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Spa resorts offer a warm winter retreat near Seoul

Spa resorts offer a warm winter retreat near Seoul

One way that Koreans maintain a healthy lifestyle is by taking plenty of trips to the spa to relax, unwind, and heal the body naturally through various treatments and long soaks in the spa’s pools. Spas have continued to gain in popularity and are popping up all over the nation; visitors to Korea can find luxury spas at almost every international hotel and major resort.

There are a variety of spa treatments and facilities available, including traditional indoor hot springs, open air hot springs, water parks, hotel spas in downtown areas, and spa resorts. Resort and hotel spas offer the added benefit of convenience, providing guests with pampering throughout their entire stay. Read on to find out more about Seoul’s deluxe resort spas.

  • Konjiam Resort Spa La Spa
  • Resom Spa Castle
  • Banyan Tree Spa
  • Icheon Termeden

Konjiam Resort Spa La Spa

Konjiam Resort is located just one hour from Seoul has a “Spa la Spa” that offers an avant-garde ambience, much like an overseas poolside villa. It is a family spa, equipped with pools and experience programs with water activities, and has a focus on “healing” with facilities that include light, placement, sound and water therapy. Children will enjoy the EQ Pool and Activity Pool, and can even listen to children’s music through an underwater speaker. The spa also has resting areas for adults including a Hay Room where visitors can relax on a pile of hay, and the Sahara Room that simulates a desert environment. The Mind Pool is located in an ideal outdoor location overlooking the entire resort where visitors can also receive a range of aquatic treatments and color therapy using underwater lighting.

Wellness Spa programs aim to balance the body and mind and are customized for each visitor. Programs are categorized by program duration (three, six, or twelve hours) and including nutrition, exercise, and stress management therapies. Designed for those who are new to the spa experience or want to experience deep relaxation in a short period of time, the three-hour program features stretching in warm water, stone and aroma oil healing therapy, a healthy snack offered by Spa Cuisine (the special restaurant at the spa), and therapy using colored lights.

TIP: The spa offers a special package (~77,000 won) for skiers and snow boarders. Children will also enjoy Konjiam Resort’s 110m sledding hill.

Konjiam Resort
Konjiam Resort is located in Gwangju-si in Gyeonggi-do, and has one of the largest skiing areas in the Gwangju metropolitan area. The resort has 476 guestrooms, and a facilities including a luxurious spa and golf course spanning an area of 1,485,000㎡. Konjiam is only an hour away by car from Gangnam in Seoul and is packed with skiers in the winter. If you’re looking for a great spa destination, visit the resort in the off-season for hiking, forest bathing, a visit to the cave wine cellar, and luxury dining. State-of-the-art banquet halls are also available for conferences and special events.
☞ Location: San 23-1, Doung-ri, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
☞ Fare
* Indoor Pool Spa: Mon-Fri (Adults 20,000 won, Children 15,000 won) / Sat-Sun (Adults 25,000 won / Children 20,000 won)
* Special Package Program (1 hour) & Quarter Program (3 hours) - 132,000 won
* Half Day Program (6 hours) - 198,000 won
* One Day Program (12 hours) - 308,000 won
☞ Inquiry: +82-31-8026-5600 (Korean)
☞ Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
☞ Homepage: (Korean, English)

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Date 12/27/2013

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