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Revitalize Your Body in Jeju!

Revitalize Your Body in Jeju!
Yano Becomes a Queen for a Day at Swiss Perfection Wellness SPAmed!
A resident of Korea for six years, Yano recently gained weight and began to feel stiff. She decided to take a 3-day holiday from the hustle and bustle of the city for some relaxation in the country. To cure her physical fatigue, she spent a day at Swiss Perfection Wellness SPAmed in Jeju, a luxury spa complex frequented by many famous stars and VIP clientele.

Located in the foothills of Mt. Hallasan, 600 meters above sea level where oxygen is abundant, the Swiss Perfection Wellness SPAmed is a skin renewal medical center, and a branch of CLP established in Switzerland in 1931. Besides the headquarters in Switzerland, the spa in Jeju is the second in the world and the first in Asia.

Wellness SPAmed is recognized not only for its scientific skin care treatments but also the development of a program that is based on the benefits of wellness programs in the West and the East. The Chromatherapy program is also one of its key offerings: an electronic beam is positioned directly on your body to measure your condition, and then your body is treated using colors. Client satisfaction is further enhanced by Swiss Perfection, which is a luxury cosmetic line developed by CLP.

The skin renewal medical center, CLP, has been visited quite frequently by VIP clientele around the world including Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin as well as European royalty including Queen Elizabeth. Now, their technology is available in Jeju, a popular tourist island off of the Korean peninsula known for its resorts. The Jeju center caters to Korea’s rich and famous as well as international tourists from Japan, United States, China and Vietnam. The staff has a basic command of English and Japanese to make the spa as convenient as possible for foreign visitors.

One-time Body Care Treatment Experienced by Yano
To relieve her work-induced stress, Yano requested the 3-hour body care program. Here is a step-by-step description of the program.

•STEP 1 Measuring Chromatherapy and Skin Care Consultation
After filling out a profile card, clients have a consultation for Chromatherapy to determine the color best suited to him/her (Color is known to have an emotional impact on humans). During the consultation, the client can request a special treatment for chloasma, lifting and wrinkles. Yano requested fatigue recovery and skin renewal since she had been feeling rather tense and her skin was dry.
•STEP 2 Preparation & Make-up Removal
After consultation, clients are guided to the changing room, where there are four changing spaces to accommodate the four-member golf teams. (As Wellness SPAmed is located in the Nine Bridge Golf Club compound, it is also a facility used by golfers). Clients change into a gown and remove their make-up. In the powder room, the Swiss Perfection line of skin lotion and cleansing products are on hand.
•STEP 3 Main Whirlpool & Sauna
Then, they move to the main whirlpool area and enjoy a glorious spa. Fed by the subterranean springs of Mt. Hallasan, the water’s abundant minerals make one’s skin smooth and silky. Glass windows span three sides of the spa, making full use of the natural light. Outside, bamboo trees create the feeling of a spa in nature.

After a quick shower, clients enjoy a slow relaxing experience in the whirlpool. Once in the whirlpool, the door closes, providing individuals with privacy to enjoy a quiet and soothing half-body bath. On the other hand, people can also enjoy the pool with loved ones or family. After the whirlpool, go to the sauna next door to sweat out your body toxins. The spa offers both a dry sauna, using 50 different Oriental herbs, and a wet sauna with aromatherapy. After enjoying the whirlpool, Yano took a 15- to 20-minute dry sauna, which is not quite as hot.
•STEP 4 Take a Short Break Drinking Aroma Tea
A good sweat in the sauna is bound to make your body feel somewhat languid. So, after the whirlpool, clients go to the relaxation room for a fresh cup of mild aromatic tea, made from organic ingredients from France. This is the perfect time to read or watch television.
•STEP 5 Water Massage in a Personal Whirlpool
After the break, relax in a water massage. Clients enjoy an individual whirlpool and a 15-minute water massage with 48 jets to stimulate the body and relieve stress. To enhance the experience, the water is infused with the client’s aroma of choice. The lights are turned off and the individual chromatherapy begins. Yano chose an aroma for toxic cleansing aroma, which her chromatherapy color was blue.
•STEP6 Vichy Shower for Higher Circulation
Clients also enjoy another type of water massage called the Vichy Shower. They lie on a massage table as water sprays down from nine showerheads above, stimulating major circulation points from head to toe. The water flow is just strong enough to be relaxing. This 10- to 15-minute treatment is presently available only for women.
•STEP 7 Two-hour Body Massage
The next step involves a full body massage using both hands and a machine. After choosing aromatic oil, the client lies face-down as the massage starts from the back, and follows down the buttocks and legs. The back is then wrapped in a seaweed pack to remove toxins, while the buttocks will get a hip-lifting treatment. The frontal treatment includes the face, abdomen, breasts, arms, legs, and the soles of the feet. The face, breasts, and abdomen gets the machine treatment for lifting and lipo-decomposition. The rest is performed by hand. This regime is also accompanied by chromatherapy.

Yano chose the toxin-removing aroma for her oil massage. During the face lift and abdominal lipo decomposition, which was particularly intensive for good results, she was surprised by the pinching sensation from the electric current. And although she felt that the paraffin pack was rather hot, it certainly smoothed her heels to her satisfaction.
Tip: Couples or family members can use the “couples’ room” that accommodates up to three people.
•STEP 8 Changing Clothes & Make-up
When the treatment is over, you will change your clothes in the dressing room. Then, go to the powder room where a cup of warm, aromatic tea awaits you. The three-hour program ends as you apply your makeup, do your hair and drink some tea.

