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Incheon International Airport Guide

Incheon International Airport (IIA), which opened in March 2001, ushered in a new era of international airline service in Korea, with 150,000 take offs and landings, 24.08 million passengers and 2.13 million tones of air cargo. The airport ranked 10th and 3rd among airports all over the world in terms of its transportation volume of international passengers and cargo, respectively. IIA, served by 55 airlines in 2004, connects to 127 cities worldwide, which is number two among all the world's airports according to the joint survey by the International Air Transportation Association and the Airports Council International. With its four floors above ground and 2 below ground level, IIA is the single largest building in Korea featuring the total floor space of 496,000 square meters.

Address: 2850 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, 400-700 Republic of Korea
Construction: Completed on December 31, 2000 with the construction cost of 13,816 trillion won. Four floors above ground and two below with the total space of 496.000 square meters (1.06 kilometers long x 149 meters wide x 33 meters high).
Structure: Of the 44 gates in the Passenger Terminal Building, 38 are used exclusively for international flights, three for domestic flights, and three for both international and domestic flights. The Passenger Terminal Building also includes 16 remote stands for aircrafts.
Website: (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese)
Contact number: +82-1577-2600, +82-32-741-0114 (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese)

[What’s on the B1 Floor?]
The B1 floor of the Passenger Terminal Building provides passengers with amenities, such as a cafeteria, bank, convenience store, record shop, bookstore, drug store and sauna. The sauna, which is open 24 hours a day, can be a good resting place for passengers who have to stay one night at the airport. Its price is affordable compared to other accommodations in the airport. The food court Vitavia has restaurants such as Tirol, a sushi restaurant, Gogung, a Korean restaurant, and Wonsanmyeonok, a Korean cold noodle restaurant. The overall price in the food court is cheaper compared with the restaurants on the fourth floor.

Spa on Air
5 am to 8:30 pm :
10,000 won
8:30 pm to 5:00 am :
15,000 won
Naabi Beauty Salon
Cosmetics, Massage, Nail Care
Shinara Record Shop
Music CDs
VitaVia Foodcourt
Korean, Japanese Food,Snack
Inha Univ. Hospital
Airport Medical Center
Woori Bank
Foreign exchange, Deposit, Withdrawal
GS Books
Bookstore, Stationery
Samil Drugstore
Food on AIR
Food court

[What’s on the First Floor (Arrival Floor)?]
The first floor of the Passenger Terminal, with Millennium Hall at its center, has a baggage-claim area and a customs area for arriving passengers. The F1 features many convenient facilities and information counters for greeters and passengers. Shops include fast food stores, coffee shops, flower shops, photo shops and foreign exchange booths. Information counters help people to easily get information on the airport, buses, hotels, car rentals, and delivery services.

Tourist Information
Tour Information,
Travel Guide
ARS: 134
SK Telecom
Mobile Phone Rental/Roaming
Airport Bus Ticket
Bus Ticket Counter
Fast food
KTF, LG Telecom
Mobile Phone Rental/Roaming
Coffee, Snack
Fast food
+82-32- 743-7272
Bus Stop (Just outside
exit on first floor)

Bus Ticket Sale,
Bus Boarding Point

[What’s on the Second Floor?]
The immigration and quarantine areas for arriving passengers are located on the second floor. Also on the second floor are offices of fixed based operators in the airport, such as airline companies. A coffee shop on this floor has a more quiet and relaxing atmosphere than those on the first, third and fourth floors. Passengers can easily access the Internet at the Internet Center next to the coffee shop.

