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 Bitnoriya in Yeosu (여수 빛노리야)
 Period: 12-20-2013 ~ 05-11-2014
 Region: Jeollanam-do
  "Bitnoriya" in Korean describes a group of people gathering together under the lights.The festival takes place at Geobukseon Park and offers various sights and fun winter activities to help support re...  
 Yangpyeong Strawberry Festival (양평딸기체험축제)
 Period: 02-15-2014 ~ 05-31-2014
 Region: Gyeonggi-do
  Yangpyeong, located in the middle of the Korean peninsula, is surrounded by several mountains and the Namhangang and Bukhangang River. The Yangpyeong Strawberry Festival is held from February to May. ...  
 Everland Tulip Festival (에버랜드 튤립축제)
 Period: 03-21-2014 ~ 04-27-2014
 Region: Gyeonggi-do
  Everland will host the Tulip Festival marking the onset of spring at the popular theme park. The best spot for pictures is in front of the Magic Tree and then as you continue walk throughout the park ...  
 Cheongsando Slow Walk Festival (청산도 슬로우걷기 축제)
 Period: 04-01-2014 ~ 04-30-2014
 Region: Jeollanam-do
  Cheongsando Slow Walk Festival began in 2011 as the 11 walking trails, spanning 42.195㎞, on Cheongsando Island were collectively designated as 'International Slow Road No. 1' by Cittaslow Internationa...  
 Shinan Tulip Festival (신안 튤립축제)
 Period: 04-18-2014 ~ 04-27-2014
 Region: Jeollanam-do
  Shinan Tulip Festival is held annually in Sinan-gun, the tulip capital of Korea. This year, the festival will showcase up to 6 million tulips and present various exciting events across the town, which...  

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