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PSY's Wiki Korea Introducing Unique Facets of Korean Culture

PSY's Wiki Korea Introducing Unique Facets of Korean Culture

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Dongdaemun Shopping Town, one of the most popular shopping locations in Korea, is the mecca of cutting-edge fashion. It has become a must-visit destination for international visitors to Korea. There are modern shopping centers in the area including Uno Core, Hyeyang Elysium, Designer Club, Freya Town, Migliore, and Doosan Tower, so visitors can shop at their convenience whether it is late at night or early in the morning.
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코스메로드:Myeongdong Cosme Road

Cosme Road in Myeongdong is dubbed as such due to the countless local and foreign cosmetics brand shops lining up the street from Myeongdong Cathedral down to Sogong-dong. The street, formerly known as Jungang-ro (Central Road), is currently named Myeongdong 8-gil according to the administrative district demarcation. About 300 meters long, the street is called Cosme Road mainly by Japanese and Chinese tourists.
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재래시장:Traditional Market

Traditional markets in Korea offer fresh, quality products at inexpensive prices. Visitors can negotiate prices and get more for their money if they buy in bulk.
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Chak-shot is short for “chakyong-shot”. Chakyong is a Korean word that means “to wear”. A chak-shot refers to the act of taking a picture of yourself wearing a dress before the actual purchase to ask friends if it fits you well or not.
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Gangnam is a hip and happening district in Seoul where visitors can discover the latest Korean trends in fashion, food, lifestyle, etc. Widely known as one of the most affluent and dynamic areas in Seoul, Gangnam became internationally famous following the success of Korean singer Psy’s song “Gangnam Style”.
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비비크림:BB Cream

BB cream stands for Blemish Balm, which was initially used for skin regeneration and protection after receiving dermatological treatment. More recently, it has become a popular cosmetic item with its superior ability to conceal skin blemishes and correct skin tone. BB cream came to be known to the public through Korean celebrities who applied it for a natural makeup effect.
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Cheongdam-dong, frequented by Korean celebrities, is where the most luxurious and expensive fashion brand shops are clustered. “Cheongdam-dong style” refers to a luxurious, high-end style.
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Hongdae-ap, literally meaning “in front of Hongik University”, refers to the area stretching from Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) to the main entrance of Hongik University. The “Hongdae-ap Culture” began with an increase of coffee shops in the area during the early 1990s. A wide variety of live clubs began to spring up in the mid 90’s and with that came the emergence of indie bands. This trend gradually formed a culture unique to this neighborhood. The street from the university’s main entrance leading to Geukdong (Far East) Broadcasting Station is packed with pubs and live clubs playing punk rock and techno music. This street is also called the “Street of Underground Culture”.
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신사동 가로수길:Garosu-gil

Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil is one of the most popular hotspots in the Gangnam district of Seoul. This picturesque street is lined with lush trees, hence the name Garosu-gil, meaning tree-lined street. There are many quaint cafes, accessory shops, and designer clothing stores in the area, as well as a wide range of restaurants specializing in different cuisines, so visitors can try diverse dishes from around the world. Garosu-gil is also called the Soho of Seoul because the street is dotted with vintage shops and studios set up by aspiring artists. Its exotic scenery and ambience has made Garosu-gil a much-loved tourist destination among locals and international tourists alike.
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Date 06/19/2013

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