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Spas in Korea print

Spas in Korea offer treatments that are designed to help guests relieve stress and recover from fatigue. Over the last few years, a rising interest in spas has led to a growing number of spa facilities opening up in many regions around the country. Because of its health benefits, especially for the skin, spas have become increasingly popular not only among Koreans but also among international tourists. Many tour programs now include a visit to a spa facility. Feeling tired or stressed? Be sure to visit a spa in Korea for health-oriented relaxation and rejuvenation.

Hotel Spa Resort Spa Day Spa Medical Spa

Medical Spa

Medical spas include a variety of spa treatments but usually examine each visitor's physical conditions more in depth, combing spa treatments with a doctor's diagnosis and possibly a prescription. The number of medical spa facilities in Korea is increasing, offering dermatology, plastic surgery, and Eastern medicine. Treatments are designed to prevent aging, fight obesity and stress, and bring the body in balance through a healthy diet, exercise, and natural remedies.

Chaum, Theraspa

Run by the Cha Medical Center, a renowned world-class hospital for women in Korea, Chaum features the Premium Health Examination Center, Anti-aging Center, and Theraspa and Clinic Center in a building that is 20,000 square meters in size. Based on various examinations (physical, genetic, etc.), Chaum offers medically-proven health care treatments such as spa, exercise, and nutrition programs. The Theraspa offers a system of collaborated treatment by medical doctors and spa therapy specialists, with top professionals serving on an advisory group.

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Q Spa & Clinic

Located inside The Riverside Hotel, Q Spa & Clinic has state-of-the-art medical equipment and spa therapy facilities and offers about 40 types of healing programs. The spa has an internationally-certified spa supervisor and a stem cell transplant specialist. Guests can opt for aesthetic anti-wrinkle care and skin whitening treatment in addition to spa therapy.

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