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6 Recommended Water Parks in Korea

As summer temperatures rise day by day, more and more people across the nation are searching for ways to have fun and cool off. With their giant wave pools, thrilling water slides, myriad of pools and new facilities every year, water parks in Korea are some of the best places to go to escape the summer heat and have a blast with friends and family. A distinguishing feature of Korea's water parks are the hot spring pools, which are said to be good for health and beauty. The added bonus of Korea's traditional hot spring culture allows visitors to relax and recharge after an action-packed day of rides. Now, which one of the water parks will you adventure to for a refreshing mini getaway?

Perfect Day Trips- Water parks just a stone's throw from Seoul

Caribbean Bay

Photo courtesy of Everland

Caribbean Bay is Korea's largest water park and is particularly popular thanks to its convenient location at the Everland Theme Park complex on the outskirts of Seoul in Yongin. Caribbean Bay can accommodate up to 20,000 people and has five different themed zones that include indoor pools, outdoor pools, spas, water rides, water slides, and many other amusement facilities. The most popular attractions at the water park are the Wave Pool, where the waves get as high as 2.4 meters and the new Aqua Loop, which is an intense body slide where you plummet down an 18-meter vertical drop, shoot through a 360-degree turn, and reach heart-pounding speeds of up to 90km/h. Also, there are modern sauna facilities and various types of hot spring pools for visitors to relax at Caribbean Bay.

☞ Hours of Operation

☞ Admission Fees

  Gold Season
High Season
Adults & Youth Children Adults & Youth Children
All Day 70,000 55,000 55,000 43,000
Half Day
60,000 46,000 45,000 35,000

* Dates and fees are subject to change.

☞ Convenience Facilities
Restaurant (Korean, Western, fusion, etc.), souvenir shops, nap rooms for children, storage lockers, medical room, etc.

☞ Transportation
•Seoul  Yongin
Take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Gyeongbu Line)
(Travel time: 50 min, first bus: 06:30, last bus 22:10, intervals: 20-30 min, fare: 2,900 won)

•Yongin  Everland
Take Bus 5700 (30 min intervals) or 5002 (15 min intervals) from in front of Hotel Cinema across the street from Yongin Bus Terminal (Travel time: 30 min, fare: 2,100 won)

• Giheung Station (Subway Bundang Line) → Everland Station (Yongin Light Rail)
With the opening of the Yongin Light Rail in April, 2013, it is now possible to get from Seoul to Everland by subway. (Travel time: 30 min, fare: 1,600 won, usual transfer discount not available)

Take a shuttle bus directly from Seoul!
Shuttle buses operate between Everland and major locations in Seoul. (Travel time: about 1 hr, round trip fare: 12,000 won)
* Reservations must be made by phone at least one day in advance.
Shuttle bus reservations: +82-32-322-7001 (English, Japanese)

Seoul Departure Locations & Times
Hotel Seokyo Front - 08:00
Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 6 - 10:00
City Hall Station (Seoul Subway Line 1, 2), Exit 5 - 08:30 / 09:30
Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4, 5), Exit 11 - 08:40 / 09:40

* Bus leaves from Everland at 18:30 to return to Seoul.
* Departure times are subject to change.

☞ More info
Caribbean Bay
• Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• Related column:Danny Falls in Love with Caribbean Bay!


• Photo courtesy of Termeden

Historically frequented by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty, the hot springs of Icheon are well known for their excellent water quality. Located in this famed hot spring city of Icheon, Termeden is a hot spring resort complex that is popular for its high-quality water and luxurious facilities.

Though the park has various pools, spas, and slides, one of the most famous attractions at Termeden is the tame 30-meter wide Bade Pool with various underwater massage jets that effectively ease fatigue, stress, and help muscles relax. In 2011, Termeden added to the fun with an addition of a water slide and a water bucket for children.

The themed hot spring pools are also highly recommended, since the added natural ingredients of each spa (ginseng, rice, honey, etc.) are said to provide a different unique health benefits. Termeden also has a forest walking path, a park, and an eco-pond, which is also fed by natural hot spring water.

