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Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
Andong Maskdance Fes...
Andong Maskdance Fes...
  • Andong Maskdance Fes...
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
  • Andong Maskdance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)
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09.25.2015 ~ 10.04.2015
239, Yuksa-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 안동시 육사로 239 (운흥동)
Downtown Andong area, Maskdance Park (탈춤공원), Hahoe Village
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-54-841-6397~8
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Sponsors / Management
Andong-si / Andong Festival Tourism Foundation
The Andong region has many highly renowned historic and cultural sites, such as Hahoe Village, however the major cultural attraction of the region is the Andong Maskdance Festival.

Visitors to the festival will enjoy the many performances of Korea’s traditional mask dances. These dances are an important part of Korea’s heritage, in particular the byeolsingut talnori dance, which has been designated an Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Korea. International mask dance troupes have also been invited to the festival, so visitors will be exposed to folk cultures from around the world.
As well as performances, events in the festival program also include mask dance competitions and mask dance lessons, which are available for international visitors.
The Maskdance Festival has over 50 events and hands-on experience programs including the National & International Mask Dance Performance, World Mask Competition, original mask performance, mask dance learning, Madang play, original puppet play, world mask exhibition, mask making and more.
Admission/Participation Fees
1) Mask Dance theater
- Individual: Adults (ages 19-64) 7,000won / Students & Seniors (ages 65 and more) 5,000won
- Group ticket: Adults (ages 19-64) 5,000won / Students & Seniors (ages 65 and more) 4,000won
- Field Trip ticket (Discounted): Students 2,000 won
- One day pass: 30,000won (all ages for 10 days)

2) Hahoe Folk Village
- Individual: Adults (ages 19-64) 3,000won / Juniors (ages 13-18) & Soldiers 1,500won / Children 1,000won
- Group ticket: Adluts (ages 19-64) 2,500won / Juniors (ages 13-18) & Soldiers 1,200 won / Children (ages 7-12) 900won

※ A Ticket of Hahoe village includes round bus fares from festival to Hahoe and return. ※ Group discount is available for 30 members and over.
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus bound for Andong Bus Terminal. (Intervals: 30min)
From the terminal, take a taxi to Maskdance Park (탈춤공원, 15min).
Hahoe Folk Village
Take Bus 46 at the bus stop across from Andong Intercity Bus Terminal.
Get off at Hahoe Folk Village. (40 min)
* Bus 46 Info: 06:20-18:20 / runs 10 times a day

- Cheongnyangni Station (Seoul Subway Line 1) → Andong Station)
06:10, 08:10, 10:25, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 (runs 7 times a day)
- Andong Station → Cheongnyangni Station (Seoul Subway Line 1)
02:18, 07:05, 08:30, 11:15, 13:20, 15:15, 17:15, 19:15 (runs 8 times a day)
From Andong Station, take a tour bus to the venue.
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German)

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