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Gyeongju Travel
Gyeongju Travel

Gyeongju (경주) was the capital of the Silla Kingdom, a dynasty that flourished for almost one thousand years of Koreas proud five thousand year history. The Silla (신라) Kingdom was originally established in the southern area of modern-day Korea, but eventually spread as it banded together with neighboring states and became known as «Unified Silla». The Silla Dynasty was one of the most developed civilizations in the world during that time period. People came from far away lands to trade with the Silla people, many even settling in the area. Silla was said to be a land of extravagance and forward thinking.

One of the most unique features of the Silla Kingdom is that it had not one, but three female rulers, the only female rulers in the history of Korea. Like most other kingdoms, the crown was usually passed down to the firstborn son of the noble bloodline. Theory has it that the lack of a male heir led to the appointment of a female leader. In this way, the Silla Kingdom was truly ahead of its time.

The most well known of Sillas three queens was Queen Seondeok, whose life was turned into a smash hit TV series titled Queen Seondeok of Silla (선덕여왕), airing in 2009. The show sparked interest in the Queen's life, as well as in Gyeongju as a hot tourist destination. In fact, with 1000 years of history and a myriad of tombs and ancient relics scattered throughout, it is no wonder that the city is known as a living museum. Unearth the mysteries of the life of Queen Seondeok and discover the heart of the Silla Dynasty with a visit to Gyeongju, a city studded with historical gems.

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Date 03/31/2010

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