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Korea’s High-speed Train (KTX) is open for business
Korea’s High-speed Train (KTX) is open for business

Korea’s High-speed Train (KTX) is open for business

On April 1, 2004, Korea’s new high-speed train (called the KTX) opened for business. This new high-speed train has been designed to reach speeds of 350 km per hour. It currently operates around 300 Km per hour, cutting travel time almost in half. In the past, traveling by train to Busan took approximately four hours and ten minutes. Thanks to KTX, the travel time for this trip is reduced to two hours and forty minutes.

State-of-the-art video and audio systems, vending machines for beverages and snacks, luggage compartments, and bathrooms have been designed with comfort in mind. The first class second car has been specially designed to aid physically challenged passengers with a handicapped accessible bathroom, two seats designated for handicapped passengers, and a storage area for wheelchairs. Physically challenged passengers will receive a 50% discount on tickets.

Seoul Station and Yongsan Station have become the major hubs for the KTX in Seoul.

Seoul Station

This is the best station for those traveling between Seoul and Busan. How to get there: Take the Seoul subway system’s line one or four and get off at Seoul Station.

Yongsan Station

For those travelers going between Seoul and Mokpo, the Honam line is ideal. How to get there: Take the Seoul subway system’s line one to Yongsan Station.

KTX Fares and Travel Times

• The fares and travel times below have been based on those journeys from Seoul.

From Seoul Station
Gyeongbu Line Gwangmyeong Cheonan/Asan Daejeon Dongdaegu Miryang Busan
Standard 8,100 13,600 22,900 41,100 39,700 44,800
First Class 12,700 19,000 32,100 57,500 55,600 62,700
Times 15 min. 37 min. 59 min. 1hour
47 min.
2 hours
19 min
2 hours
58 min.
*Monetary unit: Korean won

From Yongsan Station
Honam Line Cheonan/Asan Seodaejeon Iksan Gwangju
Naju Mokpo
Standard 13,300 22,700 29,600 37,500 38,900 43,300
First Class 18,600 31,800 41,400 52,500 54,500 60,600
Times 35 min. 59 min. 1 hour
51 min
2 hours
41 min.
2 hours
51 min.
3 hours
17 min.
* Monetary Unit: Korean won
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• Interior of a standard passenger car
Panoramic View
Footrest Sliding tray in front of seat TV

• Interior of first class car
Panoramic View
Footrest and tray Audio panel TV

• Bathroom and other facilities
Hand dryer Sink Socket

Refrigerator machine Baggage compartment Beverage vending machine Snack vending
Date 07/20/2013

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