☞ Hours of Operation
08:00-21:00 (-08/11)/ 08:00~20:00 (08/12-)
* The hour above is based on the open air bath pool. The operating hours may vary by facilities.

☞ Admission Fees

  Gold Season (8/12-8/25) High Season (7/20-08/11)
Weekdays Weekends, national holidays  
All Day Adults & Youth 40,000 won 44,000 won 53,000 won
Children 30,000 won 34,000 won 40,000 won
Afternoon (16:00-) Adults & Youth 25,000 won 27,000 won 33,000 won
Children 18,000 won 21,000 won 25,000 won

* Dates and fees are subject to change.

☞ Convenience Facilities
Food court (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, fusion food), cafeteria, children's playroom, therapy massage parlor, fitness club, medical room, internet café (PC bang), convenience stores, etc

☞ Transportation
• Seoul -> Icheon
- Take a bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal
(Travel time: 1 hr 20 min, first bus: 06:10, last bus 23:00, intervals: 20 min, fare: 4,700 won)
- Take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Gyeongbu Line)
(Travel time: 1 hr, first bus: 06:30, last bus 22:30, intervals: 20-30 min, fare: 4,700 won)

• Icheon -> Termeden
- Take a free shuttle bus in front of Standard Chartered Bank across from Icheon Bus Terminal (Travel time: 15 min)
- Shuttle bus schedule

Icheon Bus Terminal -> Termeden 08:20 / 09:20 / 10:20 / 11:20 / 13:00 / 14:20 / 15:20
Termeden -> Icheon Bus Terminal 12:40 / 14:00 / 15:00 /17:30 / 18:30 / 19:30

Non-stop bus from Seoul!
Take bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal - 9:20, 10:40
Bus departs from Termeden at 16:00 and 17:10
Fare: 6,500 won.

☞ More info
Icheon Termeden
• Homepage: (Korean, English)

Woongjin Playdoci

• Photo courtesy of Woongjin Playdoci

Woongjin Playdoci, a very unique indoor theme park, is located not far from Seoul in Bucheon City, Gyeonggi-do Province. In addition to having a water park, driving range,fitness club, and Korea's first indoor ski slope, Woongjin Playdoci also has an Aqua Bar in the spa area where you can have a refreshing drink while taking a soak in the pool. Other unusual facilities include event pools decorated in themes of different countries and hot springs pools scented with natural ingredients. For those of you who spend a lot of time on your feet each day, make sure to hit the foot bath—perfect for improving blood circulation and helping ease fatigue. There's also plenty for children to do (wave pool, lazy river, water rides, and more) while the adults pamper themselves with a water jet massage at the Bade Pool in the Spa Zone. In July 2012, Woongjin Playdoci expanded its facilities by opening the new outdoor water park and spa to cater to visitors who enjoy outdoor fun.

☞ Hours of Operation
10:00-23:00 (-08/18) / 10:00-21:00 (08/19-12/20)
* The operating hours is subject to change.

☞ Admission Fees

  Golden Season

* Night ticket: until 8/18
All Day Adults & Youth 60,000 won
Children 50,000 won
Adults & Youth 45,000 won
Children 35,000 won
All 19,000 won

* Dates and fees are subject to change.

☞ Convenience Facilities
Food court, aqua bar (beverages), medical room, storage lockers, etc

☞ Transportation
• Seoul → Woongjin Playdoci
Woongjin Playdoci is easily accessible from Seoul by subway.
- Bugae Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 2 → Take Bus 579 or 79 → Get off at Bupyeong Design Science High School (about a 10-min ride)
- Samsan Gymnasium Station (Subway Line 7), Exit 1 → Walk straight for 650 meters (about a 10-min walk)

☞ More info
Woongjin Playdoci
• Homepage: (Korean, English)

Resom Spa Castle

• Photo courtesy of Resom Spa Castle

Resom Spa Castle is one of Korea's most representative hot spring theme parks, thanks to the widespread fame of its healthy 49°C Germanium water. Located in Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do Province, Resom Spa Castle's hot spring facility, Chunchunhyang is open all year round, providing guests with outdoor, hot spring water park facilities and over twenty open-air pools and tubs.

