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If you have a few hours of waiting time during your stop over at Incheon International Airport, don’t just sit around and miss out on a taste of local culture. Getting on one of the exciting transit activities and tours is a splendid way to experience some of the popular sights and sounds of Korea. Whether you have an hour, a couple of hours or longer until your next flight, there are plenty of options to suit your travel schedule and interests.

Visitors who were not able arrange their transit tours before their flight may still stop by the airport Transit Tour Desk and consult the staff upon arrival. Choose from a wide variety of activities that range from visiting Korea’s historical treasures to shopping in the trendiest districts.

Instead of sitting at the gate and waiting for the next flight, travelers can turn their short stay into a great experience!

  1. 1.Free Transit Tour

    [Incheon International Airport Transit Tour Desk Map] Photo Credit: Incheon International Airport - 2F: in front of gates 25 and 29
    - 1F: desks 41 and 42 ‘Hana Tour’ in front of gate 8

    Incheon International Airport provides a wide range of free transit tours. Choices include the Incheon City Tour, Seoul City Tour, Temple Tour, Seoul Night Tour, and many more. Travelers can choose between different travel times, such as a 2-hour, 4-hour, 5-hour, or 6-hour tour course, to suit their schedule. Each transit tour is accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide, so even those who do not speak Korean can enjoy the tours without any difficulties. Moreover, all tours are provided for free. However, tourist site admission fees and meals are excluded and must be paid individually.

    ☞ Click for more info on Transit Tour Programs(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

    * A wide variety of services are available for transit passengers at Incheon International Airport. For details, please visit the Incheon International Airport website.


    2.Independent Travel via the Airport Railway

    For those who do not want to avail of the travel packages provided by travel agencies, we recommend taking the Airport Express (AREX). AREX is the fastest and most convenient option for transit passengers to explore Seoul at their own time and pace.

    The AREX railway connects Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station. There are non-stop, express trains and commuter trains. The airport line shortens travel time between Incheon Airport and Seoul Station to just 43 minutes for non-stop, express trains and 53 minutes for commuter trains. The express train departs Seoul Station every 30 minutes and the commuter train every 6 minutes.

    - Express Train Fare: 14,500 won for adults (special discounted rate of 8,000 won until December 31, 2013) / 6,900 won for children (VAT included)
    - Commuter Train Fare: 4,050 won for adults / 2,080 won for children (when using Single Journey Tickets, card deposit fee excluded, VAT included)

    ** The above fares are as of November 2013 and are subject to change.

    The commuter train has two services; one from Seoul Station to Incheon Airport and the other from Seoul Station to Geomam Station. Travelers should check the train's destination first before boarding. (Commuter trains alternate between Incheon Airport and Geomam Station.)

    [Airport Railway Line Information] [Image courtesy of Korail (]
    ※ Click on map for a larger view.

    ☞ AREX
    ☞ How to go to Seoul from Incheon Airport: From Incheon Airport to Seoul
    ☞ For more information on Seoul: Seoul Highlights

    Last updated on November 5, 2013

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