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Jeju Island: Volcanic Island full of Allure-2. Beaches

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Recommended Tour Courses on Jeju-do Island

Jeju-do Island is home to the best beaches in Korea. The combination of gleaming white sand, waves foaming over black basalt, and emerald-blue ocean captures the very essence of Jeju’s seaside beauty.

>> The North of Jeju-do Island

Hyeopjae Beach

Located on the west coast of Jeju-do Island, Hyeopjae Beach (협재해수욕장) is a white stretch of sand running alongside blue waters. The shallow waters and gently-sloping shoreline makes it the ideal place for beginner swimmers and the beach is often crowded with families during the peak season. The beach is located right near Hallim Park and is surrounded by a variety of bars and restaurants. There’s even a wide swath of grass and a pine forest that is often used by campers.
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Hamdeok Beach

Located 14km to the east of Jeju City, Hamdeok Beach (함덕해수욕장) is famous for its clean shallow water, attracting many family visitors during summer vacation. The white sandy beach is divided by a pine forest. As one of the most popular summer destinations in Jeju-do Island, Hamdeok Beach becomes even more beautiful at night, as the lights from fishing boats shine out across the water.
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>> The South of Jeju-do Island

Jungmun Beach

Located in the Jungmun Resort Complex at Seogwipo City, Jungmun Beach (중문해수욕장) is renowned for its various types of sand: from black to white and grey. This spacious beach (560m long and 50m wide) is located at the base of gently sloping hills and dunes. A number of luxury hotels and attractions (including the Yeomiji Botanical Garden) are within a stone's throw of the beach.
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Pyoseon Beach

Located on the southeast coast of Jeju-do Island, Pyoseon Beach (표선해수욕장) is a spacious beach known for its clean shallow water (less than 1m deep). It is an ideal destination for family tourists.
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Date 08/27/2010

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