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Jeju Island: Volcanic Island full of Allure-4. Museums and Theme Parks

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Recommended Tour Courses on Jeju-do Island

Museums and Theme Parks

Jeju-do Island is packed with a colorful array of museums and theme parks, ranging from the Jeju Stone Park to museums showcasing teddy bears, rare plants, or chocolate goodies. No matter where you go on the island, you’re sure to encounter a number of unusual and delightful museums that are anything but boring!

>> Museums

Jeju National Museum

The Jeju National Museum showcases pieces related to the culture and history of Jeju-do Island. Facilities include an exhibition hall for children and an experience center where visitors can make prints and rubbings.
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Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum

The Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum displays exhibitions related to the folk history and culture of Jeju-do Island. Facilities include the Natural History Exhibition Hall and the Folk Exhibition Hall.
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Jeju Folk Village Museum

As a place with distinct local flavor, the Jeju Folk Village Museum gives visitors a look into the daily lives of Jeju residents during the 19th century. Here, visitors will find a reproduction of a traditional village, including houses, workshops, and a performance hall for Samullori (traditional Korean percussion music).
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Jeju Haenyeo Museum

The Haenyeo Museum celebrates the unique culture of the “haenyeo,” the female divers of Jeju. The museum house exhibits on how the women worked, as well as their involvement in politics at the time.
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O'Sulloc Museum

As the first tea museum in Korea, the O'Sulloc Tea Museum demonstrates the history of tea and green tea-making. On display are over 150 tea items from the Gaya Period (from around BC-562 AD) to the Joseon Period (1392-1910).
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Teddy Bear Museum

Visitors to the museum are greeted by over 1,000 teddy bears, some acting out scenes and some which special claims to fame (like ones over 100 years old or the one deemed “the world’s most expensive bear”). Facilities include a park/garden, cafés, and a gift shop.
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Chocolate Museum

A unique interior space with a combination of knickknacks and items telling the stories of chocolate, the museum also offers visitors a chance to see the chocolate-making process and get a sample of the end result.
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Trick Art Museum

Exhibitions allow visitors to become a part of the picture and each display is coupled with examples/instructions on how to take 3-D pictures. The museum also houses a Movie Parody Hall and Dinosaur Adventure Hall.
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>> Theme Parks, Botanical Garden, and Folk Village

Jeju Stone Park

The park displays the history of the stone culture pivotal to the history and culture of Jeju-do Island. Not only a lesson in local history, the artfully done indoor and outdoor stone exhibitions and village recreations make this one of the most beautiful museums on the island.
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Bukchon Dolhareubang Park

The “Dolhareubang” is a stone statue seen everywhere on Jeju-do Island. The park shows the “Stone Grandfather” at his best, with artistic presentations of this famous icon designed to integrate the natural beauty of the island.
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Yeomiji Botanical Garden

As the main botanical garden on Jeju-do Island, this spacious garden, over 28,253㎡, is home to diverse tropical and subtropical plants beautifully laid out in a number of themed gardens, both indoors and out.
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Hallim Park

This spacious park boasts a wide variety of subtropical plants, stones, and potted plants from around the world expertly landscaped into different themed areas. This breathtaking park is also home to the famous Hyeopjae & Ssangyong Caves.
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Seongeup Folk Village

Seongeup Folk Village shows villagers the main houses of the islands as they were in the 19th century. With the traditional buildings, gates, and iconic stone grandfather statues, the village virtually transports visitors back into Jeju’s proud past.
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Jeju Soingook Themed Park

Here, visitors will find over 100 miniatures representing landmarks from 30 countries around the world. Take your picture with the Bulguksa Temple, the Forbidden City, the Tower Bridge, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and more.
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Jeju Love Land

Jeju-do Island is known as “honeymoon island” and was considered the center of sex education after the Korean War. There’s no better way for couples to “get in the mood” than with a visit to Jeju Love Land, which houses erotic sculptures and exhibits (and more) on the theme of sexuality.
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Theme Park Psyche World

Theme Park Psyche World uses natural elements (including live butterflies) in a series of exhibits depicting the human life cycle. Crowd favorites at the museum are the Mirror Palace (a mirror maze) and Psyche Storium (a themed park about the story of Psyche).
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Date 08/27/2010

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