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Recommended Ski Resorts Near Seoul
Recommended Ski Resorts Near Seoul
By mid-November the weather in Korea had turned chilly, and so from November 18 Korea’s major ski resorts began opening their doors, welcoming skiers and boarders from all over the nation.  The majority of Korea’s resorts are located in the Gangwon-do region, which receives the earliest and the largest amount of snow, but there are also ski resorts in the Gyeonggi, Chungcheong, and Jeolla regions that are very attractive to winter sports fans.
Let’s find out more information about Jisan Resort and Yangji Pine Resort, which can be reached by taking a complimentary shuttle bus, and also Muju Resort.
  Jisan Forest Resort: Close to Incheon International Airport
Jisan Forest Resort is located in Icheon city, Gyeonggi-do province, and due to it’s close proximity to Seoul, many people come to the resort to enjoy a day on the slopes. All slopes are available for snow-boarders, and the moving staircases will help children and beginners move more easily. In addition, the 6-seat chair lift is equipped with a heating system. Although the size of the slopes are not that big, this resort is loved by many people because of its convenient facilities. Jisan Resort does not suffer from overcrowding, and so visitors here can enjoy skiing without experiencing long waits at the lifts.

The facilities at Jisan Resort are very reasonably priced. In terms of accommodation facilities, condos range from 85,000won to 195,000won (condo prices differ by the weekend, the weekday and the season), and restaurants and supermarkets are also available. Jisan Resort also operates a free shuttle bus from Seoul.

☞Go to Jisan Forest Resort

Night Ski Snack Time A play area for children
Night Ski Foreigner using chopsticks A play area for children
Supermarket Restaurant
Supermarket Restaurant
Nearby Tourism Destination
Icheon World Ceramic Center * Icheon World Ceramic Center

Icheon is famous for ceramics, and the Icheon World Ceramic Center, the host venue of the ‘World Ceramic Expo’ and ‘World Ceramic Biennale’, can be visited even during the off-season. The four exhibition centers display works of art by world-class potters. Outside of the center, ceramic sculptures, a Toya Sandplay Park and a traditional firewood furnace have been constructed. After looking around the Icheon World Ceramic Center, visitors can enjoy a walk across the stunningly beautiful Seolbong Park.
Business Hours: Open every day from 9:00am to 6:00pm (Closed on Mondays and January 1st)
Permanent Exhibition Admission Fee: Free of Charge
How to Get There: Take a taxi at Icheon Bus Terminal.

☞Go to Icheon World Ceramic Center
Icheon Ceramic Art Village* Icheon Ceramic Art Village

The Icheon Ceramic Art Village consists of approximately forty ceramic businesses. There are ceramic exhibitions, where visitors can learn more about items like teacups, celadon porcelain and white porcelain, and at the Yojang (workshops) you can see how ceramics are made. In addition, you can have the unique, unforgettable experience of making ceramics yourselves at the Ceramic Making Corner.
How to Get There: From Icheon Bus Terminal take bus No.14 for Sindun-myeon (runs every 10 minutes/travel time: 5min.)