Looking for a thrill? Try the water park's famous water slides the Master Blaster and the Speed Slide, an exhilarating ride in which you'll race down a three-story water shoot in just four seconds. For some fun that's slightly less intense, check out the roaring rapids of the Torrent River wave pool, or relax in the open-air pool zone by trying out the Hinoki pool, couples' pool, blueberry pool, apple wine pool, or the aqua bar.

☞ Hours of Operation: 09:00-21:00 (outdoor/indoor spa), 09:00-20:00 (pools) 10:00-19:00 (water slides)
* Hours may vary by facility.

☞ Admission Fees

High Season
(July 1-Aug 31)
All Day Adults & Youth 62,000 won
Children 42,000 won
Half Day
Adults & Youth 34,000 won
Children 25,200 won

* Dates and fees are subject to change.

☞ Convenience Facilities
Restaurants (Korean, Western, fast food, etc), Sports Bar (light meal, drinks, alcohols), gift shop, PC center, etc.

☞ Transportation
• Seoul → Resom Spa Castle
- From Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Honam Line), take a direct express bus (travel time: 2 hrs, buses run 5 times a day, departure times: 07:10 / 10:10 / 14:10 / 17:10 / 20:30, premium bus fare: 10,700 won)

- From Seoul Nambu Terminal, take a direct express bus (travel time: 2 hrs 25 min, buses run 3 times a day, departure times: 07:00/ 12:00/ 15:10, premium bus fare: 10,700 won)

☞ More info
Resom Spa Castle
• Homepage: (Korean, English)

Perfect for an overnight trip! – A Water Park Surrounded by Nature

Seorak Waterpia

Perfect for an overnight trip! – A Water Park Surrounded by Nature

Seorak Waterpia is located within the Seorak Hanwha Resort nearby Seoraksan National Park, the most popular destination on the East Coast. The stunning scenery of Seoraksan Mountain makes a beautiful backdrop to Seorak Waterpia, which offers the latest in water amusement facilities and hot spring water spas. The open-air spa is a definite must-see since it uses only pure mineral water that springs up from 680 meters underground at temperatures of 49 degrees Celsius. If you are looking for fun and thrills, check out the water slides and wave pools. If you're traveling with children, be sure to visit the Kids' Pool and Rainbow Stream.

Following major renovations completed in 2011, Seorak Waterpia is 1.5x bigger and now better than ever! As part of the twelve new water facilities, the resort introduced World Alley, a 260-meter-long water slide with a sharp drop and a 360-degree turn. The park also added Torrent River (a water rapids ride) and the Family Raft to its action-packed facility.

☞ Hours of Operation

  -8/18 8/19-9/1
Hot spring spa 06:00-22:30 06:00-21:00
Indoor pools 08:00-22:00 09:00-20:30
Outdoor wave pool 09:00-21:00 10:00-20:00

* Dates and fees are subject to change.
☞ Admission Fees

  Gold Season (6/29-9/1)
All Day
(08:00- 16:00)
Adults & Youth 75,000 won
Children 56,000 won
(16:00- 19:00)
Adults & Youth 63,500 won
Children 47,500 won

* Discounts will be applied for those who stay at Hanwha Resort and for those who make an online reservation. Dates and fees are subject to change.

☞ Convenience Facilities
Food court (Korean, Western, snacks, café), souvenir shops, medical room, etc.

☞ Transportation
• Seoul → Sokcho
- From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take a bus to Sokcho. (travel time: 2 hrs 10 min, first bus: 06:05, last bus: 23:00,intervals: 5-30 min, fare: 17,300 won)

- From Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Gyeongbu Line), take a bus to Sokcho. (Travel time: 2 hr 30 min, first bus: 06:00, last bus 23:00, intervals: 20-30 min, fare: 18,100 won)

• Sokcho -> Seorak Waterpia
- From Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus 3 or 3-1. Get off at Seorak Hanwha Resort.
- From Sokcho Express Bus Terminal, take Bus 7, 9, or 1. Get off at Sokcho Fire Station, and then take Bus 3 or 3-1 across from the fire station to Seorak Hanhwa Resort.
- Bus fare: 1,100 won. (For 1 ride, no transfer discount applied) *If taking a taxi, the fare is around 10,000 won.

