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Sansawon is a traditional Korean liquor gallery established by Baesangmyun Brewery. The brewery is dedicated to brewing Korean liquor that preserves local traditional liquor culture, and is a rising company recognized for its emphasis on traditional beverages in the industry currently dominated by soju and beer.

Korean traditional liquor has more than 2,000 years of history. Sansawon is comprised of of Sansa Garden, where over 500 liquor jars are placed within a traditional Korean house, and Gallery Sansawon, which houses a traditional winery and reference materials on traditional liquor. In the three-story gallery, visitors can look around reference materials on display, experience brewing liquor and sample traditional liquors. Sansawon also has 200-year-old sansa trees (hawthorns); hawthorn fruit is a main ingredient of Sansachun, one of Baesangmyun Brewery's primary products. For other traditional liquor products as well as Sansachun, the company uses natural ingredients. Sesiju is a liquor that uses fresh seasonal ingredients, and is also healthy and therefore categorized as a yakju. The Traditional Liquor Institute at Sansawon uses seasonal ingredients and also invites customers to a Sesiju party, where they can try Sesiju samples including chrysanthemum and plum liquor at a traditional Korean house built 130 years ago. The most favored Sesiju at the party is later released as a limited edition.

Visitors that make advanced reservations can view the gallery and experience brewing liquor and making dishes created with liquor. DIY kits are also available for home brewing.

Visiting Program

  • Number of visitors: No limitations
  • Fee: 2,000 won admission fee
  • * minors not allowed / Groups of over 20 people: 1,000 won / experience progrom excluded
  • Reservation: IIndividuals can visit without reservation. Groups are required to make Internet reservations, and must call to confirm reservation.
  • * groups: 15 persons or more
  • Hours Shop: 08:30-17:30
  • * Closed on Chuseok and Seollal holidays
  • Support: Wine cups presented as souvenirs
  • Language: Interpreter required
  • Experience programs:
    - 120 minutes / 30,000 won
    - Home brewing class: 120 minutes / 45,000 won
    - Brewing Sesiju (plum wine): 120 minutes / 30,000 won
    - Brewing healthy wine: 120 minutes / 35,000 won
    - Seasonal brews: 60 minutes / 15,000 won
    - Home brew sampling class: 19:00-20:20 / 20:30-22:00 / 160,000 won (4 classes)

Facility Information

  • 1F: Traditional liquor cellar, souvenir shop, liquor tasting corner
  • 2F: Traditional liquor gallery, home brewing class, Sansawon mini winery-1, exhibition of home brewing artifacts
  • 3F: Traditional liquor institute, Sansawon mini winery-2

Contact Information

  • Add: 25 Hwadong-ro 432beon-gil, Hwahyeonmyeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Tel: 82-31-531-9300
  • Fax: 82-31-531-0442
  • E-mail:
  • Site: (Eng, Jpn, Chn)
Program is subject to change.

- Updated 2013.11.15

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