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Jeju Island: Volcanic Island full of Allure-3. Water Sports and Recreation

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Recommended Tour Courses on Jejudo Island
Water Sports and Recreation

As an island, Jejudo has a lot of unique sports options to offer visitors in addition to hiking, which is also a must-do during your island stay. There’s everything from scuba diving to windsurfing and paragliding. The island’s stunning scenery and well-laid-out roads make biking a particular popular sport for both visitors and residents alike.

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>> The Land

Jeju Olle Trail

IIn recent years, the Jeju Olle Trails (제주올레) have become one of the primary ways for people to experience the local flavor of the island (as well as get their exercise!). Long ago, people on the island built stone walls around their land to protect their homes from the harsh wind. Small pathways (called “Olle”) ran alongside each wall, connecting houses in the village to the main roads. Today, these pathways as known as the Olle Trails: 20 courses (16 regular courses and four course focused on islands and mountains) that stretch for over 329km. Organizers plan to continue mapping pathways and adding courses to the “Jeju Olle Trail” to make these walking courses some of the most open, peaceful, and scenic trails in the world.
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AAlthough a bit of a challenge, biking is an unusual and fascinating way to travel around Jejudo Island. Bikers can travel around the entire coastline of the island in approximately three days. There are numerous bike rental facilities all around the island for those interested in this unique tour method.
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Horse Riding

There is a Korean proverb saying, "People are sent to Seoul and horses to Jejudo Island." True to the saying, with wide swaths of grass and balmy weather, the island is an ideal place to raise horses and they can be seen practically everywhere. There are dozens of horse riding facilities all over the island (mainly along Seobu West Industrial Road and Jungsangan Road) for tourists to get a chance to get up close and personal with the famous Jeju horse (smaller and furrier than its mainland cousin). 
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Jejudo Island is peppered with small mountains (such as Mt. Sanbangsan and Mt. Songaksan) with the majestic Hallasan Mountain smack dab in the middle of the island. The color of the foliage of Hallasan Mountain changes drastically each season, giving hikers a wide variety of scenic views throughout the year. There are four main hiking trails up Hallasan Mountain (Seongpanak Trail, Yeongsil Trail, Eorimok Trail, and Gwaneumsa Trail) and each are less than 10km and can be finished in a day or less.


Full of broad grasslands on gentle slopes, Jejudo Island is the country’s premier golfing destination. Excellent facilities combined with the natural beauty of Hallasan Mountain and the nearby ocean make Jejudo Island a golfer’s paradise. Some golf courses even host international tournaments.
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>> The Sea

Sea Fishing

The clean blue waters surrounding Jejudo Island are not just picturesque; they are teeming with life! Jeju’s long-standing fishing culture still holds strong today as visitors and residents alike grab their poles and head seaside. Visitors can rent equipment or bring their own fishing gear. Boats can be rented for fishing farther from shore.
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Scuba Diving

With its characteristic warm weather (a yearly average of 20℃), Jejudo Island is an excellent place for scuba diving year-round. The water sports season peaks between April and May, again from September to October. During this time, there are a number of divers and snorkelers dotting the waters along the coastline, taking a closer look at the marvelous rocks, intricate coral colonies, and dazzling array of tropical fish.
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Along with “rocks,” “women” and “wind” is one of the “three manys” of Jejudo Island, making Jeju an ideal place for windsurfing. Ever year, surfers come in droves to places like Jungmun, Sinyang, Hamdeok, and Gwakji Beach to hang out and enjoy the wind and waves.
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>> The Sky


Jejudo Island is comprised of countless hills and small mountains with excellent wind conditions for paragliding. There are many centers and facilities for visitors to learn paragliding; or, ride tandem with an experienced instructor for a unique, onetime experience.  
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Date 08/27/2010

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