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Yeongju, a perfect blend of nature and traditional culture

Major Festivals & Local Specialties

Yeongju Punggi Insam(Ginseng) Festival

Yeongju Punggi Insam Festival showcases the Punggi ginseng, which is widely known for its superior quality. Punggi ginseng is effective in boosting immunity, fighting fatigue, and stimulating appetite. Various events are also held during the festival period, including a ginseng contest, ginseng-harvesting in a ginseng field, ginseng cooking competition, and a ginseng quiz challenge. At the ginseng market in front of Punggi station, ginseng and freshly picked susam (ginseng just picked from the fields and not dried) as well as various ginseng products are sold at affordable prices.
Punggi Ginseng Market: Gyeongsangbuk-do, Yeongju-si, Punggi-eup, Seobu-ri 165 / Tel: +82-54-631-4992 (Korean)

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Yeongju Seonbi Culture Festival

Yeongju Seonbi Culture Festival is unique as it celebrates the life and spirit of seonbi, or classical scholars from old days. Throughout the festival, there are lots of educational events to participate in so one can learn the manners of seonbi.. There are many things to see and enjoy such as the program with a wonang (mandarin duck) theme and the reenactment of a national scholar examination.

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Museom Single Log Bridge Festival

This festival is held in October at the Museom Village in Sudo-ri. The single log bridge Festival is featured as one of Korea’s 100 most beautiful roads. The festival was started to preserve and further develop traditional culture. Various traditional cultural programs can be enjoyed at the festival, including the village ssireum (wrestling) competition, nongak (farmers’ music) performance, and a traditional wedding ceremony.

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Punggi ginseng is grown in soil that is rich in organic matter. The ginseng is recognized for its high quality with a strong aroma and high saponin content. In general, ginseng is effective for maintaining blood pressure, fighting cancer, fighting fatigue, boosting appetite, and increasing metabolism that is why it is one of the most popular medicinal products in Korea.


Yeongju is famous for producing one of the best apples in Korea. The apples boast outstanding taste and flavor as they are grown under abundant sunlight, clear air, and uncontaminated environment at the foot of Sobaeksan Mountain. The combination of regional characteristics and huge daily temperature difference make the apples sweet and flavorful so Yeongju apples are very well received among consumers.


Viscose rayon is a pure natural textile made with the yarn extracted from wood pulp. In Korea, it is widely used in summer. The viscose made of natural fiber is soft to the touch and has good ventilation. It has a soft, lightweight feel without sticking to the body, making them ideal for use in hot and humid climates. Viscose is commonly used in shirts, pajamas, children wear, and bedding.

※ Photo courtesy of Inc. Punggi Viscose Development Council

Date 11/16/2012

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