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Korea's Best 3-star Tourist Sites Recommended by the Michelin Green Guide
The Michelin Guide is published annually by Michelin in France and is considered to be the best restaurant guide in the world. In recent years, Michelin has expanded its publications to include Michelin Green Guides, which are country-specific guides on tourism and travel.

This May (2011) Korea joined the proud ranks of countries explored and rated by Michelin experts and the 450-page Michelin Korea was released, providing details and photos of Korea's top tourist sites, cultural relics, accommodation facilities, and restaurants. Out of 110 sites introduced in the publication, Michelin awarded three stars (★★★: must-see) to 23 sites, two stars (★★: recommended) to 32 sites, and one star (★: interesting) to 55 sites.

Tourist sites in Seoul topped the list with Michelin experts saying, “It takes at least three days to see Seoul.” Also on the list were sites in the thousand-year old ancient capital city Gyeongju, as well as places that are designated UNESCO World Cultural Heritages, Memories of the World, and World Natural Heritages. Michelin 3-star favorites also included Suncheonman Bay with its expansive mudflats and reeds and Seonamsa and Songgwangsa temples for their mesmerizing natural landscapes and deep-seated histories.

Read on for a brief description of the top 23 favorites must-see destinations in Korea, as designated by the Michelin Green Guide Korea.

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Michelin Starred (★★★) Best Travel Destinations in Korea!
Date 07/12/2011

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