Internet Center│ 7
Price: 500 won per 10 minutes.
Or users can purchase a 3,000-won prepaid card pre- loaded with 60 minutes.
Wireless Lan Service: 3,000 won per 60 minutes
How to use: Only coins valued at 500 won can be used. A coin changer is at the center of the Internet cafe. Prepaid cards can be purchased at the coffee shop next to the Internet cafe.
Hours: 24 hours a day. Only coins can be used from 7:30 pm to 8:00 am.
Contact number: +82-32-752-1141

Post Office
Domestic and International
Postal Services, Foreign Exchange, Withdrawal
Information Board
Names of the Companies on the 2F
Beverages, Cakes, Business Services

[What's on the Third Floor?]
The center part of the third floor has ticket counters of each airline and houses specialty retail stores for clothes, souvenirs, sportswear and stationery. Stores for luggage wrapping, courier services, foods and beverages, and convenience stores are also here. The outer section of the third floor has facilities such as security inspection, departure immigration, waiting room, and lounge for departing passengers. Restaurants, coffee shops, duty free shops and foreign exchange booths are also located on the outer portion. Passengers to the U.S. and Canada undergo the preliminary security check when they go to their respective ticket counters to receive boarding passes. Passengers must do this in person. They receive the second security check at security inspection with travelers to other areas.
Foreign airlines’ check-in counters for over-sized baggage are at the back of J counter on the third floor while those of domestic airlines are at the back of D counter. Visit the website of Incheon International Airport ( for more about check-in.

Check-in Counters l C~K Boarding Oversized Baggage Check-in
Morninghaz, Smoothie
Coffee, Ice Cream
Burger King│27
Fast food
Bus, Taxi Stops
Bus and Taxi Stops for Departing

[What’s on the Fourth Floor?]
The fourth floor houses only shops and amenities for passengers. Food and beverage shops on this floor provide a various selection of menus including Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western foods. There are also restaurants operated by Korea’s top-class hotel and buffet restaurants. Tables and chairs are prepared in areas with a fine view so that passengers can relax in a comfortable atmosphere. This floor also includes airlines’ VIP lounges and transfer/transit lounges. For transit and transfer passengers staying at the airport for long hours, facilities such as massage/shower room, prayer room, and transit hotel are provided at the east and west end of the fourth floor.



Korean food
Family Restaurent
Global Chow│7
Food Court

Food Park│12
Food Court



[Three Best Restaurants at the Airport]

PANORAMA LOUNGE │No.9 shop on the 4th floor
Panorama Lounge, run by Korea's famous Chosun hotel, commands a fine view of the runaway. It’s a perfect place to enjoy wine and cocktails in a comfortable atmosphere. Food here is famous for its unique taste. Buffet is served during lunch time.

Hours: 7 am-9 pm
Lunch Buffet: 12 pm ?3 pm for Monday thru Friday
12 pm-8 pm for Saturday and Sunday
Price: : 18,700 won / 10% discount for VISA Platinum Card, JBC Card

Gogung (Old Palace) l Korean Restaurant in the Vitavia Food Court on the First Floor
Gogung is a famous Korean food restaurant chain. It is famous for bibimbap, boiled rice mixed with vegetables, which is served in a traditional brass bowl. Price per dish are around 10,000 won and under, which is cheap compared with other restaurants in the airport. There are four other restaurants in Vitavia. You can pick up your food after buying food tickets at the food ticket counter at the entrance of the food court.
Contact number: +82-32-743-2515

Morninghaz l 1B, 1F, 2F, 3F
Morninghaz is famous for its fresh bread. It would be quite relaxing to enjoy a delicious sandwich with a cup of gourmet coffee at places less crowded with people. The second floor is very quiet and has a lot of chairs. Another good place is the fourth floor where parasols, tables and chairs are neatly prepared so that passengers can relax and take a rest.

[Guide to Arrival and Departure]

Arrival on 1F

1. Arrival
Passengers arriving in Korea proceed to the arrival immigration.

2. Quarantine
Passengers arriving from a certain region are required to undergo a quarantine check. They should fill out a quarantine questionnaire and submit it to the relevant check point.

3. Arrival Immigration
All passengers who arrive in Korea must present a passport and an Arrival/Departure form to an immigration officer in order to be admitted to the country.

