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Take a walk down ‘Seoul-gil,’ pathways full of living, breathing history! - Bukaksanseokgwak-gil

The total length of the official Seoul fortress wall walk is 18.2km and consists of four main parts. Many visitors divide the path into smaller sections and take a number of day trips, as the trail can be steep at times, especially for those not used to hiking. Although the section featured here is perhaps the most taxing of our walking courses, it is also one of the most beautiful ones: giving visitors not only a chance to view one of Korea’s most astounding relics, but also an escape into a pocket of nature in the heart of the city.


Exit out of exit 5 of Hanseong Univ. Station, subway line 4 and make a u-turn so that you’re going in the opposite direction. (It’s the same direction as Exit #4, but if you go out of Exit #4 there’s no place to cross the street). Walk down the street for approximately 150m, going up the hill to the right (the second “side street”), which will lead up to Hyehwamun Gate (혜화문). After passing the gate and taking a short walk (30m or less) you will see the Wall of the Seoul Mayor’s Office, a big gray wall covered with ivy (the second or third side street). Turn right and follow the gray wall up the hill. Keep following the wall (160m) until the wall comes to a corner and ends. There will be a road going off the left, but continue going straight.

After roughly 175m, you will see Kyungshin Middle School (경신중학교) on your left-hand side, with bright blue metal fencing interspersed with brick. Follow along the school’s fence for approximately 220m; at this point, the metal and brick fence will end and become the same type of stone wall you saw earlier. After about 160m the road will end and the wall will come to a corner. Directly across from you is Seoul Science High School (서울과학고등학교); cross the street and turn right, following along the school’s gate for 50m until you see the path going uphill to the left (there will be a traditional-looking signpost to the right of the pathway). From this point onward you’ll just be following the pathway up the mountain that runs right next to the ancient city walls. There are also a number of signs throughout this area in English as well as Korean.
Follow the pathway for about 850m until it meets a paved road, where you’ll turn off to the left and follow the road downhill to Waryong Park (와룡공원). When you’ve finished exploring the park, return back to the point at which the pathway met the pavement and continue along the pathway. The path will continue leading up the mountainside; it can be quite a hike to Sukjeongmun Gate (숙정문) (approximately 1km) and there are no stores or stands, so make sure to pack plenty of water and any snacks you may need.

The trail will lead uphill, curve, and come back downhill, taking you past a number of small buildings and clearings. You will pass Bugaksan Mountain (북악산) on your right at approximately 900m. Continue along the path for roughly 250m, passing Gokjang (곡장) and Baegangmaru (백악마루). Keep following the path down the mountain for an additional 800m until you reach Changuimun Gate (창의문), the official end of your journey!

To get back home, keep following the path downhill until the path ends at the main road. There is a bus stop on your right. Look for routes that lead back to the subway station.

Hanseongdaeipgu (Station Subway Line 4) Exit 5 → Hyehwamun Gate (혜화문) → Wall of Seoul Mayor’s Office (서울공관 담장) → Kyungshin Middle School (경신중학교) → Seoul Science High School (서울과학고) → Waryong Park (와룡공원)Sukjeongmun Gate (숙정문) → Gokjang (곡장) → Baekakmaru (백악마루) → Changuimun Gate (창의문)
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☞ Opening/closing hours of the Bugaksan Walking Path
April-October: 09:00-15:00, November-March: 10:00-15:00/17:00
(No entrance on Mondays)
☞ When you reach the fortress, fill out an entrance application form and show your passport/ID. Once you pass the checkpoint, picture-taking is allowed only in designated areas.
(International visitors MUST bring their passport or Alien Registration Card to be admitted, as this is a secure area)
☞ Bugaksan Seoul Fortress Website: (Korean, English Japanese and Chinese)
☞ Go to Changuimun Gate
☞ Go to Waryong Park
☞ Go to Bugaksan Mountain

Date 06/08/2011

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