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PLZ (Peace & Life Zone) print

Section 3: Hwacheon 90km_A route along which the waters of vitality flow
There are many lakes and dams in the Hwacheon region. In its name, “Hwa” means “flowers” and “cheon” means “streams and rivers”, and it is true that Hwacheon has the cleanest of water and some of the most unspoiled nature in Korea. Its clean environment and crystal-clear mountain streams are home to otters (designated one of Korea’s national treasures) and fresh water trout (sancheoneo). Taking the PLZ tour course through pristine Hwacheon should be special treat for nature lovers.

Section 3 of the course starts from the Peace Dam, which is the location of one of the best mountain biking routes in Korea. A special destination on the course is the bell near the dam that is made from melted down bullets, collected from battlefields all over the world. The bell weighs 37.5 tons, representing the weight of the sorrows of war. In front of the bell, visitors pray for peace.

Peace Dam -> Danggeori Area -> Sanyang-ri Village -> Chilseong Observatory
Peace Dam (평화의 댐)
Peace DamThe Peace Dam was built to protect South Korea from the possible flooding of the Geumgangsan dam in North Korea. Public fund-raising campaigns were held throughout South Korea to construct the Peace Dam, so it is regarded as the last symbol of the Korean War. Besides the dam lies Bell Park, which was built to promote global peace. An exhibition hall is located in the park, which displays the entire process of the construction of the dam.
Inquiries: 033-480-1523 (the Peace Dam office of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd)
Hwacheon Tour Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
A Perfect Walk!>> Andong Bridge Area
Andong Bridge Area• Peace Dam → Andong Bridge (4km, it takes 1 hour.)

As you walk along this path, there is complete silence. On your left hand side, flows the clean Bukhangang River, and forests inhabited by elks and mountain birds are on your other side. Although this route is not very well known, it is regarded as one of the best mountain bike courses in Korea.
※ To visit this area, you need to apply to the Department of Tourism, Hwacheon-gun County Office(T. 033-440-2546), at least 10 days in advance.
A Perfect Walk! >> The "Oxygen Road" surrounding Paroho Lake
surrounding Paroho Lake The “Oxygen Road”• Peace Dam → Bisugumi → Paroho Lake → Taesan → County Road No.15 → Provincial Road No.460 → Pungsan Elementary School (32km, it takes 8 hours)

This walk brings you to the entrance to Bisugumi valley, which was once the location of a village, but it vanished when the dam was constructed. This is not a strenuous walk, and children can enjoy it too. When the dam is full of water, the entrance to the valley is inundated with water, and you may need to use a motorboat (you should contact the Hwacheon-gun county office in advance). To best appreciate Paroho lake and its surroundings, you should enter the valley on foot, but leave via motorboat. After getting off the motorboat, you should take a walk around the lake. A path runs along the beautiful Paroho Lake, which was created after the construction of the Hwacheon Dam. You can sometimes see otters living in the lake’s crystal clear water. The route is well managed and is also perfect for bike riding.
※ For inquiries about this area, contact Department of Tourism, Hwacheon-gun County Office (T. 033-440-2546).
Danggeori Area (당거리)
Danggeori area is located within the Civilian Control Line, so people’s access to this area has long been restricted. It was only re-opened to the public in 2009. This untouched natural environment is inhabited by golden mandarin fish (designated a national treasure of Korea). The military guard post has been removed and safety equipment placed instead, so tourists can comfortably experience the ecosystem despite being in such close vicinity of the DMZ.
Inquiries: 033-440-2543 (Department of Culture & Tourism, Hwacheon-gun County Office)
Hwacheon Tour Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Sanyang-ri Village (산양리)
This village was created by soldiers, who chose to settle here after they finished their military service. You can enjoy the village’s clean environment, which is inhabited by many rare plants and animals.
Inquiries: 033-440-2614 (Sangseo-myeon Office)
Chilseong Observatory (칠성전망대)
Chilseong Observatory is situated at the foot of Mt. Baekamsan, only 1.5km away from North Korea. You can visit here only with the permission of the military unit, which safeguards the area. Some of North Korea’s military features can be seen from the observatory.
Opening Hours: Visits are allowed after 13:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
※ To visit the observatory, you must apply to the Department of Culture & Tourism, Hwacheon-gun County Office at least 7 days in advance.
Inquiries: 033-440-2543 (Department of Culture & Tourism, Hwacheon-gun County Office)
◇ For more information on PLZ(DMZ) tour packages, contact
☞ DMZ Tour +82-2-706-4851~2, Homepage
☞ Hyundai Asan +82-2-3669-3000, Homepage

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