4. Baggage Claim
After checking the number of carousels and arrival gates on the electronic sign board at the airport, passengers pick up their baggage from designated carousels on the first floor and exit though designated gates.
Carousels for oversized baggage: between carousels 5 and 6 / between carousels 17 and 18
Lost and Found: between carousels 2 and 3 / between carousels 20 and 21

5. Customs Immigration
After filling out a Customs Declaration form, passengers submit the form to a Customs official. Passengers should go through the necessary procedures if they have anything to declare. For more information on Customs, visit the website of the Korea Customs Service at :

Departure on 3F

1. Check-in with Baggage
All baggage (except carry-on luggage) can be checked in after you receive a boarding pass and your seat is designated at your respective airline counter. For oversized
luggage such as golf clubs and musical instruments, you have to pay fees at your check-in counters. After completing customs declaration for the luggage at customs counters located at the back of D and J counters, you can check in your over-sized luggage at corresponding over-sized luggage counters. D counter is for Korean airline passengers, J counter for other foreign airline passengers.

2. Completing the Arrival/Departure Form
The Arrival/Departure form is available at check-in counters and departure immigration area. It would expedite departing procedures if you complete the form of your accompanying children in advance.

3. Customs Declaration
You must file a record of any expensive merchandise or valuables worth more than $400, such as watches, cameras, and jewelry that are taken out of the country. The Customs Declaration area is in the entrance of the departure gate.

4. Security Inspection
For the safety of passengers and flights, any dangerous items and banned items are inspected.

Things to Check before Departure
1. As each airline has different rules for the volume of hand-carry luggage, please contact your respective airline in advance if you have any questions.
2. It is advisable to arrive at the airport about three hours before departure to allow for more time for boarding.
3. As there is no ATM in the duty free zone, it’s advisable to withdraw cash before entering the departure gate.
4. Passengers should carry only their luggage. For safety reasons, they should not carry other people’s luggage at their request.
* For more information, contact Incheon International Airport at:
+82-1577-2600, +82-32-741- 0114

▒ Ground Transportation

1. Bus
Bus stops are on the arrival floor (1F). You can get the bus line information and purchase bus tickets at the bus stops. For more information, contact bus information counter (+82-32-741-6400) or please click here.

2. Taxi
Taxi stops are on the arrival floor (1F). You can use a jumbo taxi to carry large lugggage. Brand taxis are also available for a more comfortable ride. Regular taxis are the cheapest ones and their stops are divided according to their destinations, such as Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon. For more information, please click here.

3. KTX (Korea Train Express)
The information counter for KTX is at the east and west end of the Passenger Terminal's first floor. For more information,
contact KTX information counter (+82-32-741- 7787) or please click here.

▒ Tourist Information

? Korea Tourism Organization
Location: Service desk No.1, 7 on the first floor
Hours: 7 am to 10 pm
Contact number: +82-32-743-2600~3
* Provides tourist information of Korea’s major cities, festivals, tourist attractions, and a variety of tours.

? Incheon Information Desk
Location: Service desk No. 7
Hours: 7 am to 10 pm
Contact number: +82-32-743-0011
* Provides tourist information on the city of Incheon and city tours of Seoul and Incheon

? Korean Rail Information Desk
Location: Information desk at the east and west end of the first floor
Hours: 9 am to 9 pm
Contact numbers: +82-32-741-7787~8
* Provides information on railway lines and rail tours

? Hotel Information Desk
Location: Information desk on the first floor, Service desk No.6
Hours: 7 am to 10 pm
Contact number: +82-32-743-2574

[Facilities for Transit Passengers]

Transit Hotel
Location: The east end of the bonded area on the 4th floor of the Passenger Terminal
Facilities: 90 guest rooms includes a business center with internet access and simple office needs as well as a hotel restaurant.
Room rates: 40,000 ~ 70,000 KRW depending on the room type (6 hours)
Contact: +82-32-743-3000
* The Transit Hotel located in the bonded area is for transit passengers; therefore boarding procedures cannot be completed at night for the next day’s departure.
Hotel Reservations (only for transit passengers)

