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Guide to Gangneung> Gangneung, where travel on the east coast begins
A major city of the east coast, Gangneung (강릉) is regarded as one of Korea's top summer destinations, owing in part to its wide sandy beaches. Its well-preserved traditions, historical relics, and tourist services have made it a popular school fieldtrip spot, but history buffs may know it best as the home of the Gangneung Danoje Festival, designated a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2005. The Danoje Festival is rich with ceremonies and rituals, traditional folk games, and other major cultural attributes that have remained relatively unchanged since ancient times. International interest in the city has continued to grow since the festival’s UNESCO designation and an increasing number of tourists visit Gangneung each year.

From Seoul, Gangneung is only three hours away by bus. Since the coastal city is bordered by mountains to the west and the sea to the east, the city generally enjoys milder winters and relatively cooler summers than the rest of Korea.

A vacationer’s delight, the city offers mountains, a lush recreational forest, a ranch, and ski resorts. Not to be overlooked is the local cuisine; Gangneung is known for fresh dishes made with locally grown potatoes, buckwheat, and cabbage. Gangneung offers something for everyone—beautiful beaches, refreshing pine tree forests, traditional culture, and much more!

Updated in July, 2011
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Date 08/24/2011

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