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Samcheok City Tour

Samcheok in Gangwon-do Province is a coastal city located along Donghae (the East Sea) with crisp sea breezes. Far from being a big city like Seoul or Busan, Samcheok is a hidden jewel of Korea, exhibiting pristine natural sites such as hundreds of million-year-old caves and scenic valleys and coastal views.

Not sure where to start? Then pick your course and hop aboard the Samcheok City Tour bus to embark on a new and exciting adventure! Each of the travel courses offers the opportunity to visit some of the area's main sites including Daegeumgul Cave (formed naturally by erosion and tectonic movement), the scenic Ocean Railbike, and Haesindang Park (complete with an unusual collection of erotic sculptures). Of course, each itinerary also includes a stop at Samcheokhang Port, where you'll be able to indulge in the delicious, fresh-caught seafood right off the port.

Visitor Information

☞ Dates & Times
• Daegeumgul Cave Course: January-December, every 2nd & 4th Saturday & Sunday / 10:10-17:00 (once a day, maximum of 40 people per tour)
• Ocean Railbike Course: January-December, every Saturday & Sunday / 10:10-17:30 (once a day, maximum of 40 people per tour)

☞ Fare
- Adults (19 and up): 6,000 won
- Youth (7-19): 3,000 won
- Children (6 and under): Free
* Tour site admission fees and lunch are not included in the tour bus fare

☞ Admission Fees
Daegeumgul Cave: Adults: 12,000 won / Youth: 8,500 won / Children: 6,000 won
Ocean Railbike: Four-seater: 30,000 won / Two-seater: 20,000 won
Haesindang Park: Adults: 1,500 won / Youth: 1,000 won / Children: 750 won
Expo Town Cave Mystery Hall: Adults: 1,500 won / Youth: 1,000 won / Children: 750 won Expo Town Cave Exploration Hall & Solar Energy Exhibition Hall: Adults: 1,000 won / Youth: 750 won / Children: 500 won
Isabu Lion Park (Four-season sledding park): 5,000 won
*Tip: City tour bus riders are eligible for a 50% discount on the above admission fees with the exception of the Ocean Railbike (10% discount) and Daegeumgul Cave (no discount).

☞ Reservations
Online reservations are available only for Korean citizens, as a government ID number is required. Foreign nationals can make reservations by phone and pay the fare on site on the day of the tour. Payment can be made only in cash.
Korean: +82-33-570-3545, Chinese: +82-33-570-3546

☞ Homepage: (Korean)
☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

** Itinerary

< Daegeumgul Course >
March to October (duration: 6hrs 50min)

Jukseoru Pavilion (10:10 departure)
Isabu Leo (Lion) Park
Samcheok Station
(Jangmi (Rose) Park)
Samcheokhang Port
Cheokjudonghaebi Monument
Daegeumgul Cave
Jukseoru Pavilion (17:00 arrival)

* The tour bus may or may not pass by Jangmi (Rose) Park depending on the blooming and falling period of blossoms.

November to February (duration: 5hrs 50min)
Jukseoru Pavilion (10:10 departure)
Isabu Leo (Lion) Park
Samcheok Station
Daegeumgul Cave Tour
Jukseoru Pavilion (16:00 arrival)

<Ocean Railbike Course>
March to November (duration: 7hr, 20min)
Jukseoru Pavilion (10:10 departure)
Expo Town
Samcheok Station
Surobuin Park
Saecheonnyeon Road
Samcheokhang Port
Samcheok Ocean Railbike
Samcheok Haesindang Park
Jukseoru Pavilion (17:30 arrival)

December to February (duration: 6hr, 50min)
Isabu Leo (Lion) Park (10:10 departure)
Jukseoru Pavilion
Expo Town
Samcheok Station
Imwonhang Port (Imwonhang Breakwater – Domigul Cave)
Samcheok Haesindang Park
Samcheok Ocean Railbike
Jukseoru Pavilion (16:20 arrival)

* Major Tour Sites

Jukseoru Pavilion

Perched on the edge of a rocky cliff, Jukseoru Pavilion is a quaint 2-story pavilion surrounded by foliage. The natural bedrock of the mountain serves as a large part of the pavilion's base, giving the quiet mountain structure an added sense of grace and harmony with its surroundings. Framed poems written by prominent figures of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) hang from the rafters of the pavilion, adding even more historical value to this treasured landmark.

Jukseoru Pavilion
☞ Samcheok Culture & Tour Homepage: (Korean)

Daegeumgul Cave

Estimated to have been formed around 500 million years ago, Daegeumgul Cave opened to the public in 2007. It is a well-preserved cave that has remained almost untouched since it was created by the powerful forces of nature. In the cave are limestone stalactites and series of large and small waterfalls that were formed naturally over time by the water that flows through the cave. For an even closer look, take the monorail 140m down into the depths of the cave.

Daegeumgul Cave
☞ Daegeumgul Homepage: (Korean)

Samcheok Ocean Railbike

The Ocean Railbike is a unique leisure activity in which riders pedal along repurposed abandoned railroad tracks on a special, four-wheel bike. A creative way to tour the coastline, the railbike is also a safe and convenient option for visitors of all ages. The approximately 10km roundtrip course consists of stops at an observatory and a rest station as well as a journey through a marine tunnel, which artfully combines a mini-lesson in marine ecology with a multi-colored laser light show.

Samcheok Ocean Railbike
☞ Samcheok Ocean Railbike Homepage: (Korean)

Samcheok Haesindang Park

Celebrating the age-old folk theme of phallic worship, Haesindang Park consists of an erotic sculpture park, Haesindang (the shrine of the Sea God), and the Samcheok Fishing Village Folk Museum. On display at the sculpture park are 65 phallus-themed works of art that are set against the backdrop of the powerful East Sea. The Samcheok Fishing Village Folk Museum has a large theater aquarium with state-of-the-art facilities, an observatory, and five exhibition halls. While at the museum, be sure to check out the ship simulation activity corner and the folk exhibits depicting the lives of the fishermen of the East Sea.

Samcheok Haesindang Park
☞ Samcheok Culture & Tour Homepage: (Korean))

Last updated in November, 2013

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