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Apgujeong and COEX Mall

Course: COEX Mall > Kraze Burger (lunch) > Bongeunsa Temple > Galleria Department Store > Apgujeong Rodeo Street > Amelie (coffee and cake)
The Gangnam and Apgujeong areas in Seoul are excellent places to go if you want to have firsthand experience of the rapid economic growth of Korea. These places have established themselves as the center of Korea’s economy, culture and fashion. Apgujeong, where Korea’s latest fashion trends always start first, can be described as the No. 1 fashion area. It’s the place where famous foreign brands launch their first shop in Korea. Apgujeong has many streets of trendy shops as well as the Galleria department store, which caters to the needs of customers for top brand goods. COEX Mall is located in Samseong-dong which has the Korea City Air Terminal plus high class hotels where many foreign businessmen stay. For these busy people and others working around the clock, here is a one-day sightseeing course around Apgujeong and the COEX Mall. The route starts from the COEX Mall, which is directly connected to exit 5 of Samseong station (Seoul subway line 2).
  10:00 am COEX Mall
The COEX Mall has every facility you need for entertainment, such as places for performance and exhibitions, a museum, an aquarium and a theater. There are also restaurants with foods from a variety of countries, and many different shopping areas such as Hyundai department store, duty free shops and other shopping centers. It takes about a day to fully enjoy every part of the COEX Mall. It is advisable for first-time visitors to get a map of the Mall at the information desk before starting their venture into the Mall (Maps available in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese). Even frequent visitors often get lost in the Mall due to its enormous size.

>> >Click here for more details about the COEX Mall

  Where to go in the COEX Mall
The Kimchi museum which presents everything about Korea’s traditional food, and the COEX aquarium are two of the best places to visit in the COEX Mall. Shopping fans will be delighted by the large range of both Korean and International brand stores. Catch a hit musical at the state of the art Artium Theater or one of the latest international or Korean movie releases at Megabox Cineplex.

>> Coex Artium (March of Youth) and Megabox Cineplex

COEX Aquarium

Kimchi Museum


  12:00 pm KRAZE BURGER
Kraze Burger opened in 1998 as Korea’s first hamburger franchise. Its seven branches in areas such as Apgujeong, Cheongdam-dong and COEX Mall, always serve customers with made-to-order hamburgers. Kraze Burgur doesn’t use any frozen or canned foods, or any chemical seasonings, which makes its hamburgers all the more healthy. Long queues can always be seen in front of Kraze Burger in COEX, which is a clear indication of the hamburger’s huge popularity in Korea.
Website: (Kor, Eng)

Tel: +82-2-555-7808~9
Address: T-9 COEX Mall, 159, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
Open & Close: 11:00am-11:00pm
Menu: Hamburger, Sandwich
Price: 6,800 won~18,000 won

Take the exit in COEX towards the ASEM tower and cross the street, and you can get to Bongeunsa Temple within 5 minutes.


  1:00 pm Bongeunsa Temple
Bongeunsa Temple, a one thousand two hundred year old temple, hosts many religious activities in the heart of the city all year round. You can find peace and tranquility from the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets when visiting the temple’s beautifully arranged garden. The temple is very popular among both Koreans and foreigners when visiting the Gangnam area. If you make a reservation by phone (+82-2-3218-4895, Kor, Eng, Jap), you will be provided with a guided tour of the temple at any time between 10 am to 5 pm.
Website : (Kor, Eng)

>> Click here for more details about Bongeunsa

Take either bus No. 4411, 2225, or 361 (1,000 won for a bus fare) and get off at Galleria department store. A 20 to 30 minutes bus ride can be expected, depending on traffic.


  3:00 pm Galleria Department Store
The Galleria department store, located on Apgujeong boulevard, is famous for its luxurious image. The department store features the latest goods from top brands, such as Gucci, Chanel, and Prada, in its two buildings across the street. It’s the place to go for trendsetters who are eager to get the latest models from top designers faster than anyone else.
Tel: +82-2- 3449-4114(Kor, Eng, Jpn, Chn)
Website: (Kor, Eng, Jpn, Chn)

>> Click here for more details about Galleria  

Cross the road in front of the Galleria department store, and walk until you see McDonalds. Walk for about 5 minutes to its right, and you’ll be greeted with a sign welcoming you to Rodeo street.

  4:00 pm Apgujeong Rodeo Street
For anyone who wants to see the latest fashion and culture trends in Korea, Apgujeong is the place to go. Just by looking at people walking on the street, you can gain a grasp of what’s in vogue in Korea. At Apgujeong, you can also find foods from all over the world and famous franchise restaurants which opened their first shop here in Korea. The Galleria department store and Rodeo street across the road are popular places among shoppers for high-end goods. These areas are always bustling with people who want to enjoy shopping at a variety of top brand stores and dine out at trendy restaurants.

>> Click here for more details about Rodeo Street

Go straight along the main road of Rodeo street, and turn left at its end. There you can find Amelie, a restaurant for cake and coffee. About five minutes walk from the entrance of Rodeo street

  5:00 pm Amelie
Amelie, which means a “pretty girl”, serves cakes topped with fresh seasonal fruits and sweet cream. Located in the middle of Rodeo street, Amelie is a good place to take a rest and enjoy beautifully decorated cakes with fresh coffee.
Tel: +82-2-547-9003
Address: 663-28, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
Price: 4,000~8,000 won for a piece of cake / over 4,000 won for a tea or coffee
  Total Cost for the One-Day Tour Course (as of 2 Person in July, 2009)
Lunch: 21,800 won for a Kraze burger and beverage
Transportation: 1,800 won for a bus fare from Bongeunsa Temple to Apgujeong
At Amelie: 12,400 won for coffee and cake
Detailed Map for the One-Day Course

COEX Mall Map

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Date 08/03/2009

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