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Korea's Best 3-star Tourist Sites Recommended by the Michelin Green Guide - Jeju-do

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Hallasan National Park [UNESCO World Natural Heritage]

Korea’s highest mountain Hallasan (1,950) is located in the heart of Jeju-do Island and is a dormant volcano composed of basalt. Hallasan is surrounding by 360 or so ‘oreum’ (parasitic cones) that create a unique and fascinating landscape. On the summit is the crater lake Baengnokdam, which is three kilometers in circumference and 500 meters in diameter. Hallasan is beautiful in all four seasons and is home to rare botanical species that thrive along each of the various mountain elevations.
☞ Go to Hallasan National Park
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Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak [UNESCO World Natural Heritage]

Seongsan Ilchulbong (182 meters high) is a tuff cone that was created by an underwater volcanic eruption about a hundred thousand years ago. Perched along the coastline, it rises up from the lowlands like a magnificent old fortress. The tuff cone was originally a volcanic island but became connected to the land over time through the accumulation of sand and gravel. The sunrise as seen from the summit is considered the best scenic view on Jeju-do Island earning the peak the nickname ‘Sunrise Peak.’

What does Michelin say?
This natural fortress proudly stands unchanged in the face of waves and strong winds and is a great sight from any angle. We strongly recommend the view of the sunrise from the summit.

☞ Go to Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
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Date 07/07/2011

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