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2011 F1 Korean Grand Prix: Pulsating Race of World’s Top Speed Machines

2011 F1 Korean Grand Prix:Pulsating Race of World’s Top Speed Machines

Zing! Vroom!
Ordinarily, in the City of Yeongam, such sounds might appear to have come from the gloomy sky or the rolling ocean. However, from October 14th through the 16th, everyone in the city knew very well that those sounds were, in fact, coming from the 24 speed machines racing in the 2011 Formula One Korean Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix, held at the Yeongam Korea International Circuit, was filled with excitement and thrill borne by the lightning speed and thundering roars of the 24 F1 cars representing 12 teams. Moreover, the victory of German driver Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing), his 10th win of the season, has left the F1 fans with greater anticipation for his winning 13 races in the Championship, a record currently held by the seven-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher. Finally, attracting over 160,000 spectators over three days, the Grand Prix has not only proven itself as a top international sporting event nationally and globally, but also opened a myriad of opportunities for experiencing the local culture.

Lewis Hamilton wins the Qualifying,
K-Pop wins the Hearts of F1 Fans

The F1 Korean Grand Prix kicked off on October 14th with two practice races, and continued the next day with another practice race and a qualifying race. The qualifying race, which determines the pole (front) position in the final race, was dominated by an enthralling battle between Red Bull Racing’s German driver Sebastian Vettel and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ British racer Lewis Hamilton. In the end, Hamilton edged Vettel to secure the position of the polesitter.

As the roars of the speed machines from the qualifying race subsided, cheers from thousands of people reverberated around the Korea International Circuit. Top Hallyu stars had shown up.

For an hour and a half, today’s leading K-pop stars including Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, 2PM, miss A, FT Island, Kara, and 4minute, staged powerful performances outside the Permanent Paddock in celebration of the second F1 Korean Grand Prix.

The Race_Sebastian Vettel Wins
F1 Korean Grand Prix

As the morning of October 16th dawned, the Korea International Circuit quickly filled up with tens of thousands of people, who had come from all over the country and around the world to see the final race of the F1 Korean Grand Prix.

At the starting signal, the 24 F1 machines took off and sped around the circuit, as the spectators cheered them on. From the beginning, Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel (Germany) took the lead, and maintained the position throughout the entire race. After finishing the 55 laps clean before anyone else, Vettel won the F1 Korea Grand Prix, his 10th win in the Championship, thereby redeeming himself after last year’s defeat.

Meanwhile, despite his top condition during the practices races, F1 legend Michael Schumacher dropped out of the race due to the crash with Renault’s Russian driver Vitaly Petrov. Schumacher still holds the record for winning 13 races in a season.

2011 F1 Korea Grand Prix
Period: October 14-16, 2011
Venue: Korea International Circuit
Scale: Sponsored by 300 multinational corporations, broadcast in 180 countries worldwide, viewed by 600 million people around the world
The Race: 24 machines are positioned in a grid based on the results from the qualifying race. They race 55 laps on the Yeongam Circuit for a total of 5.615 kilometers. The ranking is determined by the order in which the machines cross the finishing line. The First- through Tenth-place winners earn points, with the First winner receiving 25 points, the Second 18 points, and the Third 15 points, and so on.
* The 2011 F1 World Championship consists of 19 races, including the Korean Grand Prix. The driver, who accumulates the most points during the season, wins.
2011 F1 Grand Prix website: (Korean, English)
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Yeongam, the host city for the F1 Korean Grand Prix, is widely known for its natural and cultural heritages. The Wolchulsan National Park offers a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings, while Yeongsangang River, which flows through the southern region, provides a great base for relaxation and leisure. Also, the city is home to the Historical Site of Dr. Wangin, a Baekje Dynasty (18BC-660AD) scholar who helped spread Korean culture to Japan, and the Yeongam Pottery Museum. Moreover, as an ancient center of exchange among Korea, China and Japan, Yeongam exudes a genuine spirit of welcome.
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Date 11/11/2011

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