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Introduction of Asan Accommodations in Asan Major Tourist Sites

Tourist Information in Asan Other Tourist Sites Transportation

Food in Asan Photo Gallery
[Introduction of Asan]
The city of Asan is home to Onyang Hot Springs, Korea’s oldest and most famous hot springs. As such, it has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Located in an area of low foothills, the city is also near Sapgyoho and Asanho lakes and the lower reaches of the Sapgyocheon and Anseongcheon Rivers, where the expansive river basin provides fertile soil for numerous rice fields. More recently, Asan and the neighboring city of Cheonan have undergone rapid industrialization due to their geographical proximity to the metropolitan area.

Three major hot springs lure visitors: Onyang, Asan, and Dogo hot springs. These spa complexes are not the only attractions in Asan, however. The comfort and relaxation of a trip to the spa can be combined with historical sightseeing trips to some of the city’s tourist sites: the 500-year old Oeam-ri Folk Village, which is also well known as a filming location, the Hyeonchungsa Shrine of Korea’s most revered general, Lee Sun-shin, and the country’s largest folklore exhibit at the Onyang Folk Museum. Nowadays, the city is attracting even more outside visitors with its newly opened Asan Spavis, boasting diverse spa-themed facilities.
Annual average temperature: 11∼12℃
Average temperature in January: -2.1℃
Average temperature in August: 24.9℃
Annual rainfall: About 1,200㎜
Population: 191,123 (as of 2002)
Surface area: 542.48㎢
[Major Tourist Sites]
Onyang Hot SpringHyeonchungsa Shrine Oeam-ri Folk Village
[Food in Asan]
Asan has no local specialties in the way of food, but the broiled eel at the Inju Broiled Eel Village on the shores of Sapgyoho Lake, and the roast beef at Yeomchi Meat Village near Hyeonchungsa Shrine offer diners an amazing culinary experience. If you are planning to eat downtown, there are quite a number of Korean restaurants near the stations at Onyang Hot Springs and Asan City Hall. If you want to grab a hamburger, try Lotteria or Popeyes near Cheonan Station. A wide selection of Western restaurants can be found near Asan Spavis, so you can enjoy the hot springs and a meal as well.
[Accommodations in Asan]
Popular for its hot springs, Asan offers numerous accommodation facilities for tourists. Near Onyang Hot Spring Station are the Onyang Tourist Hotel (+82-41-540-1201/ English, Japanese), Onyang Plaza Hotel (+82-41-540-1201/ English, Japanese), New Korea Tourist Hotel (+82-41-542-8151/ Japanese), Onyang Grand Hotel (English, Japanese), and many other motels and inns. Tourists visiting Asan Hot Spring complex and the Asan Spavis can find accommodations in any of the dozens of motels. There is also a cluster of motels near the Dogo Hot Spring complex.
[Tourist Information in Asan]
Tourist Information Center in front of Asan Station
Telephone : +82-41-540-2517
Languages : English, Japanese
Operation Hours : 9:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
No closings

Tourist Information Center at KTX Cheonan-Asan Station
Telephone : +82-41-544-8290
Languages : Foreign languages not available.
Operation Hours : 09:00~18:00
No closing

Tourist Information Center at Oeam-ri Folk Village
Telephone : +82-41-550-2050
Languages : Guides speaking English, Japanese, or Chinese work on shifts.
Operation Hours : 9:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
No closings

The Janghang-seon Line Railway, which intersects the city, makes traveling by train quite convenient. From Seoul, take the train for Onyang Hot Spring at Yongsan Station for the 1 hour 35 minute trip. If you are traveling by KTX, take the train at Yongsan Station and get off at Cheonan-Asan station. Then, take a bus or taxi to downtown Asan (Cheonan-Asan station is on the border of Cheonan and Asan cities).
■ Rail

For Regular Trains - As of February 2005
Yongsan Station ~ Onyang Hot Springs Station: There are about 18 trains on weekdays from 5:28 am to 8:55 pm.

For KTX - As of February 2005
Yongsan Station ~ Cheonan-Asan station: There are about 7 trains on weekdays from 5:25 am to 8:25 pm.

** Click for Detailed Train Schedule
** Click for Train Classes & Routes
** Click for Description of KTX
■ Express Bus

There are regular Seoul-Asan express buses leaving from Seoul Express Bus Terminal.
** Express Bus Detailed Schedule
■ For Train and Express Bus Schedule for Departure from Cities other than Seoul

** Train
** Express Bus
Local Transportation
The center of local transportation in Asan is Onyang Hot Springs, and almost all local buses going to the city’s tourist sites stop near Onyang Hot Springs station. For detailed information on bus routes and boarding areas, visit the tourist information booth in front of Onyang Hot Spring station.
[Photo Gallery]
Date 01/23/2008

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