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PSY's Wiki Korea Introducing Unique Facets of Korean Culture

PSY's Wiki Korea Introducing Unique Facets of Korean Culture

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  • Wiki Korea discount coupons & leaflet

Wiki Korea Discount Coupons & Leaflet

Where to get discount coupons and leaflet?

To receive the Wiki Korea discount coupons and leaflet, just visit any branch of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) located outside Korea and present your flight ticket or receipt for a flight ticket to South Korea to receive the Wiki Korea discount vouchers worth 10,000 won (two 5,000 won coupons) and a coupon booklet that includes discounts on your favorite cosmetic brands. You can use the vouchers and coupon booklet at any of the participating retailers. However, on Myeongdong’s Cosme Road only brand-specific coupons from the booklet may be used.

☞ Discount period: July 1, 2013-December 29, 2013 (discount coupons are void after this period)
☞ The coupons can be used like cash at any participating retail stores.
(Note that you can only use one voucher per store (5,000-won coupon). Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash, and any remaining balance is not returned in cash. Any amounts in excess of the coupon price must be paid by the user.)
☞ Visit (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) for more information on the participating retail stores

Use discount coupons at top Wiki Korea destinations

Of Wiki Korea’s 27 keywords, five top keywords were selected based on the preferences and ease of access for travelers. The discount coupons are accepted at any of the top five Wiki Korea destinations: Hongik University (Hongdae) for clubbing, Sindang-dong Tteokbokki Town for one of the most popular snack foods in Korea, Samgyeopsal pork meat in Gangnam, the Korean Folk Village in Yongin for a look at the traditional lifestyle of Korea, and Myeongdong’s Cosme Road to shop and browse Korea’s cosmetic brand stores (only brand-specific coupons can be used).

Myeongdong Cosme Road

10:00 Sightseeing at Deoksugung Palace
11:00 Deoksugung Palace Royal Guard Changing Ceremony
12:00 Lunch at Myeongdong Kyoja (명동교자)
13:00 Visit to Myeongdong Cathedral
14:00 Hangari patbingsu at Sicily in Myeongdong
15:00 Shopping for cosmetic products at Cosme Road in Myeongdong (use brand-specific coupons in leaflet)
17:00 Visit to N Seoul Tower and the Teddy Bear Museum
18:00 Dinner at Gwangjang Market (mayak gimbap (bite-sized rice and dried seaweed rolls), makgeolli rice wine, bindaetteok (mung bean pancake))
20:00 Shopping into the early morning at Dongdaemun Shopping Town

Gangnam Samgyeopsal Street

10:00 Stroll at Dosan Park and brunch on Sinsadong’s Garosu-gil Road
13:00 Shopping at multi-brand shops at Sinsadong’s Garosu-gil Road
15:00 Visit the COEX Aquarium and shopping at COEX Mall
17:00 Shopping at 10 Corso Como Seoul and Cheongdam-dong Street
18:00 Dinner on Gangnam’s Samgyeopsal Street

* Participating restaurants on Gangnam Samgyeopsal Street
Deungnamujip (Yeoksam branch), Tteoksamsidae (Gangnam City branch), Daetongnyeong Samgyeopsal (Yeoksam branch), Bonguhwaro (Yeoksam branch)
Visit (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) for more information on participating retail stores.

Hongdae Club

10:00 Stroll in Sangam-dong World Cup Park
12:00 Lunch in Itaewon
14:00 Sightseeing in Itaewon’s Special Tourist Zone and Itaewon’s Antique Furniture Street
17:00 Sightseeing at Hongik University Street and Street Art Exhibition
18:00 Dinner in the Hongdae area
20:00 Visit to unique coffee shops and karaoke in the Hongdae area
22:00 Clubbing in Hongdae 

* Participating clubs
Club M2, VERA

Visit (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) for more information on participating retail stores.

Sindang-dong Tteokbokki Town

10:00 Stroll along the Cheonggyecheon Stream
11:30 Lunch at Sindang-dong’s Tteokbokki Town
13:00 Tour of Sungnyemun Gate
14:00 Shopping at the Seoul Folk Flea Market
17:00 Dinner at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market (raw fish and a hot and spicy fish stew)

* Participating tteokbokki restaurants
Ma Bong-nim Halmeoni Tteokbokki (마복림할머니 떡볶이), Ma Bong-nim Halmeoni Mangnaeadeulle (마복림할머니 막내아들네), Minine (미니네), Ujeong (우정), Jongjeom (종점), Urijip (우리집), Samdae Halmeonne (삼대할먼네), Deulgukwa (들국화), Yaksok Tteokbokki (약속 떡볶이), I Love Sindang-dong (아이러브 신당동)

Visit (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) for more information on participating retail stores.

Korean Folk Village in Yongin -One night, two day program

Day 1
10:00 Visit to NJP Art Center
12:00 Lunch at Yongin Korean Folk Village marketplace
  16:00 Visit to MBC Dramia (main filming location for historical dramas on MBC)
18:30 Dinner in Yongin
20:00- One night stay in Yongin
* Goodstay website: (Korean, English, Japanese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese)

Day 2
10:00 Hantaek Botanical Garden
12:00 Lunch and Everland
18:00 Dinner at Bonsuwon Galbi (본수원 갈비) in Suwon

Wiki Korea discount coupon

Brand-specific discount coupons for shopping in cosmetic stores on the Myeongdong Cosme Road

(When shopping at the cosmetic stores on the Myeongdong Cosme Road, only the brand-specific coupons can be used. General discount coupons will not be accepted.)

Last updated on July 18, 2013

PSY's Wiki Korea Dictionary

Date 08/21/2013

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