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Jeongseon Arirang Festival (정선아리랑제)
Jeongseon Arirang Fe...
Jeongseon Arirang Fe...
  • Jeongseon Arirang Fe...
  • Jeongseon Arirang Festival (정선아리랑제)
  • Jeongseon Arirang Festival (정선아리랑제)
  • Jeongseon Arirang Festival (정선아리랑제)
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10.09.2014 ~ 10.12.2014  
Bongyang-ri, Jeongseon-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
강원 정선군 정선읍 봉양리 112
Jeongseon Public Stadium, Arari Park, Arari Village area
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-33-560-2548,
+82-33-563-2646 (Korean)
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This festival takes the theme of ‘Jeongseon Arirang’, a variation of the Korean folk song ‘Arirang’, which was developed in the Jeongseon province. The Jeongseon Arirang Festival was started to preserve the ‘Jeongseon Arirang’, an intangible cultural asset, and to pass along its culture to following generations.

One of the festival’s main events is a performance of the famous ‘Arirang’ folk song, and there are many other events and programs. In addition, there is a folk market called the ‘Jeongseon 5 Day Market’, which opens every five days, where visitors can experience the lively bustling atmosphere of a Korean folk market and purchase agricultural produce at low prices.

Nearby famous tourist destinations include the rail bikes, Gangwon Land, and more.
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Jeongseon.
(7:10-18:55, departs every 1hr~1hr 30min / est. travel time: 3hrs 30min)

From Jeongseon Terminal, take a taxi to the festival grounds. (5-10min)
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