on both floors.

If it gets chilly out or rain starts falling, there is no need to worry because Palm Valley Resort’s high-end whirlpool spas and marble hot tubs will keep you warm.
Many guests enjoy simply lounging around in their room, but taking a stroll around the resort grounds is a magical experience, especially in the mornings and evenings. Everything but the sea is wreathed in green, which can have a very therapeutic effect on people. At night, the resort’s waterfall garden is lit up, making for a wonderfully romantic scene.
In keeping with its status as a high-end resort, restroom facilities at Palm Valley Resort are stocked with Bulgari bath products and have a TV inside. Wireless Internet is available in every room and laptops can be rented at the front desk. The garden attached to each room is ideal for barbecues, reading or simply taking in everything around you. Club sandwiches, coffee and fruits are served for breakfast, and coffee is available throughout the day in the lounge.


Address : 193 Jungsanganseo-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Selfgoverning Province
Tel : 064-738-7705
Website : (Korean)
Rooms : 5 units
Hours : Check-in: 3pm / Check-out: 12pm
On-site : Lounge, outdoor pool, outdoor stage, walking trail, etc.

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Date 11/26/2012

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