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A fun and easy way to learn about Korea - “Fun Korean Language Trip”

A fun and easy way to learn about Korea - “Fun Korean Language Trip”

The Hallyu phenomenon, which started with K-dramas and K-pop music in the early 2000’s, is now expanding into the entire cultural spectrum of Korea. So with this in mind, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education jointly organized the ‘Fun Korean Language Trip (FKLT)’ program for a fun and easy way to learn the Korean language and culture. This is a good opportunity for foreigners who have a high interest in the Korean language and culture but cannot take much time off for a long-term course.

Through the FKLT, participants get to learn the Korean language and culture at Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education while staying at KTO-certified homestay accommodations for one week. The program was first launched on July 30, 2012, and since then it has been producing a number of graduates with improved Korean language skills. For the coming year of 2015, a total of 12 sessions are planned for two separate terms, one during the winter session from January to March and the other during the summer session from July to September. Don’t miss your chance to apply for the program! Read on to learn more about this great opportunity.

Let’s learn Korean, ‘Fun Korean Language Trip’

On day 1, program participants gather for an orientation, with greetings from the organizers. In a casual ambiance, a detailed explanation of the coming schedule and other useful information is introduced to the students.

Upon finishing the orientation, participants take a placement exam to determine their Korean language competence and their respective class levels. The exam consists of a writing test and a one-on-one speaking test. During the speaking test, students and evaluators will have dialogues consisting of casual conversations and day-to-day questions, which vary depending on each participant’s language level.

Building new friendships with Kyung Hee University students

▲ Panoramic view of Kyung Hee University and the library

The opening ceremony takes place in the afternoon. Some Kyung Hee University students also join as Korean language buddies for the participants. In one-on-one partnerships, these students will become friends and teachers outside of the classroom throughout their one week together.

Following the opening address, all of the participants, K-pop teachers, K-pop drama teachers, and other program staff are introduced.

Afterwards, the participants and their partners move to another room to learn more about each other.

If you want to learn Korean fast, do as Koreans do!

The first class begins from the time participants leave their homestay houses to go to class. All homestay accommodations are located within an hour from campus by public transportation. Staying with a Korean family and being exposed to Korean culture and daily life is also a good way to learn Korean.

The teacher introduces him/herself first, followed by the students’ brief self introductions in front of their classmates. Participants who don’t speak Korean are given some notes in Korean from the teacher to help them introduce themselves.

Students ask questions to each other following the introductory class. By introducing themselves, the students not only practice Korean, but also learn more about each other.

Next, they learn day-to-day vocabulary and various expressions. The students talk about different cultural themes, ranging from food to tourism, fashion, and even subjects like visiting a jjimjilbang (Korean sauna)! Then, there is a role play activity where the students are assigned a partner. The students can have fun with the teacher’s active involvement in the role play and even those who are reluctant to do the role play in the beginning will soon find themselves engaged.

As the days pass, the students will become familiar with the Korean classes. In addition to role playing, the FKLT classes include a variety of other programs. Students sing K-pop songs, learn K-pop dances, and reenact scenes from K-dramas. Video materials are used for better understanding as well as K-pop songs and K-dramas to practice many Korean expressions that are widely used in daily life.

The Fun Korean Language Trip, or FKLT, is a fun and easy way to learn about Korea through Korean language classes, homestay arrangements, and cultural exchanges with Korean friends.

More info

☞ Venue:Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
☞ 2015 Program Schedule

Category Package No. Class period Homestay period Schedule  Fee
(tour period)
Winter Session 1st 2015.01.19~01.23 2015.01.18~01.24 Morning: Korean class(with hallyu related programs)
Afternoon: free-time
Accommodation: Koreastay(homestay program)       
600,000 won
2nd 2015.01.26~01.30 2015.01.25~01.31
3rd 2015.02.02~02.06 2015.02.01~02.07
4th 2015.02.09~02.13 2015.02.08~02.14
5th 2015.03.02~03.06 2015.03.01~03.07
6th 2015.03.09~03.13 2015.03.08~03.14
Summer Session 7th 2015.07.27~07.31 2015.07.26~08.01
8th 2015.08.03~08.07 2015.08.02~08.08
9th  2015.08.10~08.14 2015.08.09~08.15
10th 2015.08.17~08.21 2015.08.16~08.22
11th 2015.09.07~09.11 2015.09.06~09.12
12th 2015.09.14~09.18 2015.09.13~09.19


☞ Eligibility: Foreigners interested in Korea (age 18 – 45)
☞ Participation fee: 600,000 won
※ This covers tuition fee and homestay expense, air fare not included.
☞ How to participate: Send an email to the exclusive travel agency for your language with the completed application form, available for download below.
☞ Travel agencies in charge of each language

Language Regions Travel Agency Contacts/Inquiries
English North America, European countries, Southeast Asian countries,Hongkong and other English speaking nations  Plus Planner Tel: +82-2-2238-2895
Fax: +82-2-2238-2894
Japanese Japan Dongbo Travel Tel: +82-70-7123-3026
Fax: +82-2-3781-2666
Chinese Chinese speaking countires(excluding Taiwan)  KAL (Hanjin) Tour Tel: +82-2-726-5548
Fax: +82-2-773-1623
Taiwan Hana Tour(Taiwan branch)  Tel: +82-70-4482-4858
FAX: 886-2-2500-0625


Korea Tourism Organization: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Russian)
Kyung Hee University: (Korean, English)
Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education: (Korean only)
☞1330 Korea Travel Hotline:+82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Photo Credit: Kyung Hee University
Last updated on December 15, 2014

Date 12/24/2014

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