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Spas in Korea print

Spas in Korea offer treatments that are designed to help guests relieve stress and recover from fatigue. Over the last few years, a rising interest in spas has led to a growing number of spa facilities opening up in many regions around the country. Because of its health benefits, especially for the skin, spas have become increasingly popular not only among Koreans but also among international tourists. Many tour programs now include a visit to a spa facility. Feeling tired or stressed? Be sure to visit a spa in Korea for health-oriented relaxation and rejuvenation.

Hotel Spa Resort Spa Day Spa Medical Spa

Hotel Spa

Hotel spas are the ultimate experience in health-oriented indulgence and offer customers an array of luxury spa products and services. Though initially offered as a subsidiary service for hotel guests, hotel spa services have come into their own and now cater to an ever increasing number of outside guests.


The Shilla Seoul, Guerlain Spa

Guerlain Spa is a joint venture between The Shilla Seoul, a leading hotel in Korea, and the French cosmetics brand Guerlain. At the spa, one of ten professional therapists trained at the headquarters of Guerlain in France meets with each client and recommends the best spa treatment program for each individual.

☞ Click here for The Shilla Seoul

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul, Banyan Tree Spa

A luxury Oriental spa, the Banyan Tree Spa is famous for massages and treatments based on traditional therapies. The Seoul location is one of 60 or so Banyan Tree Spas worldwide and offers all of the spa chain's major treatments, including its signature Royal Banyan and traditional Thai massage. All herbs and medicinal plants used in massages or treatments are based on natural ingredients only.

☞ Click here for Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul

Grand Hyatt Seoul, The Spa

Designed to be "A Garden in the City,' The Spa offers treatments that are customizable based on each guest's physical makeup and personal preferences, leaving the choice of background music, aroma oil, and even after-treatment tea to each customer. The spa is notable for its use medicinal herbs and plants like ginseng and steamed red ginseng, which are specialty products of Korea.

☞ Click here for Grand Hyatt Seoul

W Seoul Walkerhill, Away Spa

Located on a hill overlooking the Hangang River, Away Spa is a unique space where neon lights of various colors adorn white walls and furniture. The spa's signature treatment, called Away Soak' is a whole body treatment using marine enzymes made of lavender petals and warm salt, which eases tension from the body and mind.

☞ Click here for W Seoul Walkerhill

JW Marriott Hotel Seoul, Marquis Thermal Spa

Featuring a number of other amenities, the Marquis Thermal Spa & Fitness Club is the top facility of the JW Marriot Hotel in Seoul and is the largest fitness club in Asia. The Therapy Center offers a wellbeing program that combines Western and Korean traditional massage methods and uses top organic massage ingredients and hot spring water.

☞ Click here for JW Marriott Hotel Seoul

The Plaza Hotel, Plaza Spa Club

The Plaza Spa Club of The Plaza hotel, which overlooks the Seoul Plaza in downtown Seoul, is a luxury medical spa with a convenient urban location. A range of customized programs are available, including a rejuvenation program for office workers and a treatment program for men.

☞ Click here for The Plaza Hotel


Sheraton Incheon Hotel, The Spa Hasta

The Spa Hasta of the Sheraton Incheon Hotel applies an environmentally-friendly concept throughout its interior and exterior decor and includes natural elements in every corner of the facility. In particular, the Equilibrium, which features a Finnish sauna, is a popular spa program for couples. It takes about 2.5 hours.

☞ Click here for Sheraton Incheon Hotel


Paradise Hotel Busan, Sundari Retreat Spa

Sundari is a world-class spa facility created and co-founded by international supermodel Christy Turlington. After experiencing yoga and therapy in India, Turlington founded Sundari based on the Indian philosophy that "inner serenity creates outside radiance." In Korea, Sundari is housed on the fifth floor of the Paradise Hotel in Haeundae-gu District in Busan. The spa room has one side of the walls in transparent glass from ceiling to floor, offering an impressive view of Haeundae Beach.

☞ Click here for Paradise Hotel Busan

Busan Lotte Hotel, de L Spa

Located inside the sauna of the Lotte Hotel, de L Spa features individual and couple rooms, an aqua room with an aquabed, and a hydroroom with an aroma whirlpool. In the Real Aroma Whole Body Therapy, customers can select the aroma oil of their choice, which relieves stress and relaxes the body as it is quickly absorbed into the skin.

☞ Click here for Busan Lotte Hotel


The Seaes Hotel & Resort, Spa & Sauna

Located in Jungmun Tourist Resort, the Seaes Hotel & Resort has an elegant layout that is ideal for guests seeking privacy. The individual thatched cottage guestrooms provide a unique accommodation option. Visitors can rent out the Spa & Sauna for a private gathering with their family, friends, or loved one and resort guests are given a 20% discount.

☞ Click here for Seaes Hotel & Resort

Haevichi Hotel & Resort, Spa Ara

The Spa Ara of Haevichi Hotel & Resort, located on the southeastern coast of Jeju, offers a spa experience based on local folk culture. Its therapeutic treatments are unique and use traditional local Jeju massage techniques, acupressure, and moxibustion techniques. Natural local ingredients are used for both baths and packs.

☞ Click here for Haevichi Hotel & Resort

Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Helios Spa

The exterior of the Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel faintly resembles that of a luxury cruise ship, an image that is further enriched by the hotel's seaside location. Helios Spa Center is located on the sixth floor (overlooking the ocean) and contains a sauna, fitness club, yoga room, and swimming pool. The center offers various spa programs, including the Jeju Natural Sea Water therapy, an aromatherapy program using pine needles, and a basalt stone therapy treatment.

☞ Click here for Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel

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