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Spas in Korea print

Spas in Korea offer treatments that are designed to help guests relieve stress and recover from fatigue. Over the last few years, a rising interest in spas has led to a growing number of spa facilities opening up in many regions around the country. Because of its health benefits, especially for the skin, spas have become increasingly popular not only among Koreans but also among international tourists. Many tour programs now include a visit to a spa facility. Feeling tired or stressed? Be sure to visit a spa in Korea for health-oriented relaxation and rejuvenation.

Hotel Spa Resort Spa Day Spa Medical Spa

Resort Spa

Resort spas are usually found away from the city in quieter, more natural settings that help emphasize the overall spirit of relaxation and rejuvenation. Though you'll need to set aside a larger chunk of time to travel to one of these locations, resort spas usually offer the benefit of lower prices when compared to hotel spas. Many resort spas are equipped with a water theme park, outdoor hot springs, and indoor spa facilities, attracting family visitors who stay at the resort for recreation and relaxation.

Konjiam Resort, Spa La Spa

Spa La Spa at Konjiam Resort offers a Family Spa, where guests can enjoy spa in large spa pools, the Wellness Spa, which is tailored to each client's or group's health needs, and Whoo Spa Palace, which uses medicinal herbs that were once used by queens in the past. The Wellness Spa is designed to restore balance between the body and mind through nutrition therapy, fitness therapy, and stress management

☞ Click here for Konjiam Resort

Seorak Waterpia

Seorak Waterpia (Hanhwa Resort, Sokcho) is located close to the East Sea and Mount Seoraksan, the top tourist destinations on the Korean eastern coastal region. This hot spring park is open year round and each of the various water facilities uses only 100% natural hot springs water. Thanks to its outstanding water quality, Seorak Waterpia has been officially designated a "health hot spring." The water is said to help smooth skin, combat fatigue and insomnia, and curb high blood pressure and neuralgia.

☞ Click here for Seorak Waterpia

Paradise Spa Dogo

Paradise Spa Dogo is located in the Dogo hot spring region, an area that was a favorite recuperation site for the royal royal family. In addition to basic rejuvniation and relaxation treatments, the spa features sauna and water recreation facilities and numerous aqua programs like aqua dance, aqua yoga, and aqua stretching.

☞ Click here for Paradise Spa Dogo

Resom Spa Castle, Chunchunhyang

The main facility of Resom Spa Castle is Cheoncheonhyang, which provides guests with year-round water facilities including about 20 outdoor hot springs of various themes. The natural germanium hot spring water helps reverse the signs of aging and increases the body's natural immunity by helping raise the supply of oxygen to the body.

☞ Click here for Resom Spa Castle, Chunchunhyang

Resom Ocean Castle Aquaworld

Resom Ocean Castle's Aquaworld overlooks the Yellow Sea and is outfitted with an indoor hot spring facility, an outdoor sunset spa, and a sauna with sulfur-enriched sea water. Its aromatic mud spa program "Bello" uses quality mud and sea extracts, making this customizable program a visitor favorite.

☞ Click here for Resom Ocean Castle Aquaworld

Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort, The Spa Oasis

Full-length glass windows at the Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort provide an excellent view of the southern coast for guests staying in the suites or villas. These top rooms come complete with their own private jacuzzi that faces out towards the sea. For upscale, scientific spa treatments, guests can head over to the Spa Oasis to loosen up before or after a leisurely round of golf.

☞ Click here for Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort

Jeju Shineville Luxury Resort, Thalasso Therapy Center

Located on a hill overlooking a coastal walking trail, the Shineville Resort offers a perfect getaway in the heart of nature. The Thalasso Therapy Center, a European-style spa offering both treatment and recuperation options, helps guest rejuvenate their body and mind through therapies using mineral-rich sea water, seaweed, and nutrient-rich sea mud.

☞ Click here for Jeju Shineville Luxury Resort

Muchangpo Beache Palace Resort, Santorino Spa

Located in Muchangpo on the west coast, where the beach is bathed in the glow of the setting sun, Beache Palace Resort is known for its excellent spa facilities and guestrooms with oceanside views. The Spa Hasta is the resort's spa, and a professional therapy facility (measuring 600 square meters) that provides clients with a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere in which to unwind. The jacuzzi and ceiling-mount Vichy shower offer a refreshing water massage.

☞ Click here for Muchangpo Beache Palace Spa

Pine Ridge Resort, Azalea Spa

Situated in Goseong in Gangwon-do Province, Pine Ridge Resort's Azalea Spa uses pure mineral hot spring water, which is known to be effective for rejuvenating the skin and stimulating blood circulation. The resort has a renowned golf facility and also offers a special spa program for golfers. Guests can enjoy the spa at reasonable prices.

☞ Click here for Azelea Oriental Medical Clinic

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