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Jeju O’sulloc Festival
Jeju O’sulloc Festiv...
Jeju O’sulloc Festiv...
  • Jeju O’sulloc Festiv...
  • Jeju O’sulloc Festival
  • Jeju O’sulloc Festival
  • Jeju O’sulloc Festival
  • Jeju O’sulloc Festival
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04.30.2010 ~ 05.09.2010  
Province Seogwipo-si Andeok-myeon
Jeju O'sulloc Tea Museum, Seogwangdawon
- Korea Travel Phone +82-64-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
- For more info +82-64-794-5312~3 (Korean only)
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Sponsors / Management
Amore Pacific Sulloc /
The Jeju Sulloc Festival is held on Jeju-do, one of the world’s three major green tea production areas, the ideal place to grow tea. The Jeju Sulloc Festival is a landmark celebration promoting Jeju-do as the world’s best tea-growing region and giving visitors the chance to enjoy the finest green tea produced in the heart of the island’s clean natural environment.
During the festival period, visitors can take advantage of a wide range of experiences: Preparing Your Own Sulloc Tea, Bus Tour of Sulloc Tea Garden, Photo Zone – Making Memories at Sulloc, Making Cards with Green Tea Leaves, and much much more. You may even be lucky enough to win a souvenir at one of the festival games. Don’t worry: you can always buy a souvenir later if you don’t have a chance to win one.
Main festival venues include the Jeju O’sulloc Tea Museum, a tea culture museum created under the theme of green tea, and Seogwang Dawon (tea garden).
Performance Times
10:00 - 17:00
Admission/Participation Fees
2,000 KRW (per person)
Take the bus #100 in front of gate 2 at Jeju International Airport >> Get off at Intercity Bus Terminal >> Take the bus towards Seogwangseo-ri (departs every hour) >> Get off at Seogwangseo-ri and take a taxi or walk (takes about 40min).
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