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Recommended Gyeonggi-do Tour Courses by Theme
Gyeonggi-do Province is located in the same region as the capital and has a total population of over 10 million people. The province is in the central west region of the Korean peninsula, encircling Seoul and Incheon, both of which are so large that they have been designated as their own separate districts. Gyeonggi-do is bordered by Hwanghae-do to the north, Gangwon-do to the east, and Chuncheong-do to the south. It measures 130 kilometers east to west and 155 kilometers north to south; this large district occupies a sizable portion of Korea and includes distinctive natural landmarks such as the Dobongsan Mountain, Namhangang and Bukhangang rivers.

Before embarking on a trip to the province, first decide which parts or aspects of the area best suit your individual interests. The choices are varied: from historical relics with royal tombs and fortress to the DMZ and Imjingak area, as well as eco-tourism sites and multicultural districts. You will also find theme villages or streets and filming locations where some of the best Korean movies and dramas were shot. Come explore the many wonders of Gyeonggi-do Province and learn more about Korea’s metropolitan area and beautiful countryside.
Date 09/30/2010

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