☞Go to Icheon Ceramic Art Village

Miranda Hotel Spa Plus* Miranda Hotel Spa Plus

Icheon’s thermal water is rich in natrium, which relieves skin diseases such as chronic eczema, and helps neuralgia, women´s diseases and eye diseases. Spa Plus of Miranda Hotel is equipped with an outdoor spa and indoor spa, and a swimming pool. At the moment, there is a special ski tour package available, offering both skiing at the Jisan Forest Resort and accommodation at the Miranda Hotel for very reasonable price.
How to Get There: Get off at Icheon Bus Terminal and take a taxi to Miranda Hotel.
For more information: +82-31-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese)
Tel: +82-31-639-5118(Korean, English, Japanese)
Click Here (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
① Incheon International Airport → Jisan resort: From bus stop 7A of Incheon International Airport, take a bus bound for Icheon (Operating Time: 07:20~21:20, at every 60 mins. / Travel time: 2 hrs. 40 mins. / Fee: 17,700won) → From Icheon Inter-city Bus Terminal take bus (No.12) bound for Cheonggangdae (Operating Time: 06:45~21: 35, 41 services a day / Travel time: 40 mins. / Fee: 1,500won) → Get off at Gyounghui Mart Station → Walk straight for about ten minutes
② Seoul ↔ Jisan Resort: By regular free shuttle bus
③ Seoul → Jisan Resort: From Dong Seoul Terminal take a bus headed for Icheon (Gangbyeon Station, Subway Line 2) (Operating Time: 07:00~20:00, 14 services a day / Travel time: 1 hour / Fee: 4,000won) → From Icheon Inter-city Bus Terminal take bus (No.12) for Cheonggangdae (Operating Time: 06:45~21: 35, 41 services a day / Travel time: 40 mins./ Fee: 1,500won) → Get off at Gyounghui Mart Station → Then go straight (Walk 10 mins.).

Tip) Seoul ↔ Jisan Resort Shuttle bus is available for one-day trips.  Reservations need to be made through their homepage (Korean).
Since only the Korean homepage provides the reservation service, foreign visitors should use the telephone service. Tel. +82-31-644-1245 (English)
  Yangji Pine Resort

Yangji Pine Resort is equipped with many fine slopes that can be enjoyed by both beginner and expert skiers. The 150m–long snow sled hill is a great place for families with children, whilst the Snow Park provides plenty of exciting jumps and obstacles for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. Yangji Pine Resort contains many other leisure facilities, such as a bowling alley, a billiard room, an Internet café and a karaoke room, as well as restaurants serving Korean, Chinese and Japanese food amongst others.

Yangji Pine Resort has 55 suite rooms, 305 condo rooms and 460 guest rooms. Each room has cooking facilities. In addition, there is the Yangj Pine Youth Hostel, which has 60 rooms and outstanding views (cooking facilities not provided at the Youth Hostel). For more information, please visit their homepage (, Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese).

Tip) For Condo Reservation: +82-2-516-7161~3 (English Service is available)
* Reservations are available if you make them a week in advance. Price of rooms is from 200,000won to 240,000won (for four persons)

☞Go to Yangji Pine Resort

Night ski Suite room Standard room
Night ski Suite room Standard room
Ski lessons Fireworks
Ski lessons Fireworks
Nearby Tour Sites
Korean Folk Village* Korean Folk Village

The Korean Folk Village is a favorite filming location for films or TV dramas. Here the customs and lifestyles of past generations are faithfully maintained. This village has various facilities including a Sculpture Park, a Traditional Folk Exhibition, a World Folk Center and a Historical Movie Playing Center, which shows movies shot at the Korean Folk Village.
How To Get There: From Yangji Pine Resort take a complementary shuttle bus bound for Yongin Bus Terminal → At Yongin Terminal transfer to a bus (NO.10-5) and get off at the Korean Folk Village (travel time: 20 mins)

☞Go to Korean Folk Village
Everland* Everland

Everland is one of the best-loved amusement parks in Korea and includes exciting attractions like the Safari Tour and Zoo-Topia,. This winter there’s even more fun to be had with Everland’s Christmas themed events and parade shows. Whilst those of you who are missing summer, can splash around at the Water Theme Park and Caribbean Bay.
How to Get There: From Yangji Pine Resort take a free shuttle bus to Yongin Bus Terminal → At Yongin Bus Terminal take bus No. 5800, 5002, or 10-5 for Everland

☞Go to Everland
☞Go to Caribbean Bay
☞Check out our story: Danny Falls in Love with Caribbean Bay!