What was Yano’s Satisfaction Level? ★★★★
·Reason 1: “In contrast to spas in Southeast Asia, Korean spas also use state-of-the-art machines. I was particularly impressed by the abdominal and face-lift treatment to decompose fat using electric current. I really felt like a queen being massaged by two masseurs.”
·Reason 2: “I loved the main whirlpool where I enjoyed a half-body bath. The door was closed and I was in my own private space. Natural light was coming in through the window glass, and I felt like I was in an open-air hot spring. That’s why I think it’s better to come here during the day.”
·Reason 3: “After three hours of a full body treatment, my skin was smooth and my muscles were perfectly relaxed. More than anything else, this will be a favorite amongst females because the staff is so hospitable and the interior design is upscale.”

*Visitor’s Information
·Location: Nine Bridge Golf Club, Gwangpyeong-ri 15, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
- Facial & body treatment 440,000 won (About 3 hours)
- Body Treatment & 1 option of face or legs: 330,000 won (About 2 hours)
- Facial & upper torso & hands: 275,000 won (About 1.5 hours)
- Hands, feet, back, and hydrotherapy each: 99,000 won (About 1.5 hours)
- Star package: 1,320,000 won (Spa, 1-night stay in a condominium, breakfast for two)
·Tel: +82-64-793-9977 (Korean, English, Japanese)
·How to Get There: (By car) From Jeju International Airport, take Seobu Gwangwang highway and make a right turn at Green Resort. Pass by Road Land’s Golf Club and you will find Wellness SPAmed located within Nine Bridge Golf Club.
(Public Transportation) It takes 30 minutes by taxi from the airport.

Plus Course Tips! Yano’s Jeju Island Hands-On Course
After spending half a day at the spa, Yano headed out for a first-hand tour of the island. She experienced horse riding and went to Oreum (a hill in Jeju) where she enjoyed skeet shooting, a great stress-reliever.

•Course 1: Horseback Riding on Oreum!
With its expansive grasslands, Jejudo is famous for grazing horses since long ago. Even today, there are about 20 horse ranches located throughout the island, which are popular with tourists who want to ride. Even if you have never ridden a horse, you can feel perfectly safe with a trainer nearby. Yano selected a 20-minute horseback riding course to Oreum at Chowon Seungmajang Ranch (초원승마장) in Seogwipo.

She donned her cowboy hat and waited until a few horses came out and walked over to her. She chose 11-year-old Yonsama, named after popular Korean film star Bae Yong-joon, who actually rode it last October. It has been the ranch’s most popular horse ever since. Most horses there are crossbred between local ponies and race horses from abroad.

After Yano mounted the horse according to the trainer’s instructions, Yonsama started to walk ahead slowly. “We walked up Oreum for about 10 minutes, and then a beautiful landscape came into sight before my eyes. It was so touching,” she said. “Going uphill, I sometimes felt a bit nervous, but riding on horseback in nature felt like the greatest thing I’ve experienced.”

* Visitor’s Information: Chowon Seungmajang Ranch (초원승마장)
Location: 150 Sangye-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Hours: 9:00am ~ sunset
No closing days, except on rainy days
Price: a 10-minute course: 11,000 won, a 20-minute course: 22,000 won, a 30-minute course: 35,000 won
Tel: +82-64-738-0344 (Korean, Japanese)
How to Get There: Take a limousine bus from the airport and get off at Shilla Hotel. Take a 10-minute taxi ride.

•Course 2 Skeet-Shooting, a Great Stress-Reliever
Next, Yano visited Daeyu Land for skeet-shooting to relieve all of her stress. This place is well known as a film location for the TV drama Jumong and All In.

Skeet-shooters use a shotgun to hit a clay target flying at 60 to 70 kilometers per hour.
This was the first time Yano had done skeet-shooting before. She said, “It was really fun to hit a flying target. This is a unique experience that you cannot do every day.” She also added, “The shotgun is heavier than I thought, and the kick when I pulled the trigger was a surprise. It was also really loud.”

Plus Tips!

•Plus Food Tips! Yano’s Seafood Casserole and Okdom Fish
Jejudo Island has a variety of local foods containing fish and shellfish. Among these, haemul jeongol (seafood casserole), obunjak ttukbaegi (small abalone stew in a stone pot), galchi jorim (boiled hairtail), jeonbokjuk (abalone porridge), okdom (tilefish), are popular among tourists. Another local favorite is heukdwaeji (black pig meat).
Over her three-day visit, Yano enjoyed numerous local foods. On the first day, she had haemul jeongol with lots of seafood; on the second day, she tried galchi jorim boiled in a soybean sauce; on the last day, she ate grilled okdom, a fish that is only caught around Jeju. She said all three were delicious and suitable for foreigners. Most dishes cost between 8,000 and 9,000 won per person, which is slightly more expensive than hanjeongsik (a set meal).

•Plus More Tips! Yano’s Recommended Tourist Sites for Relaxation
Since the purpose of Yano’s trip was to relax, she visited tourist sites that fulfilled that goal. The following are sites where you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature.
→ Hyeopjae Beach   /   → Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak (Sunrise Peak)
→ Seopjikoji   /   → Mara-do Island

Article & Photo by Park Ji-hyun

Date 01/28/2008

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