Take the Seorak Waterpia Shuttle Bus to and from Seoul
Shuttle buses operate between Seorak Hanwha Resort and major locations in Seoul. (round trip fare: 32,000 won)
* Reservations must be made by phone at least one day in advance.
Shuttle bus reservations: +82-2-2201-7710 (English)

Seoul Departure Locations & Times
Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 4 → Walk straight for 250 meters, then turn left and walk straight for another 150 meters (about a 7-min walk) → In front of Hanwha HQ building - 08:00 (until 8/17), 08:30 (from 8/18)
Apgujeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 6 → Walk straight for 200 meters (about a 2-min walk) → Hyundai Department Store Parking Lot – 08:20 (until 8/17), 9:00 (from 8/18)
Jamsil Station (Subway Line 2, 8), Exit 4 → Walk straight for 250 meters (about a 4-min walk) → Outside Lotte Mart - 08:45 (until 8/17), 9:30 (from 8/18)

* Bus leaves from Seorak Hanwha Resort at 14:10 to return to Seoul.
* Departure times are subject to change.

☞ More info
Seorak Waterpia
• Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Vivaldi Park Ocean World

• Photo courtesy of Vivaldi Park Ocean World

Ocean World Water Park is located in Vivaldi Park (one of Korea's most famous ski resorts) situated among the beautiful ancient forests of Hongcheon in Gangwon-do Province. The water park has an Egyptian theme throughout and contains replicas of the Sphinx, pyramids, obelisks, and other decorative touches.

Divided into various 'zones'—Indoor Zone, Wave Pool Zone, Extreme Zone, Dynamic Zone, and the Mega Slide Zone—each section of the water park offers a different kind of amusement. The Indoor Zone has various pools and slides, a jjimjilbang (a Korean-style sauna), and a therapy center. In the Extreme Zone, people can enjoy waves as high as 2.4m tall. The Dynamic Zone is also filled with many thrilling attractions including the popular 300-meter-long Monster Blaster slide, the 6-person Super Boomerango slide, and many more. In 2011, two new thrilling rides have been introduced to double the fun: the 'Super S Slide,' a rafting thrill ride on a 6-person tube down a 146-meter long course from a 6.8-meter high tower, and 'Cairo Racing,' an extreme ride of speed.

☞ Hours of Operation
07:30-20:00 (-8/17) / 07:30-20:00 (8/18-25)
* Hours are subject to change.

☞ Admission Fees

  Gold Season
High Season
All day Adults & Youth 75,000 won (indoor locker)/
70,000 won (outdoor locker)
55,000 won (indoor locker)/
50,000 won (outdoor locker)
Children 60,000 won (indoor locker)/
55,000 won (outdoor locker)
45,000 won (indoor locker)/
40,000 won (outdoor locker)
Adults & Youth 65,000 won (indoor locker)/
60,000 won (outdoor locker)
45,000 won (indoor locker)/
40,000 won (outdoor locker)
Children 50,000 won (indoor locker)/
45,000 won (outdoor locker)
35,000 won (indoor locker)/
30,000 won (outdoor locker)

* Dates and fees are subject to change.

☞ Convenience Facilities

Food court (Korean, Western, Oriental, fast food), snack bars, cafés, rental shops, children's play room, nursing room, internet cafe, sleeping room, etc

☞ Transportation
• Seoul → Vivaldi Park Ocean World
- From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take a direct bus (travel time: 1 hr 10 min, departure times: 08:10/ 09:19/ 14:20/ 17:05, fare: 6,800 won)

* From the shuttle bus ticket office at Vivaldi Park's bus parking lot, visitors can make reservations and board the shuttle bus bound for Seoul for free.

☞ Korea Tourism Organization Homepage:
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Russian)
☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Last updated in August, 2013

Date 09/02/2013

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