Massage Room, Shower Room
Location: East and west end of the bonded area on the 4th floor of the Passenger Terminal
Rates: Massages range from 50,000~120,000 and shower rooms cost 8,000 KRW
Contact : +82-32-743-3000

Storage lockers
Passengers can store their belongings for 24 hours for free.
Location: 3F near gate 25 (East) and Gate 29 (West)
Contact: +82 32 741 2426-2427

A Children's Playroom
A children’s playroom is available for the comfort and amusement of children ages 3~10 years old. Featuring audio visual aid, a playground and rest area, and children’s changing rooms; this area is open to children at no cost (children must be accompanied by an adult at all times).
Location: 3F near gate 25 (East) and Gate 29 (West)
Contact: +82 32 741 2426-2427

A tranquil place for prayer and contemplation is available to people of all religions.
Location: 4F East and West Wings
Operating hours: 24 hours

Passenger Transfer/Transit Lounge
Inside the lounge passengers can have access to the internet, watch television and rest using a slumberette at no cost as well as buy snacks or beverages.
Location: East and west end of the bonded area on the 4th floor of the Passenger Terminal
Facilities: Rest area, free internet access, snacks and refreshment counters.
Contact : +82-32-743-3000

[Other Facilities & Services]

Airport Information Board
Information about each floor of the airport. Placed on every floor
Airport Information Kiosk
Touch-screen machine that gives passengers airport guide
Duty-free Shops
Duty free shops in the departure area

Baggage Weighing Machine A tool to help passengers to check the weight of their baggageBaggage Storage Service
Restaurants on the fourth floor take care of their customers’ baggage while they are dining.
Places to Rest
Every place with a fine view has tables and chairs for passengers

Telephone Booth
A cutting-edge technology pay phone with its screen displaying streaming video images
Baggage Cart
Placed on all floors of the airport
Meeting Point

Smoking Area
Next to exit No. 1, 2, 13, 14 on the departure floor /Next to exit No. 7,8, on the arrival floor
Arrival and Departure Information
Electronic sign board informing passengers of the boarding time of arriving and departing flights
Hanmaeum Service
(Help service)

People with disabilities or health conditions can be provided with help such as wheel chairs when boarding.

[What is Hanmaeum Service?]

Passengers with disabilities or health conditions can get help with their boarding procedures. The Hanmaeum service, which means one whole mind and heart, is provided by airlines and Incheon International Airport. To use the help service provided by airlines, passengers have to book the service when they reserve air tickets. To use the airport’s Hanmaeum service, passengers can make a phone call to a help desk by using help phone installed at entrance 3, 7, 8, 12 on the third floor, transportation center’s A4 and B3 districts in ground parking, and A5-4, A8-7, B7-7, B10-4 districts in basement 1. The help phone directly connects to those working for the service.

Incheon International Airport’s Hanmaeum Service
Location : Check-in counter L on the third floor
Hours : 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Contact number : +82-2-6220-0229, +82-32-741-1122
Korea Air’s Hangajok Service
Location: Check-in counter F on the third floor
Contact number : 1588-2001, +82-32-742-5173
Asiana Airlines’ Hansarang Service
Location : Check-in counter D on the third floor
Contact number : 1588-8000, +82-32-744-2194
* Help Service by Foreign Airlines
Northwest Airlines : +82-2-732-1700
United Airlines : +82-2-757-1691~7
All Nippon Airways : +82-2-752-5500
Lufthansa : +82-2-3420-0400
Cathay Pacific Airways : +82-2-311-2800
Singapore Airlines : +82-2-755-1226
Japan Airlines : +82-2-757-1711
* Contact Korea Air or Asiana Airlines for the help service of other airlines.

Date 11/09/2011

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