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Spas & Hot Springs in Korea print

Spas in Korea offer treatments that are designed to help guests relieve stress and recover from fatigue. Over the last few years, a rising interest in spas has led to a growing number of spa facilities opening up in many regions around the country. Because of its health benefits, especially for the skin, spas have become increasingly popular not only among Koreans but also among international tourists. Many tour programs now include a visit to a spa facility. Feeling tired or stressed? Be sure to visit a spa in Korea for health-oriented relaxation and rejuvenation.

Hotel Spa Resort Spa Day Spa Medical Spa

Day Spa

Day spas in Seoul offer a convenient retreat for international travelers, or city dwellers looking to relax and wind and get a welcome escape from the daily grind. Many spas even offer services specifically designed to relieve stress, reduce wrinkles, and more. Typically, these kinds of facilities are operated by major Korean cosmetic brands that have gone international, so when visiting top spas, you can be assured that you're getting top quality services.

Amore Pacific Spa

Located inside Avenuel, the luxury branch of Lotte Department Store, Amore Pacific Spa is run by Amore Pacific, the top cosmetic company in Korea. Its famous Halla Green Tea program uses natural green tea leaves picked from the company's fields on Mount Hallasan, Jeju Island. Oils extracted from green tea seeds are used in green tea baths and/or green tea scrubs. The spa has been temporary closed since October 27, 2013.

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Sulwhasoo Spa

Sulwhasoo Spa offers professional spa services using the Oriental cosmetic products of the Sulwhasoo subdivision of Amore Pacific. The spa is located in Lotte Department Store in Jamsil and Lotte Hotel Seoul. All of the spa programs include traditional treatments that help blood circulation in the body and a massage that rejuvenates the skin. Treatment ends with a session of meditative breathing and a relaxing cup of aromatic flower tea.

☞ Click here for Sulwhasoo Spa

Hanyuljeong Spa

Based on the Oriental principle that good skin is dependent on good circulation in the body, the Hannule (Hanyuljeong) Spa offers skin care programs designed to enhance blood circulation and the circulation of 'qi' energy. Before treatment, guests are given a foot bath using twelve Oriental medicinal herbs to generate heat and enhance circulation. The spa is an Oriental aesthetic spa run by the Amore Pacific with locations in five major cities in Korea including Myeong-dong in Seoul, Gimpo Airport Sky Park, and Shinsegae Department Store in Jukjeon, Gyeonggi-do.

☞ Click here for Hanyuljeong Spa

Whoo Spa Palace

The History of Whoo is a top Oriental herbal cosmetic brand manufactured by LG Household & Healthcare. Using exclusively Whoo products, Whoo Spa Palace offers skin and whole body treatments based on Eastern medical principles adhered to by ancient royalty. The upscale aesthetic salon is stylishly decorated with antique couches, pottery, large cushions, and ribbons. Programs are designed to bring back the skin's natural glow using Eastern medicinal herbs (used by queens in the past) and 100% traditional hand massage techniques.

☞ Click here for Whoo Spa Palace

The Belle Spa

Located inside the Jung-dong Hyundai Department Store in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, The Belle Spa offers treatments using skincare products from Yon-ka, a French botanical brand emphasizing aroma-therapeutic care. The spa's skincare and body care treatments are said to relieve stress. Each guest is catered to by professional therapists with the highest level of technical skill and expertise.

☞ Click here for The Belle Spa

Will Spa

Will Spa, in the business district of Samseong-dong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, is a unique Korean-style spa. Seeming to reflect the fusion décor, the spa offers each guest a mixture of traditional massage and folk remedies as well as a Western-style physical analysis. Treatments are provided by trained spa therapists.
☞ Click here for Will Spa

JW.SPA 1st

JW. SPA 1st is a Korean traditional spa brand, which offers customer-tailored programs and services in a shop decorated in Korean style. Spa specialists called "Spa Planners" consult with customers to determine the best spa treatment program. Using a concept called "Emptying and Filling," the spa aims to empty a body of its stress and fatigue and then fill it with energy to ease the mind.

☞ Click here for JW.SPA 1st

Cheongkwanjang Spa G

Run by Jung Gwan Jang, a Korean red ginseng luxury product, the Jung Gwan Jang Spa G offers various treatment programs to infuse the energy of red ginseng into the body. Guests can choose from various programs targeting specific body parts or as a package. The One Day Package is particularly popular, as it pampers guests with a full red ginseng treatment from head to toe using 6-year-old red ginseng.

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