①Incheon International Airport → Pine Resort Ski Valley: From bus stop 7A of Incheon International Airport, take a bus bound for Yongin (Operating Hours: 5:20am~21:50pm / Runs every 30 to 40 mins./ Travel time: 2 hours/ Fee: 11,600 won)→ Get off at Yongin Inter-city Bus Terminal -> Transfer to the free shuttle bound for the resort (Travel time: 20 mins)
②Seoul → Yangji Pine Resort:
- From Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Subway Line 3 and 7) take a bus bound for Yongin (Operating Hours: 6:30am~20:10pm / Runs every 20 to 30 mins./ Travel time: 50 mins. / Fee: 2,200won for general class, 3,300won for premium class) -> Transfer to the free shuttle bound for the resort (Travel time: 20 mins)
- From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal of Gangbyeon Station (Subway Line 2) take a bus for Yongin (Operating Hours: 6:20am~21:45pm / Runs every 20 to 30 mins. / Travel time: 60 mins. / Fee: 2,500 won) → At Yongin Bus Terminal get on a free shuttle bus that will take you to the Resort (Travel time: 20 mins.)

Tip) For more information on the resort’s free shuttle bus, please visit their website (, Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese).

  Muju Resort

As the film location for the drama Summer Scent”, Muju Resort attracts many visitors during winter, both from home and abroad. The resort area looks like a theme park because of the many different facilities.

Muju Resort consists of two bases, Seolcheon and Manseon, which are both reached by lifts. Manseon Base has eleven slopes and Seolcheon Base has six, including the Silk Road slope. The Silkroad slope that comes down from the Seolcheon Peak of Deogyusan Mountain is the longest slope (6.2km) in Korea. This slope can be enjoyed by skiers of all abilities, beginners as well as experts. Both bases have restaurants where skiers can take a rest inside.

Within the resort are various facilities such as restaurants, supermarkets, Karaoke, arcades, an Internet café and a shopping center. The shopping street is a good place to take a walk, and the famous Falla Coffee Shop, where the proposal scene of “Summer Scent” was shot, is located along this street. An open-air spa bath located next to the slopes, offers one of Muju Resort’s most special experiences. Visitors can relax in the spa bath while looking at the beautiful winter scenery.

☞Go to Muju Resort
☞Go to The Real Fun Begins Once the Sun Sets Over “Muju Resort


Muju Resort has several excellent hotels on offer: Hotel Tirol, Kookmin Hotel and Family Hotel.   
Guests staying at the Kookmin and Family Hotels don’t need to waste valuable skiing time, since they can check in at the Welcome Center, located only 500m away from the main gate.  Accommodation at the Family Hotel ranges from 280,000won to 470,000won (prices vary depending on the day and season). All rooms are equipped with cooking facilities, and some rooms are directly connected to slopes. Kookmin Hotel provides a public cooking facility and has studio-style rooms. Accommodation at the Kookmin Hotel ranges from 75,000won to 152,000won (prices vary according to day and season).   Shuttle buses are available to transport Kookmin and Family Hotel guests to and from the ski slopes.
Hotel Tirol is a five-star luxury hotel, which is designed in an Alpine style.  At the end of a hard day’s skiing, guests can relax on the Hungarian goose down beds.  Room fees range from 200.000won to 1,000,000won. For more information, please call (+82-63-320-7200, Korean, English, Japanese). * On-line reservation is available at their homepage (English).

Outdoor spa Hotel Tirol Sleds
Outdoor spa Hotel Tirol Sleds
Slopes Lifts
Slopes Lifts
Nearby Tour Sites
Deogyusan Mountain National Park* Deogyusan Mountain National Park

Deogyusan Mountain (1,614m) is famous throughout the four seasons, but in wintertime its snow-scapes are especially breathtaking. Not surprisingly, this mountain is a favorite location for taking photos or filming. You can take a Gondola to Seolcheon Peak (1,522m), and from here walk 20 minutes to Hyangjeokbong peak. From the top of Mt Deogyusan there is a spectacular panoramic view, which includes the famous mountains Gayasan, Jirisan and Gyerongsan, and the large snow-covered forest makes the mountain even more beautiful.
There is a highly recommended climbing course from Hyangjeokbong Peak down to Gucheon-dong Valley, and from there free shuttle buses will take you back to the resort. Since Deogyusan Mountain receives large amounts of snow, crampons are a must.
How To Get There:Take a Gondola from Muju Resort → Get off at Seolcheon Peak and climb to the top → Go down toward Gucheon-dong Valley → At the parking lot within Gucheon-dong Valley take a shuttle bus back to Muju Resort.

☞Go to Deogyusan Mountain National Park
Festival - Fun Ski & Snow Festival
Funski* Fun Ski
The Fun Ski & Snow Festival, hosted by the Korean Tourism Organization, is a popular winter ski camp that provides ski/snowboard lessons and various recreational programs. Participants of this camp can also enjoy snow sledding, ride Gondolas and then warm up in the luxurious Hotel Tirol.

☞Go to Funski
☞Go to Fun Ski & Snow Festival at Muju
☞VisitKorea invites you all to the ‘Fun Ski & Snow Festival’ A Winter Vacation in Korea
①Incheon International Airport → Muju Resort:  From Incheon International Airport, 9D bus stop, take a bus bound for Daejeon (Operating Hours: 06:00~23:10/ Runs every 20 to 30 mins./ Travel time: 3hrs. 20mins. / Fee: General class 14,800won, Premium class 22,200won) → At Daejeon Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal take a bus bound for Muju (Operating Hours: 7:10am~21:00pm / Travel time: 50 mins. / Fee: 3,900won) → Get off at the Muju Bus Terminal.
②Seoul → Muju Resort / By Train: From Seoul Station take a train bound for Yeongdong (Operating Hours: 5: 55am~23:00pm / Travel Time: 2 hrs. 40 mins. / Fee: 13,200won/ Take the KTX at Yongsan Station in Seoul) → From Yeongdong Train Station walk 5 mins toward the bus terminal → From Yeongdong Bus Terminal take a bus bound for Muju (Operating Hours: 8:25am~21:05pm, 5 services a day / Travel time: 40 mins. / Fee: 2,900won) → Get off at Muju Inter-city Bus Terminal
③Seoul → Muju Resort / By Bus: From Nambu Bus Terminal (Subway Line 3), take a bus bound for Muju (Operating Hours: 8: 30am~14: 35pm / 5 services a day / Fee: 12,300won / Travel Time: 2 hrs. 30mins.) → Get off at Muju Bus Terminal

Tip) Muju Bus Terminal → Muju Resort Free Shuttle Bus
The Muju Resort Shuttle bus is located opposite a shop named Muju Mart.  On leaving Muju Bus Terminal turn right and then turn right again at the next intersection so you are heading toward downtown. Before coming to the bridge you will reach a four-way intersection whereMuju Mart shop is located. (Travel time to Muju Resort: 1 hour.)

Seoul ↔ Muju Resort Regular Shuttle Bus, Muju Bus Terminal, ↔ Muju Resort For more information on free shuttle buses, please visit their homepage (Korean).
  ★ 2008 Newly Opened Ski Resort ★

Konjiam Resort
The Gyeonggi Konjiam Resort is the largest ski resort in the Gyeonggi-do region, and is located only 40 minutes from Seoul. The resort provides a total of 11 ski slopes all with huge widths of up to 154 meters. The Konjiam Resort is the first resort in Korea to limit visitors to a maximum of 7,000 per day.  This means visitors will not have to wait a long time at the ski lifts, and everyone can enjoy a more relaxed skiing and snowboarding experience.
The resort provides a variety of facilities including a luxury condominium complex and a restaurant, and a California winery, which has been designed as a wine cellar in a grotto.

☞Go to Gyeonggi-do’s Largest ( Konjiam Resort ) to Open on Dec. 19
☞Go to Konjiam Resort

* Transportation
There are complimentary shuttle buses that are scheduled to operate on 8 routes. Detailed operating hours and bus stops are to be posted on the Korean homepage (Korean).

[Find out more!]
☞Korea Ski Resorts Open from Nov. 18
☞Gangwon-do Resorts: Best Recommended Winter Spots

Date 12/02/2008

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